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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Software Engineering by IBM

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About the Course

Are you curious about the lucrative field that is software engineering and how you might be a part of it? This is the course for you! By taking this course you will gain foundational knowledge of software development, programming, and the many exciting job roles and career paths that the IT industry offers. Learn about the power of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and modern software development frameworks methodologies like Agile and Scrum. Explore fundamental programming principles and foundations of design, architecture, and deployment. The course offers a number of labs that will help you get important hands-on experience. These include, getting started with an IDE, basics of programming in Python, and Hello World in 10 languages. The field of software engineering is growing at an estimated rate of 22% according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. In addition to aspiring software engineers, front-end, back-end, full stack developers and DevOps professionals, this course is also suitable for those in related careers such as Product and Project Managers, IT Managers, Information Developers, UI/UX designers and others who communicate and interact with software engineers. You will learn about the different job opportunities and possible career paths in the software engineering field and also hear from industry professionals about what they do on a day-to-day basis. Professionals in the software engineering field are in great demand and now is a great time to learn more about this exciting domain. Start by enrolling now!...

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Jan 11, 2024

This course is the best introduction course in Coursera in terms of learning everything you need to know about Software Development. You will feel like a pro after completing this course.


Apr 23, 2023

Great course for anyone wanting to get into Software Engineering, or a great refresher for those who have SE experience but need to fill in any gaps they may have. Highly recommended!

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By Tonalli I G G

Mar 29, 2024

Excelente contenido, es muy entretenido y tiene exactamente lo que una persona egresada de una ingeniería en mecatrónica y que esta empezando en el mundo de la ingeniería de software necesita. Solo hay un pequeño detalle en algunas traducciones de los videos pero son solo algunos detalles, fuera de eso me pareció un curso muy ilustrativo

By Dhaval P

May 27, 2023

While I can't personally attest to the quality or effectiveness of the course, it is offered by IBM, a renowned technology company with expertise in software engineering. Reading reviews and feedback from previous learners who have taken the course can give you a better understanding of its value and relevance to your learning goals.

By Luiz F V

Dec 21, 2023

The introductory software engineering course provided a comprehensive and accessible overview of the essential fundamentals in the field. Covering key concepts such as the software development lifecycle, agile methodologies, and coding practices, it laid a solid foundation for understanding the software creation process.

By Von B M

Oct 6, 2022

This is my first cource from IBM and I have to say, I really liked it. It was fun, straight to the point, and no time wasted. I also liked the subtle touches of personal experiences, and insider viewpoints from experience software engineers from the industry. Overall, great course! I learned a lot.


Jan 19, 2023

This Course exceptionally designed with relevant and indepth knowledge that makes one confident after learning, I've been studying IT related Modules but I've never felt this confident and now more than ever I'm eager to study more!

Intro to python coding is highly appreciated.

By Asfarul H

Sep 16, 2023

Great course for anyone who is thinking of a career in software engineering this course helps to build your knowledge in all software engineering roles and responsibilities and many other fundamental things related to software engineering including programming, and SDLC.

By Yuliya A

Aug 10, 2023

I liked the course! It would help if you fetch more examples from real life in each module. For example - SDLC applications, and documentations example of software. Hands-on experience with diagrams. I think it is vital if a person wants to become a software engineer.

By Nathan S

Nov 28, 2022

I a new to software engineering and this course gave me an excellent view into the field. It helped to lay out a good foundation and gave me a lot of info that I am able build on. If you are new to software engineering I highly recommend taking this course.

By Denis K

Oct 2, 2023

Really comprehensive introduction to the programming world to start with. It was important for me to gain a better understanding of the overall process in the industry, and this course did a good job of that. Thank you, IBM and Coursera!

By Md Z

Sep 30, 2023

It's an Amazing Course which gives a excellent understanding of what software engineering is and all the related questions. The language of this course is kept very simple and easy so, anyone could understand and take the most out of it.

By Gábor R

Apr 11, 2023

I've enjoyed every minute of this course. It is packed with tons of information and very well structured. I would not change anything. Thank you so much for making this great learning experience possible for us. :)

By Byron J d L L

May 10, 2023

I recommend this course to all who have beginner knowledge of this industry and who wish to know more and have the essential concepts in software engineering explained. It is a good course.

By Lucky A

Jan 12, 2024

This course is the best introduction course in Coursera in terms of learning everything you need to know about Software Development. You will feel like a pro after completing this course.

By Simon M

Jul 3, 2023

Taking this online course has added not only credit, but also a big contribution to the knowledge I have in the field of software engineering. Big love to IBM team.

By Auss R

Sep 14, 2023

Great course for anyone who's interested in Software Engineering and explore what is it that they're doing and the learn how to progress in this career

By Ray M

Aug 23, 2023

All great stuff for someone wanting to get into coding after many years. One needs to build what he needs instead of waiting someone else to do it.

By Solomon A

Nov 26, 2023

This course provided me with the essential principles of software engineering that I sought, and it motivated me to delve deeper into the subject.

By Arpit F

Mar 8, 2024

Really great effort and great work from the creators of the course and would suggest to please continue it and please try to make it free!!!

By Rich A

Feb 17, 2024

Me parece muy buen curso, creo que tiene conceptos basicos que tenemos que tener en cuenta como ingenieros de desarrollo de software.

By Nouf F A

Aug 9, 2023

The education was very simple and easy to understand. I thank the organizers of this course, and I also thank your wonderful platform

By Hazim H A

May 9, 2024

This course was truly amazing and exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot and am grateful for the knowledge gained. Thank you!

By Noah S

May 9, 2023

Great Course, Loved the introspective videos with software engineer about the various topics and roles in software engineering.

By dimitris t

Aug 12, 2023

Great course for beginners. It covers a broad range of software engineering information and is really helpful. I recommend it.

By Mosayeb M T

Jun 28, 2023

This is useful for every one. Not only for deevelpers but also for managers in companies that their field is near to software.

By Alan S M C

Aug 30, 2023

I have no prior experience in the field, thanks to this course I can keep a conversation with people working in the industry.