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About the Course

Are you curious about the lucrative field that is software engineering and how you might be a part of it? This is the course for you! By taking this course you will gain foundational knowledge of software development, programming, and the many exciting job roles and career paths that the IT industry offers. Learn about the power of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and modern software development frameworks methodologies like Agile and Scrum. Explore fundamental programming principles and foundations of design, architecture, and deployment. The course offers a number of labs that will help you get important hands-on experience. These include, getting started with an IDE, basics of programming in Python, and Hello World in 10 languages. The field of software engineering is growing at an estimated rate of 22% according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. In addition to aspiring software engineers, front-end, back-end, full stack developers and DevOps professionals, this course is also suitable for those in related careers such as Product and Project Managers, IT Managers, Information Developers, UI/UX designers and others who communicate and interact with software engineers. You will learn about the different job opportunities and possible career paths in the software engineering field and also hear from industry professionals about what they do on a day-to-day basis. Professionals in the software engineering field are in great demand and now is a great time to learn more about this exciting domain. Start by enrolling now!...

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Jan 11, 2024

This course is the best introduction course in Coursera in terms of learning everything you need to know about Software Development. You will feel like a pro after completing this course.


Apr 23, 2023

Great course for anyone wanting to get into Software Engineering, or a great refresher for those who have SE experience but need to fill in any gaps they may have. Highly recommended!

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By Layla M

May 23, 2024

Great way to be introduced to the topic of Software Engineering

By Bili V

Sep 28, 2023

good lessons but a little boring because of the AI voice

By v V

Nov 10, 2023

too many unnecessary details in some lessons

By Patrick K T

Sep 7, 2023

very helpful. Thanks to all of you


Jul 14, 2023

Good references course.

By Gandham S

Jan 26, 2023

Gave me a good overview


Jul 18, 2023

very good

this course

By Obateru I r

Jan 27, 2024

very educational

By don c

May 13, 2024

Nice overview.

By Paritosh K

Aug 26, 2023

good course

By Jovanny J P G

Dec 12, 2023


By Marwan T E

Oct 7, 2023


By Sebastian S

Sep 15, 2022


By Thomas P

Jun 7, 2023

Overall it was okay, but...

There were a few pieces of information that were factually incorrect in bizarre ways, like the claim that JavaScript is case-insensitive, or that interpreted languages are only for small scripted tasks and not for building applications. Did they copy that out of a textbook from 1995?

Many of the quiz and test questions were fixated on the exact wording of arbitrary sentences in the course material rather than on the concepts and facts. One of those exact-wording questions even got the exact wording wrong.

This course did not make me want to continue with the rest of the program it's a part of.

By Ngoc M S

Nov 13, 2023

The learning videos are not really motivating to watch and the some of the quiz don't use the same terminology. For someone who isn't native in english it's sometimes difficult to select the right answers.

By Chiara M

Dec 31, 2023

It was good to get started with the key elements of software engineering, but it would have been helpful to get a better overview of all key elements to guide through the course

By Ahmed A

Jul 10, 2023

gives a lot of useful information, but is not organized enough and lacks written material,

By Ajinkya X

Sep 15, 2023

good for someone who has zero knowledge about software development

By Barbra B

Apr 10, 2024

Some plug ins did not work. Please review course material.

By Tinomudaishe N

Sep 17, 2023

Human interaction would be a nice addition.

By Maitha M H A F

Mar 12, 2024

It was a bit difficult.

By Paola D

May 13, 2023

The re is no subtitles and no transcription below for the first video of the week 2 " Overview of Web and Cloud Development" and when I click to download the text of the subscription , the last sentence is not complete. I had to contact the agent named Glenn G during the support chat to signal that problem.

By Effe K

Jul 20, 2023

Crap, you guys took money from my account without my consent and i couldn't get a refund. Nonsense!

By Deleted A

Jun 17, 2023

they are issuing certificate to coursera

not to the participant who enrolled the course

By klejvis

Nov 11, 2023