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If you want to take your website to the next level, the ability to incorporate interactivity is a must. But adding some of these types of capabilities requires a stronger programming language than HTML5 or CSS3, and JavaScript can provide just what you need. With just a basic understanding of the language, you can create a page that will react to common events such as page loads, mouse clicks & movements, and even keyboard input. This course will introduce you to the basics of the JavaScript language. We will cover concepts such as variables, looping, functions, and even a little bit about debugging tools. You will understand how the Document Object Model (DOM) is used by JavaScript to identify and modify specific parts of your page. After the course, learners will be able to react to DOM Events and dynamically alter the contents and style of their page. The class will culminate in a final project - the creation of an interactive HTML5 form that accepts and verifies input. This can be completed as the third or fourth course in the Web Design For Everybody specialization....

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Mar 15, 2016

An excellent course, my JavaScript has improved greatly since I completed the requirements. Colleen is a fantastic teacher, I found the lectures to be highly informative and the assignments good fun.


Feb 6, 2016

I was glad to find a course that focused simply on the basics of Javascript. So many courses cover the three HTML, CSS, and JS, but don't give enough to really start working with Javascrip.


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By Manuel S

Jun 7, 2016

This course is awesome! Collen emphasizes in the very important things of JavaScritp and it is helpful. You can learn a lot, I did and I am satisfied with this course, please post more courses of Colleen, she's the best teacher! I have to thank her A LOT!

By Denise H

Sep 9, 2016

A lot of info is packed into this course. I have some JavaScript background so it helped. If you have none, you should start on an earlier course. Loved the exercises...challenging but not out of reach! Would take another course from this Instructor.

By Martin T

Jun 25, 2020

Very good intro. I would recommend all the courses in the series presented by Dr. Colleen van Lent. The material is always presented clearly and with consideration of realistic applications. Definitely a good way to get started with JavaScript.

By Duje Z

Apr 15, 2023

Very good course for people who have never worked with JavaScript. Colleen explains in depth everything that's being worked on throughout the weeks. I would only like a bit more of coding assignments just so you have to work with the code itself.

By Vivek S

Jan 16, 2023

Loved the course. However, if this course was a bit more methodical then it would have been great. I knew the basics of C programming, that's why I was able to grasp many things quite easily here, but an absolute beginner would have some issues.

By Morgan S

Feb 5, 2016

The instructor describes the methodology well. She appears to be very patient and has a great knack for teaching Javascript for each level of understanding. While I have been challenged, there is no sense of overwhelment presented thus far.

By Sagyn R

Dec 17, 2020

I want to say that is actually the one of the best JS courses. I've enjoyed.

The Teacher- Colleen Van Lent gave me a solid basic of this language. She even did more than I expected from this course. So Thank you very much, My Teacher!!!

By Haris B T S

Jul 10, 2020

This course is for those who have zero idea about programming languages and want to learn basics of JavaScript. If you are familiar with the programming , this course is the easiest to grab the concept of JavaScript for the front end.

By Aman A

Aug 13, 2016

It was an overall great journey by being a part of this course it makes me happy and feel like a programmer. I want to give my regards to Colleen Van Lent mam for such a wonderful teaching from the scratch to high level. Thanks a lot.

By Patrick O

Oct 15, 2016

Enjoyed the class a lot. The explanations were very clear and pitched well to students who were new to web programming in general. The advice was also very useful to new students starting out. Had a great time taking this course!

By Viktoriia S

Jan 11, 2017

I am very gratefull for all the information, tips and support in this course. It was so interesting and inspiring! Perfect lecturer Colleen van Lent! Thank you for your professionalism and passion! Thanks Coursera for making it!

By Юрий Д

Apr 24, 2022

Hello. Very good course for beginners. At first I thought that they would present the material superficially, but no. I liked it very much. I would like to see real tasks from interviews for analysis added to the course. Thanks

By Paolo T

Jan 8, 2016

Probably the best programming course for newbie I've ever seen. The course is set up so that major errors of newbies are addressed and solved. This course will inspire my future way of teaching how to program to starters.

By Phani K A

Feb 28, 2016

Thank you for giving this opportunity to learn from such prestigious university. I understood everything clearly and thankyou Prof.Colleen for pushing us to write and practice the code so that we can easily remember it.

By Bijoy K B

Feb 11, 2021

This course is really good, it covers the basics of JavaScript, it's syntax and all. So as a beginner it's a great place to start using Javascript in your webpages, and continuing exploring about this topic further on.

By Ankit S

May 28, 2020

very good course.

the professor is too good

i have 1 1 complaint that in the first peer graded assi ie. photo frame, no info was given about how toconcate the url

i mean to say "url (" + ")"

This was not explained before.

By Liang R

Apr 11, 2016

A good introductory course in JAVA after you taking HTML and CSS. Course materials are harder( or broader) than actual assignments.

Background: some experience in scientific computing, but no experience in java before.

By Heather M

Apr 27, 2022

As a total beginner I found this course the right level to be able to learn and to know what to search to be able to use JavaScript in the future. The course it well laid out and the lecturer is engaging and thorough.

By Muhammad T S

Jun 25, 2020

It's an awesome course to understand the basic fundamentals of web development. And the ma'am colleen is the best teacher with many informative ideas and she helps me to clearly understand this course. Appreciated ♥️

By Almis P S j

Jan 14, 2016

A great intro! Prof. Van Lent was really able to cover a huge range in very few lectures. Also a great refresher for those who haven't looked at JS for a decade or so. Many thanks, I enjoyed the course tremendously.

By Ujjwaldeep S

May 30, 2020

I was not a "noob" in programming, but I always felt that I skipped Javascript quickly, so the concepts were not clear enough. So, I spent a day on this course and I feel way more confident in basic javascript now.


Jul 10, 2020

I really enjoyed this course, it helped me a lot to build my basics of javascript syntax and how to use functions, array and looping. Thanks to coursera and to instructor who made it much easier to understand it.

By Gayatri k

Jun 10, 2020

highly recommended !!as this course can help you strengthen your core and clear all the doubts regarding usage of specific things at specific times.i learned a lot of new things one of my fav being usage of label

By Muhammad S K

Sep 3, 2019

Happy to be part of this wonderful course, its best for all the new programmers to learn the basics of JavaScript. Thank you Coursera and University of Michigan Team for such a great effort. God Bless you all.

By Carl A T

Jul 1, 2018

A great walk-through the basics of JavaScript, especially for beginner programmers. This course did a good job of building on HTML learned in earlier courses of the Web Design for Everyone certificate program.