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This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role working as an information technology professional. In this course, you will be introduced to the Linux operating system. You will learn about the licensing model and several Linux distributions. We will go through some services delivered in the Linux operating system. We will conclude this course by looking at how to search and analyze text using command line tools in the operating system....

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Mar 9, 2022

If you're new to Linux, the fundamental training here is good. I am now able to navigate command line with greater confidence and have some knowledge in how to edit and search file and folders.


Aug 21, 2022

It Was a amaizing journey for me. I am gald to everyone who made it possible for us whom are less fortune to learn these types of course with payment in higher instituition.

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By Deleted A

Jun 9, 2022

Extremely dissapointed :(

This course starts off pretty good with the history of Linux and goes over some popular commands. However the after the first lesson this course really tails off. Most of the lessons require the user to read through material on their own because the video don't go into much depth at all. The labs are incredbily lacking with no true concrete examples. The labs are just "free time" for the user to explore rather than practice and apply commands to gain meaningful knoweldge.

Don't waste your time on this course ... FreeCodeCamp and YouTube videos are much better in my opinion.

By Farhad K

Dec 6, 2021

Limited examples and discussion of key methods and concepts. References to sources such as Wikipedia undermine the course, in fact none of the reading materials are adequately discussed or demonstrated in the lab.

By Karol B

Nov 1, 2021

It was really brief overview - please focus on both adding more practical task to accomplish ( would be great to compare the with the key, rather than do what you wont to do), sharing greatewr quality of Lab videos - $th module is a comedy, only partially some can see what the Autor is doing on his terminal

By Deleted A

Oct 20, 2022

Complete waste of time! Three minute videos and wikipedia article links is what this, so called "course" is.

By Nijat

Nov 9, 2022

Boring and there is only one labs in every section.Explanation is poor.Never recommend.Barely finished

By Sufyan A

Nov 5, 2022

Linux offer great speed and security,on the other hand window offer great ease of use ,so Linux work on personal computer, smart phone,and other .

By Venkat B

Dec 3, 2021

Excellent instructor. He contributed plenty of resources with the lectures which are great help . Thank you.


Feb 5, 2022

Just A big Hatsoff to Sir for the Linux knowledge and Coursera for the platform.

By arjun c v S

Oct 31, 2021

I was looking for a nice Linux course and finally found this specialization. Course content and flow was execellent. Insructor's way of delivering content makes me to learn from him again and again. Looking forward to the remaining courses in the specialization.

By Quincy J

Mar 10, 2022

If you're new to Linux, the fundamental training here is good. I am now able to navigate command line with greater confidence and have some knowledge in how to edit and search file and folders.

By Ian N

Oct 25, 2023

I've learnt a lot through this course but also realized that I have much more to learn. I think the best way forward would be to do more playing around on Linux.

By David

Jun 23, 2023

Great course for the fundamentals, be sure to follow along in a lab or practice the commands in your own Linux environment.


Mar 13, 2022

Great course, I'm looking forward LFCA and I think this is a great way to start.

By S L

Dec 14, 2021

Very clear and valuable instruction. Good introduction to Linux.

By Devon Y M J

Nov 30, 2023

Overall very good beginner course-- would definitely recommend. One small thing (which may be unique to my situation) would be that from what I could tell, although this is a beginner level course there is a certain level of understanding of computer phrases/lingo. I found myself having to look several phrases up at times. Not a big deal though.

By Marina E A

Dec 13, 2021

My problem is not about the course. it's about Coursera grading policy. it is super easy to achieve the certificate without knowing anything

By Timo C

Jan 18, 2022

The strength of the course is the way new concepts are organised into sections. The weakness of the course is that the lecturer reads from slides, without enough explanation. My work-around to this was to pause the lecture and then do my own research on Youtube, practice the commands on a terminal, and then continue. This gets trickier in week 4. The lab videos are useful, because here the lecturer demonstrates the actual use of the commands in practice. I would have liked to have seen more content like that (demo & explain). Some of the lab videos were not helpful, because the typed commands were off screen.

By Grady H

Jan 27, 2022

The course could benefit from editing to remove typos and such. Also, in the last module, the instructor's working line shared terminal was below the frame of the video capture much of the time, rendering it useless. The last section does fir in a great deal very rapidly. It could be broken up.

By sanjay g

Jun 3, 2022

You have to change the trainer for Linux. He is not able to provide currect and detaild explanation fo command line.

By Alexander B

May 2, 2023

Having concrete exercises would be much better than saying please use this command in the lab.

By Gábor R

Apr 5, 2023

It was a great course. I've really enjoyed the way it's structured. You get short videos which are really high quality in my opinion. At first glance you might feel that the course is really fast paced and does not provide enough information but If you complete the labs and take the time to read through the linked documents in the learning materials you will get tons of information. Thank you for making this course, I've enjoyed every bit of it. Recommended.

By Tony A

Nov 14, 2022

Good course, very easy to follow and understand. It helped me build my confidence in using Linux at a basic level. I would also highly recommend installing a virtual environment with a Linux distro to your computer. The course uses a cloud based Debian distro for the lessons. I installed Virtual Box with Fedora because we use Redhat at work and am comfortable with it. I was able to use the commands and examples just fine.

By Mwesigye N

Nov 21, 2022

I cannot express my sincere thanks enough to you guys, You have given me a great chance to kick start my cyber security architecture career, during this course I have managed to gather good skills on how to use the command line and manage Linux system.

I wanna extent my thanks to my tutor and the whole coursera body at large.

Am so happy

By Muhammad T N

Feb 28, 2023

The course was quick, Throughout the course, I gained a solid understanding of basic Linux concepts, including file system navigations, editing text and using extended expressions. Assignments and Labs were very useful and relevant.

Overall, this course is recommended!

By Billy S

Mar 20, 2023

VERY thorough for sure. Don't let the word fundamentals make you think this is an easy peasy class. You'll get out of it what you put into it for sure. The guy knows what he is talking about in the vids and the labs are spot on.