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About the Course

This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role working as an information technology professional. In this course, you will be introduced to the Linux operating system. You will learn about the licensing model and several Linux distributions. We will go through some services delivered in the Linux operating system. We will conclude this course by looking at how to search and analyze text using command line tools in the operating system....

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exceptionally well designed content with excellent explaination , quizzes and labs. Highly recommnended for Beginners.


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If you're new to Linux, the fundamental training here is good. I am now able to navigate command line with greater confidence and have some knowledge in how to edit and search file and folders.

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By Sourojyoti B

Jan 22, 2023


By Carlos G

Oct 13, 2022


By Aruna S N

Jun 24, 2022


By English T

Dec 18, 2022

This course covers the main areas and ecosystems related to the Linux OS; although it is thorough in its class, I have found that there were quite a few misspellings on the slides and assignments; moreover, there were also a couple of mistakes on the answers from the tests which did not match the arguments given during the lessons. One last item of concern, this is a course about Linux offered by the Linux Foundation and I have also found proof that it is true that they use Microsoft Windows on the PCs they use, the tutor shows his full screen and it's obviously noticeable at the bottom of it, the Windows taskbar, the start button with the Windows 10 logo, etc. I don't take controversial situations lightly.

By Randy D

Jan 3, 2023

This course was ok but the instructor should have used an actual version of Linux such as Linux mint or Fedora or had the student install an actual Linux distribution in either oracle virtual box or vmware. I have used both and had no issues. Although a virtual machine does take up a lot of memory when running inise of windows this is why I run Linux in native mode without any virtualization. Other than that the course was good but an actual Linux distro should have been used instead of a visual studio code terminal

By San F

Oct 27, 2023

This was a good course, i already had linux knowledge and wanted to go over the fundamentals again as a refresher. I gained some new knowledge, however i suggest one improvement to this course, which is tougher end of module quizzes. the end of module quizzes is just the exact same questions from the small practice tests, so I didn't really feel that tested at times. Apart from that this a great course for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of linux.

By Samson U E

May 25, 2022

Some aspects of the instructors code was not shown on the screen. he was talking and I guess writing, but it was not shown. He could have scrolled up his screen or cleared the output before writing more code. Overall, excellent course. I learnt quite a bit and as my aim is to become a devops engineer, this helped me understand the concepts behind some of the linux commands i see devops engineers use.

By Stephen M M

Oct 24, 2022

I like that it moves fast and forces you to look things up on your own but i think this course would be really hard for someone who knows nothing about Linux. There were times when the screen didn't show what was being discussed. I think the output was too long after executing the command and through off the screen recording software

By Jeroen P

Aug 23, 2022

A real nice and lovely course to understand linux. I really appreciated the short and clear videos. However, it will be an improvement if the teacher will explain the editors nano and vim in the first week of the course, in order to make the practice text files we have to work on the rest of the course. Thanks for this course...

By Michael F

Nov 11, 2023

So a great amount of this will confuse a NOOB, which is a part of learning, however certain parts of some most modules need simplification. Also I reported an issue to today regarding a quiz question. I'll change the rating once I hear back from the ADMIN or whomever addresses the reported issue.

By Pedro M F

Oct 4, 2022

Pros: teaches several Linux commands and promotes familiarity with the terminal

Cons: does not provide enough examples to thoroughly teach how to use the commands; plenty of times, the command is not even exemplified; that's why it does not deserve 5 stars.

By Philip L

Oct 27, 2021

overall a good course that keeps its promise and teaches basic background info on linux and important vocabulary, and gives you a good introduction to the command line terminal and how to handle text files and data streams

By Geovanii C

Sep 23, 2022

some of the video examples did not show the bottom part of the view. I was not able to follow the example during those times. Other than that, it was a good intro training to Linux.

By Zhakhongir R

Jun 3, 2022

It's wonderful course for beginners in Linux Administrating and IT managers. I like more cases and actual uses commands on Terminal. Thank u for your job and interesting explanation.

By Mojtaba Z

Sep 6, 2022

Course subjects were carefully chosen and useful, however: educational material was insufficient. Better and more examples, exercises and explanations could be provided.

By Aviral K

Jan 9, 2022

The course was fantastic I have learned something new. I would suggest to do other 3 courses as well to be good at linux administration and to earn LFCA certification.

By Faraz A

Aug 24, 2023

It is a perfect course for the beginners. I learned a lot in a very easy way. The better option would be to try labs on VMware by downloading an .iso file of ubuntu.

By Федоров Е

Dec 20, 2021

The course was good, but I didn't like "free exercises" so much. It would be better to have specific task to use the described tools and methods.

By ekamresh v

Feb 12, 2022

Really a 3.5. I feel the videos need to explain certain concepts more as I had to learn them outside of this course.

By Maurizio G P

Jun 17, 2022

Despite I use Linux from 2014, I found a lot of interesting things in thies course. Thank you very much.

By Andres R

Aug 3, 2022

I feel that it can improve, but overall I'm satisfied with the content I was able to learn here

By Vivek Y

Oct 15, 2023

This course can be a good takeoff for those, who don't know anything regard Linux.

By Cengiz B

Jan 31, 2024

There could have been a bit more examples at the end of the lessons in the videos!

By Carl S

Apr 30, 2022

good stuff. labs could be better. Spoiled by the Google certificate courses

By huckleberry w

Mar 3, 2023

Good pacing. Now I just need to practice the concepts and skills more...