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Learn to provide psychological first aid to people in an emergency by employing the RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition. Utilizing the RAPID model (Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition), this specialized course provides perspectives on injuries and trauma that are beyond those physical in nature. The RAPID model is readily applicable to public health settings, the workplace, the military, faith-based organizations, mass disaster venues, and even the demands of more commonplace critical events, e.g., dealing with the psychological aftermath of accidents, robberies, suicide, homicide, or community violence. In addition, the RAPID model has been found effective in promoting personal and community resilience. Participants will increase their abilities to: - Discuss key concepts related to PFA - Listen reflectively - Differentiate benign, non-incapacitating psychological/ behavioral crisis reactions from more severe, potentially incapacitating, crisis reactions - Prioritize (triage) psychological/ behavioral crisis reactions - Mitigate acute distress and dysfunction, as appropriate - Recognize when to facilitate access to further mental health support - Practice self-care Developed in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Open Education Lab....

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Feb 10, 2017

A very helpful course and full of practical information for persons interfered with disaster relief and crisis intervention as this course has a well- planned syllabus and really informative vignettes


Jul 20, 2018

The instructor was easy to follow, and very understanding! I have learned a lot with this course! Thank you for offering it, and I hope to see more courses on Psychology from John Hopkins University!

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By Celina S

Jan 31, 2016

Wonderful course! The material discussed is applicable in all kinds of scenarios not just crisis!

By Ángela P B

May 30, 2018

Really interesting lessons, complimented by useful and helpful role-playing like videos. Great if you want a taste of what PFA is if you are a mental health professional. Easy to understand if you do not know the first thing about Psychology, as well. Would definitely

By Karlheinz S

Jan 29, 2017

very goog in combination of speaking and showing (video)

By Marilyn K M

Jun 15, 2017

This course is versatile in application, I can see PFA being used in multiple fields outside of law enforcement, first responder, or even disaster aid groups. I would recommend it as a set of self skills for individuals to be able to use it to help themselves and their local community. The main point is that Psychological First Aid is not therapy and an individual is not attempting to diagnose a person, they're working to help be a touchstone during a point of crisis in life to help focus a person onto a path of recovery and provide information and resources as needed. Even for anyone that is looking to study more Psychological or Mental Health courses, this is a good addition to help add to that knowledge base. The course is nicely spaced out so as not to be overwhelming whether one is taking it by itself or along with other courses at the same time. The break down of examples through the video simulations allows for a better grasp of right and wrong applications for the use of the RAPID model. Plus it provides a progressive flow to digest each section over the course of 5 weeks for the RAPID model in application and practice.

By Ash K

Nov 02, 2016

Great course.

By andrea g b

Feb 28, 2018

This course turned out to be a perfect complement to the experience I already had in this area, I ordered and made me prioritize the elements of the PFA that I already managed. It will also help me train more people who need it. Thank you.

By Pedro G

Mar 06, 2016

As a Child Protective Services Caseworker, I work with a variety of families who experience psychological crises at various times. The course helped me learn a bit more about how to help my families when they are in need.

By Nan X

Oct 19, 2016

Dr. Everly presented this course in a concise way to explain RAPID model, and as a beginning counselor, I found this course is particularly helpful to refresh some of the basic helping skills. I love the simulation part since it provides me with the direct experience of what kind of statement can be harmful. This course also offers slides as well. While I am writing notes for the course, PPT actually saves my time to jot down the concepts and definitions. After all, I do like Dr. George Everly's slow approach and kind attitude. Thank you very much!

By Julia A B

Sep 13, 2017

Great course and excellent teacher! Comprehensive, useful and interesting classes!

By Md M R

Nov 07, 2017

This is great course for any one who is interested in working with psychological healing. Took this course out of curiosity and learned some new approaches. Thanks

By Michelle S

Jun 23, 2017

This was an extremely informative and useful course. I believe the material is something all persons should learn not only for the support of those in a disaster, but to also learn and understand how to communicate with those who are experiencing all types distress. This course was well-written and the material easy to understand. It is my hope that more people are interested in the idea and implementation of PFA. It's something everyone could/will benefit from.

By Jonathan B A

May 31, 2018

I found this course to be very helpful on my journey to being a psychologist but for now I guess I'm just an

amateur psychologist but I am grateful and honored to have been a part of this course and to learn from a wonderful teacher, the knowledge I've learned from him will be put to good use in the future, I rate this course 5 stars

By Scott W

Feb 12, 2018

Super interesting and informative. I can't wait to put these skills to use!

By Alexis D

Sep 05, 2017

Excellent course. I don't intend to use the skills learned through this course for emergency situations, but who knows... I'm hoping that what I've learned will help me help former cult members. I especially appreciated the Rapport and active listening part of the course. Thank you !

By Carina A d O

Jan 06, 2017

Quando você começa, não tem mais vontade de parar! Realizei o curso de 4 semanas em 4 dias. Experiência rica de aprendizagem!

By Angela R

Sep 14, 2017

I used to work on a suicide hotline and I wish that I knew then what I know now about talking to people encountering traumatic situations. This class has given me so many more tools to use when dealing with anyone who needs help, whether it is a trauma area or even a friend who was in Naples, Fla last weekend waiting for Irma to come ashore. Thank you!

By Karla D

Apr 09, 2016

Amazing experience with a lot of demonstrations on the topics and spectacular lectures. I highly recommend it!

By Tatiana E S

Apr 20, 2018

This course was very valuable for me.

1 - The course professor has a great personality. He is a great storyteller. He looks kind, warm and understanding. He pointed out the importance of respect and tactfulness and I believe these are both his professional and personal values. He is an inspiration.

2 - This course is well-structured, detailed, easy to understand. It has extremely valuable simulation videos with "flawed" and "correct" examples of emergency responder work. It has a documentary of a real disaster with interviews of real people to analyse. These amazing video materials make the knowledge more profound and practical.

3 - The lectures are great. I listened each lecture for 3-4 times and found new depths each time I was listening.

4 - I may recommend this course to those who experienced disaster, as I believe being well-informed about this topic makes you feel stronger and more resilient. As a crisis survivor myself I enjoyed the course and it brought me a piece of mind and strength.

5 - I am grateful, that this course is an "open" course, by which I mean that you see the result of your test and can work on your mistakes. This is a life-saving course, so it is great that full knowledge is available.

By Ariocabron

Feb 11, 2016

Fantastic, very helpful even for mental health providers!

By Andrea S

Nov 05, 2016

Important topic, accessibly taught.

By Bilge K

Feb 06, 2017

Thank you George for explaining each and every step in a simple but profound way. Simulations were really helpful to understand the essence of the first aid and I found myself several times stopping the video and thinking about the possible ways of supporting and listening.

By Kalliope T

Apr 18, 2017

Great course, offering knowledge that can be indeed applied on daily life as well as work-related settings. Highly recommended.

By Iffat G

Feb 25, 2017

Really informational course.

By Laura R D

Oct 08, 2017

It was really really interesting and very well explained. The ideas were clear, and the examples and simulations were very useful. The length of the videos was adequate. The course really helps to understand and learn the basics of Phychological First Aid, as well as the motivation and importance of such a job. Moreover, although it is focused (with the examples) in first aid after big disasters, it is totally useful for minor or personal situations, and how to be able to talk to others and help them with the best words, attitudes and behaviours from our side. It also helps to understand a little bit more human reactions (even ours, that's why there's a Self-Care module too!), and how to deal with them.

I really enjoyed the course and I totally recommended it. Thank you Dr. Everly!

By luisa z

Sep 17, 2017

I learned a lot, really practical course