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Teaching for Justice and Inclusivity In Challenging Times
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Teaching for Justice and Inclusivity In Challenging Times

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Emily Gleason
Paula Battistelli, PhD

Instructors: Emily Gleason

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38 hours to complete
3 weeks at 12 hours a week
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What you'll learn

  • Apply inclusive concepts, and practices for teaching.

  • Learn about teachers’ rights/responsibilities.

  • Cultivate family/student relationships.

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October 2023


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There are 5 modules in this course

In this module, you will become familiar with the overall structure of the course, as well as the requirements for pursuing the course certificate. In particular, the final assignment required for those wishing to pursue the certificate will be outlined as well as the overall organization of the course.

What's included

2 videos4 readings1 quiz1 discussion prompt

In this module, you will become familiar with common vocabulary and ideas associated with culturally sustaining teaching practices. In addition, you will consider subconscious biases that we each bring into our own classroom spaces as educators. In this module, you will be invited to think reflectively about how to honor students and families’ backgrounds, to use cultural tools as a lens and to effectively address unconscious bias in a way that allows you to meet the needs of your students and educational environment.

What's included

1 video7 readings1 quiz1 discussion prompt

Educators and students alike are in a stressful teaching and learning climate. However, by practicing a culturally sustaining pedagogy that recognizes and honors student cultures, identities, and backgrounds, we can make the classroom environment warm and welcoming for all students. In this module, we define culturally sustaining pedagogies, we explore strategies and tools conducive to culturally sustaining approaches, and we consider how we might leverage such tools in our own teaching contexts.

What's included

1 video10 readings1 quiz1 discussion prompt

This module examines the history of rights and responsibilities for teachers at the state and federal level. Through examination, trends will be explored to show how education has been a key political agenda whenever lawmakers feel a threat to their agenda. Specifically, this module will showcase historical trends of anti-inclusive educational policies such as anti-bilingual and anti-ethnic studies from the 1990s - early 2000s. Then, this module will highlight the current trends of anti-CRT, anti-gay legislation, anti-SEL, and Book Bans nation wide. This module will conclude with modern activism from teachers and students as examples of how these current oppressive educational trends can be fought against and pushed back on while being mindful of teacher rights and responsibilities.

What's included

1 video10 readings1 quiz1 discussion prompt

In this module, we will explore the ways that teachers might forge relationships with family and community in order to advocate for and with students and their families as well as continue to offer Understand the value of students’ families and the role of communities in shaping school culture and landscapes.

What's included

2 videos14 readings1 quiz1 peer review1 discussion prompt


Emily Gleason
University of Colorado Boulder
1 Course126 learners
Paula Battistelli, PhD
University of Colorado Boulder
1 Course126 learners

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