Master of Business Administration

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Master of Business Administration

Illinois Institute of Technology

Accredited degree (100% online)

Offered by Illinois Institute of Technology, Stuart School of Business.

No application required

Degree admission is entirely performance-based. Bachelor's degree is required.

12 to 24 months

36 credit hours of graduate coursework

$15,000 USD total tuition

Flexible payment options with no hidden costs or fees.

Save up to $1,250

You may be eligible to have your prior learning on Coursera recognized for credit.

Student Experience

From the time of your admission, you’ll be given a professional academic adviser who will help you throughout your student experience. This adviser will assist you in choosing appropriate electives, navigating university processes, accessing online resources, and more.

In this online program, you’ll take the same innovation-focused courses in the same sequence as you would in person. You’ll learn from the same outstanding faculty while enjoying the same emphasis on faculty-student interaction, rigorous academics, and hands-on learning as your on-campus peers. This experience includes:

Courses taught 100 percent online by Stuart School of Business faculty
Engaging video lectures presented in topic-focused segments and course material available on demand
Course discussion boards that are accessible 24/7, with regular assignments
Online faculty office hours that are scheduled every week
Collaborative learning alongside students ranging from early/mid-career professionals seeking career advancement, to business owners preparing to meet the challenges of today’s tech-focused environment
Delivered as a fully online degree via Coursera