Sophie Rutschmann


Sophie has trained as an immunologist and geneticist at the Universitis Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg and Paris Orsay (France). She has completed her PhD in the laboratory of Professors Jules Hoffmann (Nobel Prize laureate) and Dominique Ferrandon on drosophila melanogaster’s immune response to infections. Following a post-doctoral position at the Scrips Research Institute in La Jolla (USA) in the laboratory of Professor Bruce Beutler (Nobel Prize laureate) studying the genetic regulation of immunity to intracellular bacterial infections, she has joined Imperial College London as research group leader to continue her exploration of the genetic regulation of the immune system. There, she has mainly focussed on the long-term memory immune response to viral infections. Sophie is the MSc in Immunology Programme Director and the Faculty of Medicine Academic Lead for Digital Education. She is passionate about teaching immunology and about providing opportunities for her students to develop their ability to think critically.