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About the Course

In this capstone project course, we'll compare genome sequences of COVID-19 mutations to identify potential areas a drug therapy can look to target. The first step in drug discovery involves identifying target subsequences of theirs genome to target. We'll start by comparing the genomes of virus mutations to look for similarities. Then, we'll perform PCA to cut down our number of dimensions and identify the most common features. Next, we'll use K-means clustering in Python to find the optimal number of groups and trace the lineage of the virus. Finally, we'll predict similarity between the sequences and use this to pick a target subsequence. Throughout the course, each section will consist of a programming assignment coupled with a guide video and helpful hints. By the end, you'll be well on your way to discovering ways to combat disease with genome sequencing....
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Jan 14, 2023

The course designing can be improved to be more user-friendly. The assignment and technical support on the solutions should be related to some lessons beforehand.

By Akshay K

May 2, 2022

This is by far the most PATHETIC case study that I have ever come across. Don't know why are they calling this as case study. It is more of applying just 3~4 lines of code and thats it.

I had intially enrolled for this course, because I wanted to enter into this Biomedical field from AI & ML perspective. Once this capstone project started, there was actually no explanantion of even one column which was there in the form of dataset.

It was like, there are 8 columns, perform PCA on it, apply regression thats it. Its not even something that i would call it a case study. Its just like applying PCA, Linear Regression & Neural network code on it and get R2 value and loss in case of neural network.

I have no idea as to why would coursera has kept this course, at such a high price. I humbly request coursera to audit this course and get it removed as soon as possible.

I really felt like I wasted my important 3 hours on this course. Read carefully, it just took me 3 hours for completing course and till now I have no idea what does each column / attribute in the dataset stands for. If I had to do self study for understanding this dataset, I would rather gone to Kaggle for doing on my own.

Wanted to rate it as 0 star, but seems there is no option to rate 0.

By Tarek F

Dec 3, 2021

Worst course/specialization I have run into on Coursera. The instructors are not good and material is lacking. It seems they googled some material and tried to put together a specialization that was completely useless. Let's put it this way. Some of the readings they offered in the courses where links to Wikipedia!!!

Frankly, this was a huge waste of time that I paid for.

I am not going to consider LearnQuest in the future and I would recommend that Coursera check the courses and so-called specializations they get paid for carefully before offering them to the students.

If Coursera had a phone number for students/customer services, I would have asked for my money back, but they don't!!! ( I thought it is illegal to get online payments from customers without having a working phone number). So, I will not be wasting more time than what this "LearnQuest" specialization has already wasted for me.

What a rip-off!

By Esteban B

Nov 22, 2021

The course can't be completed due to a grading error in the Week 2 assignment that hasn't been fixed for months.