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  • Take the first step on your IT networking career path with this course and learn how to install networks in different places, like homes and offices.

  • Discover the basics of helping apps work, managing servers, setting up network users, storing data, and making tasks automatic.

  • Get to know how to keep networks running well and fix them when they have problems.

  • Gain the essentials to progress to CompTIA Network+ certification training. Note: This course doesn't include CompTIA Network+ certification prep.

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There are 9 modules in this course

Kick off your tech journey by mastering the operating system (OS) that powers most computers. You'll learn the insider tricks to manage apps and settings that regular users don't touch. With a focus on Windows, we'll guide you through the tools that monitor and adjust your computer's functions and introduce you to the networking protocols that are the heartbeat of connectivity.

What's included

9 videos20 readings7 app items

Begin with the basics of networking in small offices and homes, then expand your horizon to the vast world of enterprise networks. Discover the essential gear that keeps networks running and the smart ways to keep cables organized and functional.

What's included

2 videos15 readings2 quizzes2 app items

Go over the specialized networks that are pivotal to modern organizations. Unpack how data centers, virtualization, and cloud services work in unison to support evolving business needs.

What's included

3 videos9 readings2 quizzes1 app item

Explore the essentials of enterprise networks. Discover the safeguards that keep networks secure, the authentication standards that confirm user identities, and the application protocols that streamline tasks.

What's included

3 videos19 readings4 app items2 discussion prompts

Step into the world of cybersecurity and network operations. You'll be introduced to the critical practice of network documentation and the techniques for monitoring network performance.

What's included

3 videos13 readings1 quiz2 app items1 discussion prompt

Learn the essential skills of help desk support, documenting your findings, and employing standardized methods to troubleshoot network issues effectively.

What's included

12 readings1 quiz2 app items2 discussion prompts

Get to grips with Linux, the silent force behind many servers and clouds. You'll familiarize yourself with Linux commands, understand file permissions, and learn how to manage Linux servers with confidence.

What's included

1 video24 readings3 quizzes6 app items2 discussion prompts

Discover the power of automation with scripting. You'll learn the basics of Bash scripting, which can streamline your IT tasks and make your workflow more efficient.

What's included

3 videos12 readings2 quizzes1 app item

Data is a valuable asset in the IT world. This module will take you through the fundamentals of database management, data security, and the best practices for backing up data to safeguard against loss.

What's included

13 readings4 app items


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