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Subtitles: English

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100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Beginner Level

Approx. 24 hours to complete

Suggested: 7 hours/week...


Subtitles: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

6 minutes to complete

Introduction To The Construction Finance Course

Professor Ibrahim Odeh provides an overview of the Construction Finance course, and introduces the guest speakers.

1 video (Total 6 min)
3 hours to complete

The Mathematics of Money

Professor Ibrahim Odeh discusses the Mathematics of Money beginning with a definition of the Time Value of Money. Calculating simple and compound interest rates are covered along with distinguishing between nominal and effective interest rates. Illustrated in this module is drawing a cash flow diagram.

12 videos (Total 130 min), 1 quiz
12 videos
Simple vs. Compound Interest Rate Example / Nominal and Effective Rate14m
Nominal Interest Rate Example and Minimum Attractive Rate of Return15m
Present and Future Value of Money11m
Future Value of a Uniform Series11m
Uniform Series8m
Uniform Series: A deeper dive11m
Equations for Uniform Series9m
Net Present Value (NPV) Example8m
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Example8m
1 practice exercise
Mathematics Of Money32m
5 hours to complete

Real Estate Finance for Development Projects

Professor Anthony Webster introduces real estate finance providing an overview of the real estate project lifecycle, a discussion on zoning code parameters, and examples of estimating the sales price of a property.

12 videos (Total 134 min), 2 quizzes
12 videos
"Comps" based Property Sale, Tax, Gain and Return12m
"Cap Rate" based Sale, Tax Gain and Return15m
Preview of "Discounted Cash Flow" Methods for Gain and Return11m
Framework for "Discounted Cash Flow" (DCF) Analysis10m
"Net Present Value" DCF Method for Project Evaluation15m
Net Present Value (NPV) Examples4m
"Internal Rate of Return" (IRR) Method for Project Evaluation12m
NPV and IRR Analysis with Excel11m
Changing and Comparing Compounding Periods10m
1 practice exercise
Real Estate Finance Development Projects24m
5 hours to complete

Financial Plans for Development Projects

Professor Anthony Webster provides an in-depth look at designing and building commercial real estate by looking at financial plans. The module ends with a deep dive into decision tree analysis.

12 videos (Total 132 min), 2 quizzes
12 videos
Net Comprehensive Cash Flows for Sponsor and Lender9m
DCF Project Evaluation for Sponsor and Lender14m
Introduction to Decision Tree Analysis - 114m
Introduction to Decision Tree Analysis - 28m
Decision Tree Example - Overview10m
Solving the Example in Excel10m
Analysis of the Tree Results7m
Decision Tree Example with Time Value of Cash9m
Analysis of the Tree Results with Time Value Considered10m
1 practice exercise
Designing and Building Commercial Real Estate20m
2 hours to complete

Project Finance

Professor Bob Dewing discusses project finance and provides an overview of Global Project Finance. The roles of stakeholders in project finance is reviewed in depth.

10 videos (Total 111 min), 1 quiz
10 videos
Principles of Project Financing8m
Risk and Risk Allocation16m
Categories of Risk Allocation7m
Sponsor Perspectives - Structuring and Documentation11m
Completion Risks / Government Perspectives15m
Contract Parties9m
Contracts and Agreements17m
1 practice exercise
Project Finance20m
1 hour to complete

Risk In Project Finance

Eduardo Gamez discusses risk in project financing outlining the different entities involved in a transaction for a project.

3 videos (Total 30 min), 1 quiz
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By DGSep 5th 2018

Great course that helped understand financing throughout construction. I'm an attorney who recently joined a housing developer, and this course really assisted my understanding of the industry.

By LGJan 7th 2019

The course was both challenging and informative. I found most of what I learned in this course will be applied going forward. I took this course as a goal through my employer.



Ibrahim Odeh, Ph.D., MBA

Instructor, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, Columbia University
Director of Research and Founder, Global Leaders in Construction Management

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