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Pattern Discovery in Data Mining, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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About this Course

Learn the general concepts of data mining along with basic methodologies and applications. Then dive into one subfield in data mining: pattern discovery. Learn in-depth concepts, methods, and applications of pattern discovery in data mining. We will also introduce methods for data-driven phrase mining and some interesting applications of pattern discovery. This course provides you the opportunity to learn skills and content to practice and engage in scalable pattern discovery methods on massive transactional data, discuss pattern evaluation measures, and study methods for mining diverse kinds of patterns, sequential patterns, and sub-graph patterns....

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Sep 10, 2017

The first several chapters are very impressive. The last three lessons are a little difficult for first-learners. The illustration are clear and easy to understand.


Jan 18, 2018

Excellent course. Now I have a big picture about pattern discovery and understand some popular algorithm. Also professor points out the direction for further study.

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35 Reviews

By Luca Baldini

Dec 28, 2018

Very poor.

No programming assignment. No more users in forum. Lessons are just a list of algorithm without a detailed explanation.

By chenjing

Dec 27, 2018

very great!it's very helpful for me! thank you !

By Eric Antoine Scuccimarra

Nov 22, 2018

Very interesting and very clearly explained.

By Felix Kröner

Sep 10, 2018

Very well taught. The teacher has a very good understanding of the level of detail that can be addressed. He uses clear examples and keeps each lesson to the point. The quizzes are short and focussed on what was taught in the course.

By Ian Wang

Aug 16, 2018

compact class which teaches you lots of knowledge without wasting any time, using frequent tests to renew your memory and test your comprehension.

The programming assignment is a little bit challenging though. I would like to post a guide if I figure out how to get 100/100.

By Carlos Rivas

Jul 18, 2018

Very usefull course. I learned too much about pattern discovering.

By Srinath Ramchandra Mitragotri

Jul 10, 2018

Gave a very good introduction of Pattern Discovery and different mechanisms/algorithms for pattern discovery. Talks about different pattern discovery approaches, pros & cons of each. Found it very helpful for my investment analysis project

By Begoña

Jun 23, 2018

It's really hard to understand the explanations of the teacher. I gave up after the first week.

By Mykola Kozlenko

May 25, 2018

Very well-organised course. I especially liked the assignments: programming assignments were helpful to apply the course (this makes you implement the methods you learn), so were multiple-choice questions that really make you think on the course content. The instructor was clear and provided good materials. I would recommend this course.

By Logan J Travis

May 15, 2018

I would prefer to see this class split into two. I felt topics did not receive enough time to truly learn them. I would also like to see a more advanced course that required programming assignments.