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Once you have hired good employees, the next step that successful people managers take is to develop the full potential of their employees. Performance management is a process that helps managers achieve the goal of getting the best from their employees. In this third course in the Human Resources for People Managers specialization, we will discuss the skills and key processes you will need to develop your employees to attain department and organizational goals. These skills will include setting clear expectations, providing positive and corrective feedback, and delivering an effective performance appraisal....

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Oct 10, 2021

this course is amazing, give me a lot of knowledge i haven't know before. give me a lot of benefit. so insightful. thank you so much university of minnesota, the lecture, and especially for Coursera.


Jun 30, 2018

Another great course. This course explains and delivers the benefits of having clear goals and objectives that outline who, what, and when of the employee and reduces any surprises to expectations!

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By Yue P

Mar 9, 2020

First of all, I am so sorry I have to give a one-star review for this Human Resources lesson. Those lecturers are experts in the HR field, their lectures are clear and helpful. It is such a pleasure to learn from their lectures.

The reason why I give a one-star rate is I believe Coursera's "peer review" assignment procedure is really problematic. "Discussion section" is supposed to be a place that all student share their ideas and experiences, however, it is filled with "Please review my assignment and I will review back with the highest marks" now. I totally understand why this happened now, due to the "peer review" procedure.

For me, I have an assignment requires a minimum of 80% to pass the whole specialization. My first attempt got 77% and I thought "Sure, there is definitely some improvement I can make". My second attempt got 79% and guess what? I canceled the subscription and find a real book and some videos from youtube. I believe I can learn from CPHR's NKE materials as well. I just don't understand why I need my classmate's review, especially some of them don't give a shit about assignment quality, to pass the course.

Overall, the one-star review is targeted to the problematic "peer review" assignment rather than those respectful lectures.

By Nova S

Oct 2, 2016

It's a great course for people who are newcomers in employee performance management. And for those who seek to have better career with this knowledge, I think this could advantage them.

By Rebekah N

Nov 26, 2018

Professor Larry Bourgerie was a joy to learn from! There is a lot involved in effective employee performance management, and this course really opened my eyes to the world of HR.

By Carlos F V M

Feb 5, 2019

Great course which is very helpful to remind people from the small details to the whole vision that means How to properly manage people.

By Dann V

Jan 17, 2019

Excellent course! The content in this course was phenomenal. I feel so equipped to perform in my position. Thank you Larry!


Jan 17, 2019

It is pragmatic course relating with human resource management.

By Abd-Elmonam M E H

Dec 3, 2018

Very useful course


Jan 4, 2019

I see that this is a great opportunity to learn a lot about something most profesionals don't know. Congratulations for this excelent course and Thank you, Coursera, Minnesota University and Professor Larry Bourgerie for the fantastic content and clear explanations.

By Betty O

Jul 1, 2018

Another great course. This course explains and delivers the benefits of having clear goals and objectives that outline who, what, and when of the employee and reduces any surprises to expectations!

By Neethika

Aug 3, 2020

This course was very well structured with lots of information. The curriculum was very short and clear. My hearty thanks to the instructor who sho designed the course with high content clarity.

By Imad N

Aug 18, 2018

Excellent course.

Very engaging author and teacher. Amazing coursework - Specifically regarding the Management by Objectives approach. Very intuitive design, and great value for money.

By Isabel M

May 31, 2016

Thank you so much for such a fun and well done course. The material is very well structured and learning is done progressively. The professor is such a master of his subject and a great orator that it was very pleasant just listening to. A lot of insights, quotes, examples, suggestions are made and it really helped me learn and retain new knowledge.

I would highly recommend this course, even just by itself. For future or current managers.

Thanks for sharing this knowledge!

By Alexey S

Mar 20, 2018

A very interesting, detailed and, at the same time, concise presentation of material with very valuable tips from lecturer's individual professional experience. Even the small video pieces were fully saturated with ideas for a manger to effectively manage employee performance from start to finish. The course could be even better if the lecturer included useful references for further reading on the subject.

Thank you very much indeed for this wonderful course!

By Philip T

Jun 7, 2019

The material provided is very informative and a great outline for the mechanics of what all successful companies do. It is interesting to see it all from an HR perspective. It also allows me to be a better employee and work towards maintaining a positive work environment.

One slight adjustment I'd make would be to have the answers given at the end of the model wrap up quiz when the student passes. There may be one or two questions that are left unclear.

By Eugene K

Mar 17, 2018

One of the best HR-related courses I've ever taken. So many valuable insights that are presented as a system to provide big picture of the performance management in organizations.

By Chris Z

Dec 23, 2018

Great course! I learned a lot about the various types of performance management systems, as well as a focus on Management by Objectives.

By Mario L V

Jan 29, 2019

This a great course! I learned so much about employee performance reviews.

By Jyotishmoi S

Dec 25, 2018

Enhanced my knowledge and great lectures. Very helpful.

By Abubakar A N

Dec 9, 2018

Thank you University of Minnesota

By Rajeev B

Dec 21, 2018

gr8 course

By Ali M A A G

Jan 29, 2019


By Sandra V P

Jan 28, 2020

Sandra Viviana Paiz, soy de Argentina quiero expresar la alegría que siento, por haber podido finalizar este curso, que para mi ha sido muy completo, sumamente interesante, pues realmente me sentí como una estudiante, pero ya trabajando en una empresa al desarrollar las tareas . Quiero destacar que en este curso el instructor a cargo, Larry explicó, con mucha claridad contenidos específicos de la práctica, haciéndonos ver como ir planificando en base a objetivos de una organización, su departamento y de los empleados. Maravillosa mi experiencia.

By kumar A

Mar 7, 2020

it was great learning from Prof Larrie Bourgie. It gave me a great insight into Performance Management, Pepolr manager value proposition,, understood the key diff between Performance Management and Performance Review,Impact of purposes of Performance Management, Role of training , Understood Management by Objectives,Role of culture in Performance Management, Maxims of Civility, Impact of culture incivility, Fundamentals of creations of Positive Approach,and Role modelling.

By Davide U

Jul 19, 2020

This course have been something amazing!

Larry is a great teacher and professional who bring real life stories into his course. Following this course you will be equipped with the knowledge you need for creating an amazing workspace where results and behaviours matter the same way, and where employees can thrive and grow together with the team and the organization.

By far the best, and more exiting, course of the full specialization!Highly Recommended!

By Deleted A

Mar 3, 2020

It was an amazing course with fantastic outlines that brought immense understanding into Managing Employee Performance and how doing it right can benefit organisations and an individual's employment career. I want to seize this opportunity to thank Larry Bourgerie and the backroom staff for making the slides enjoyable, fun, informative and easy to understand. My insight has truly been enhanced and perspective sharpened.