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Subtitles: English, Chinese (Simplified)

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Video Game DevelopmentC Sharp (C#) (Programming Language)Unity (User Interface)Game Programming

100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Flexible deadlines

Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.

Beginner Level


Subtitles: English, Chinese (Simplified)

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course

6 hours to complete

Starting to Program

In this module, you'll learn about the course and get Unity installed and configured. You'll write your first C# console application and C# script in Unity, and you'll also learn some of the ways we store and use information in our C# programs.

14 videos (Total 93 min), 14 readings, 3 quizzes
14 videos
Lesson Introduction1m
Picking Your Development Environment3m
Your First Console App in MonoDevelop13m
Your First Console App in Visual Studio4m
Your First Unity Script8m
Lesson Introduction26s
Bits and Bytes5m
Data Types, Variables, and Constants5m
Integer Data Types12m
Floating Point Data Types7m
Reading Documentation9m
14 readings
Course Topic Index10m
Lecture Code10m
Exercise Code10m
Running the Course Software10m
Exercise 1: Writing Your First Console Application10m
Exercise 2: Writing Your First Unity Script10m
Your First C# Code Lecture Code10m
Exercise 3: Declaring and Using Variables10m
Exercise 4: Calculating with Integers10m
Exercise 5: Declaring and Using Variables and Constants10m
Exercise 6: Trigonometry with Floats10m
Exercise 7: Calculations and Rounding10m
Data Types, Variables, and Constants Lecture Code10m
It's All Greek to Me Solution10m
2 practice exercises
Bits and Bytes4m
Data Types2m
3 hours to complete

Classes and Objects

In this module, you'll learn about classes and objects, the core of object-oriented programming.

6 videos (Total 33 min), 4 readings, 1 quiz
6 videos
Using a Class: Properties4m
Using a Class: Methods7m
Classes and Objects in Unity2m
4 readings
Exercise 8: Rolling the Dice10m
Exercise 9: Look at the Cards10m
Classes and Objects Lecture Code10m
Nothing Like Blackjack Solution10m
6 hours to complete

Unity 2D Basics and Selection

In this module, you'll learn some of the basic ideas behind using Unity to develop 2D games. You'll also learn how we can make decisions in our code.

18 videos (Total 109 min), 11 readings, 1 quiz
18 videos
Unity's Component System3m
Scripts as Components3m
Debugging a Unity Script in MonoDevelop5m
Debugging a Unity Script in Visual Studio2m
2D Physics11m
Colliders and Physics Materials, Part 16m
Colliders and Physics Materials, Part 28m
Lesson Introduction1m
If Statements8m
Switch Statements5m
Spawning Teddies8m
Tagged Destruction12m
11 readings
Exercise 10: Unity Basics10m
Exercise 11: Growing Teddies10m
Exercise 12: Move That Game Object10m
Exercise 13: More Unity Practice10m
Unity 2D Basics Lecture Code10m
Exercise 14: Jump That Game Object10m
Exercise 15: If and Switch Statements10m
Exercise 16: Shrink and Grow10m
Exercise 17: Teddy Bear Explosions10m
Selection Lecture Code10m
Rock of Ages Solution10m
4 hours to complete

Unity Input

In this module, you'll learn how we can process user input in our Unity games.

9 videos (Total 58 min), 5 readings, 1 quiz
9 videos
Mouse Button Processing7m
The Input Manager7m
Mouse Button Processing Revisited4m
Stop the Madness6m
Keyboard Processing8m
Gamepad Processing5m
5 readings
Exercise 18: Mouse Jumping10m
Exercise 19: Spawn and Explode10m
Exercise 20: Finally, a Driving Game10m
Unity Input Lecture Code10m
Shipbuilding 101 Solution10m
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Top reviews from Introduction to C# Programming and Unity

By AVMay 24th 2018

If you have never done any coding this is going to be a though be rewarding class. The lectures are given in an upbeat and quick tempo, which I enjoyed. I plan to take the next course.

By PKMar 23rd 2018

I've enjoyed this course. For anyone with previous development experience this course will be very easy. Also Dr. T is very positive person. Lot's of fun in video quizzes :) Thank you!



Dr. Tim "Dr. T" Chamillard

Associate Professor
Computer Science

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About the C# Programming for Unity Game Development Specialization

This specialization is intended for beginning programmers who want to learn how to program Unity games using C#. The first course assumes no programming experience, and throughout the 5 courses in the specialization you'll learn how to program in C# and how to use that C# knowledge to program Unity games. The C# and Unity material in the first 4 courses in the specialization is slightly more comprehensive than the content in the first 2 game programming courses at UCCS. “Unity” is a trademark or registered trademark of Unity Technologies or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere. The courses in this specialization are independent works and are not sponsored by, authorized by, or affiliated with Unity Technologies or its affiliates...
C# Programming for Unity Game Development

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