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This is the fourth course in the Google Cybersecurity Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills you need to apply for an entry-level cybersecurity job. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the third Google Cybersecurity Certificate course. In this course, you will explore computing skills that you’ll use on-the-job as a cybersecurity analyst. First, you'll practice using Linux, an operating system commonly used by cybersecurity professionals. For example, you'll use the Linux command line through the Bash shell to navigate and manage the file system and authenticate users. Then, you'll use SQL to communicate with a database. Google employees who currently work in cybersecurity will guide you through videos, provide hands-on activities and examples that simulate common cybersecurity tasks, and help you build your skills to prepare for jobs. Learners who complete this certificate will be equipped to apply for entry-level cybersecurity roles. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Explain the relationship between operating systems, applications, and hardware. - Compare a graphical user interface to a command line interface. - Identify the unique features of common Linux distributions. - Navigate and manage the file system using Linux commands via the Bash shell. - Use Linux commands via the Bash shell to authenticate and authorize users. - Describe how a relational database is organized. - Use SQL to retrieve information from a database. - Apply filters to SQL queries and use joins to combine multiple tables....

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Sep 24, 2023

this course linux and sql is the 4th course series of google cyber security certification. This course is linux operating system , and sql. this is very helpful steps in my cyber security journey.


Sep 24, 2023

Learning Linux and SQL is quite challenging but with clear explanation and examples given makes the course easier to understand specially for me without any background on IT or cyber security.

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By yasir a

Mar 28, 2024

I thoroughly enjoyed the Linux and SQL course. The content was well-structured and comprehensive, providing a solid foundation in both Linux operating system fundamentals and SQL querying techniques. The hands-on exercises and practical assignments were particularly beneficial, allowing me to apply what I learned in real-world scenarios and reinforcing my understanding of the concepts. The instructors were knowledgeable and engaging, and I appreciated their clear explanations and supportive approach throughout the course. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their skills in Linux and SQL.

By Tony R

Apr 17, 2024

This was a very great and beginner friendly introduction to Linux and SQL that utilized real-life cybersecurity applications of Linux and SQL. I appreciate the platform provided here to let us have an actual taste of both of these tools.

By Franklin F

Apr 10, 2024

Excellent overview of both Linux and SQL, you could probably start seriously playing around with them after this course

By Mithun K R

Apr 14, 2024

very well designed and also rich content in this course for beginner thanks to Coursera and google for this

By Justin F

Jun 10, 2024

My favorite so far.

By Matt V

May 29, 2023

Course material wasnt too bad, but some of the instructions, specifically for labs, werent that great. and the instructor is terrible at reading her script off the cards, and is not great at putting emphasis on the right parts of sentences or words.

By John T

Nov 7, 2023

Overall, it was very good. Sometimes there is more than one way to answer and it doesn't always accept the other answers. It was a little slow this time and I had to redo certain items. These are all minor things and it was well done.

By Paul A M

Sep 29, 2023

on the last quiz, question 10 the cities name and companies name were required to be capitalized exactly how they were in the prompt otherwise no results were returned. Contrary to what was taught throughout the course.

By Jay K

Jun 29, 2023

Unnecessarily difficult by combining two computer languages into one course causing high stress and motivational complications. Recommended solution: separate Linux and SQL learning into separate sections.

By airwariormanju 3

Jul 5, 2023

i am experiencing an patheic Coursera's service. It seems that you're facing difficulties in submitting your answers.

By Ayman U (

Dec 29, 2023

##BestCyberSecurityPracticalCourse Forget potions and pixies, this course cast a real spell on me! "Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL" wasn't just about learning, it was an adventure. Imagine it: wielding the command line like a trusty wand, navigating file systems like enchanted forests, and conjuring data from databases with SQL incantations. My previous experience? Zero bytes. But thanks to the patient instructors and clear explanations, even a total noob like me felt like a hacker-in-training. We explored the linuxverse, tamed the Bash beast, and unlocked the secrets of relational databases - all without getting lost in a confusing command storm. The course was a perfect blend of theory and practice. We didn't just hear about files and folders, we charted uncharted directories with `cd` and `ls`. We weren't just told about SQL queries, we cast data-retrieval spells like `SELECT` and `JOIN`, watching information materialize like magical loot. So, if you're looking for a cybersecurity adventure, a crash course in digital wizardry, or just a way to level up your tech skills, "Tools of the Trade" is your ultimate quest. I give it a resounding 5 stars, and a big thumbs-up to anyone looking to join the digital coven. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility...and maybe a few late nights debugging your code, but hey, that's all part of the magic! P.S. Don't forget to leave your own review – let's build a whole community of digital spellcasters!

By Muhammad T

May 16, 2024

Having embarked on numerous courses in diverse fields, I can confidently attest to the enriching experience and invaluable knowledge gained. From exploring topics ranging from data science to leadership, each learning opportunity has been a stepping stone towards personal and professional growth. The depth of content and engaging delivery surpassed expectations, earning each course a stellar rating. Similarly, the comprehensive understanding and practical exercises provided in various courses have contributed significantly to my skill set and knowledge base. Moreover, the flexibility and accessibility offered by online platforms have made learning a seamless and enjoyable endeavor. With each course, I have not only expanded my skill set but also cultivated a passion for lifelong learning. As I continue to explore new horizons, I look forward to embracing the challenges and discoveries that lie ahead.

By Mohammad R

Sep 9, 2023

The Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL course is an essential course for any security analyst. The course covers the basics of Linux and SQL, two essential tools for any security analyst. The course is well-organized and easy to follow, and the instructor is clear and concise.

The course begins by covering the basics of Linux, including the Linux command line, file system, and permissions. The course then moves on to cover SQL, including the basics of querying data, creating tables, and joining tables.

The course also covers some advanced topics, such as using Linux to automate tasks and using SQL to analyze security logs.

By Jansenio A

Sep 18, 2023

This is my favourite course in this Google Cybersecurity Professional/Career Certificate so far. Both Linux and SQL were excellent refresher courses. These courses (1) are very well organized (not overwhelmed), (2) have plenty of labs, quizzes and assignments, and (3) are well presented too. Also, "Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL" is a very captivating course, especially if you're comfortable working with the command line interface or CLI. By the way, CLI will be your friend as a cybersecurity analyst. Thank you to Coursera, Google and in particular Kim, the instructor. I highly recommend this course.

By Robert B

Feb 20, 2023

This course, as in the others in this specialization, presents a very good outline of the subject matter. The quizzes and activities can be completed using the information given within the course. That information is organized well and is well and clearly presented. However, it is important to take the reading assignments seriously. This course is a start. It sets the learner on a path. To get the full value of the course, the learner will need to go beyond the material within the course and follow up on the references cited in the reading assignments.

By Israfael D

Nov 14, 2023

I'm looking for a new career, and i was advised that the IT industry is the way now. I was told that there are millions of job opportunities and better salaries. So, i thought; why not give it a try and chose cybersecurity through Coursera, and so far, It is amazing experience; the hosts (Lecturers) from the videos, the practice, quizzes, access materials are so convenient and easy. It makes worth your while. I'm still have long to go, hopefully finish soon, get the exam, get certified and find a job. Thank you, Google, and Coursera!

By R R

Jun 22, 2023

Dear Teachers,

I express my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable training I received during the "Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL" course. It has been an incredibly enriching experience, and I am truly grateful for your guidance and expertise. I am particularly grateful for the practical exercises and hands-on projects that allowed me to apply my newfound knowledge. The skills and knowledge I have gained from this course will undoubtedly shape my future career path, and I am deeply grateful for your role in that journey.

By ivan g

Mar 5, 2024

The understanding of CLI, LINUX and how SQL is used to locate information in a timely manger is what I believe will be very beneficial for me in my new career. I know I'll apply these task to both legacy OS and Linux OS when it comes to daily duties with I'm task's and projects. I really want to go head on with all the SQL queries to improve my skills, my efficiency, and make better sense with all this new knowledge when navigating through data and dealing with incidents.

By Olimpo A M S

Oct 19, 2023

This is an excellent course and a highly valuable one at that as in the series, it teaches fundamental skills that can be applied beyond the realm of cybersecurity. Linux and SQL are vast fields on their own and this course will get you started in a well-paced, adequately challenging and professionally delivered manner. Upon completing this course, you'll probably feel a need to want to explore further. Also, if your favorite color is blue, you'll enjoy the videos.

By Bill Y

May 10, 2024

I have to admit, five years ago, I would haven been scared to even try Linux. With the way that Google presented the OS and SQL to me was fantastic, and there is nothing to be afraid of. I am so pleased that I know these languages and also that I can go back review them over and over without feeling shame. I am in a good spot now with this experience. I am sure it will continue. Good luck learning to everyone out there!!

By Driss B

Jan 17, 2024

This was my favorite course because I loved using the Apps and learning about the Linux Command Line. I am learning something new everyday. I will not lie and say I know everything but the way the Teachers and how this Program is going, I say its is very Organized and thought out. This is a great way to learn. I did not like online courses AT ALL. but this has been a good ride and hopefully leads to companies noticing me.

By Maria H

Aug 28, 2023

Kim has such a sweet and kind presence. It was easy to feel flustered but, Kim was very helpful and reassuring. And, I liked hearing from the Google employees about their roles. They make it sound challenging and rewarding. Their sense of satisfaction and pride boosted my enthusiasm. Really enjoyed learning about the command line interface, BASH, and SQL. Labs were very helpful and gave a sense of accomplishment.

By thomas k

Jun 22, 2023

Initially, I was skeptical about how these two extensive subjects could be covered in a single short course. With my strong background in both areas, I enrolled in the course primarily as a refresher and to fulfill the certification requirements. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the course managed to provide a captivating overview that effectively introduced beginners to both topics. Well done!

By Bailey G

Jan 6, 2024

This was INCREDIBLY fun! I had a feeling I would really enjoy this section with my (very) limited experience in the past with simple coding on websites like MySpace... and I was right! Really easy to understand modules and I loved being able to apply my knowledge into coding exercises. This was such a great section that I am actively seeking ways to expand my knowledge even further beyond this course.

By Mustapha R

Jun 29, 2023

Very resourceful. The challenges and terminal internal help solidify the concepts and bring to reality. The cases presented puts the learner right in thinking of a professional and help them make critical decisions. The complexity of the topic are delivered in incremental steps, thus it's not daunting for the learners. Very good. The teachers were calm, patient, and methodical in presentation.