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This is the fourth course in the Google Cybersecurity Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills you need to apply for an entry-level cybersecurity job. You’ll build on your understanding of the topics that were introduced in the third Google Cybersecurity Certificate course. In this course, you will explore computing skills that you’ll use on-the-job as a cybersecurity analyst. First, you'll practice using Linux, an operating system commonly used by cybersecurity professionals. For example, you'll use the Linux command line through the Bash shell to navigate and manage the file system and authenticate users. Then, you'll use SQL to communicate with a database. Google employees who currently work in cybersecurity will guide you through videos, provide hands-on activities and examples that simulate common cybersecurity tasks, and help you build your skills to prepare for jobs. Learners who complete this certificate will be equipped to apply for entry-level cybersecurity roles. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Explain the relationship between operating systems, applications, and hardware. - Compare a graphical user interface to a command line interface. - Identify the unique features of common Linux distributions. - Navigate and manage the file system using Linux commands via the Bash shell. - Use Linux commands via the Bash shell to authenticate and authorize users. - Describe how a relational database is organized. - Use SQL to retrieve information from a database. - Apply filters to SQL queries and use joins to combine multiple tables....

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Sep 24, 2023

this course linux and sql is the 4th course series of google cyber security certification. This course is linux operating system , and sql. this is very helpful steps in my cyber security journey.


Sep 24, 2023

Learning Linux and SQL is quite challenging but with clear explanation and examples given makes the course easier to understand specially for me without any background on IT or cyber security.

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By Mustapha R

Jun 29, 2023

Very resourceful. The challenges and terminal internal help solidify the concepts and bring to reality. The cases presented puts the learner right in thinking of a professional and help them make critical decisions. The complexity of the topic are delivered in incremental steps, thus it's not daunting for the learners. Very good. The teachers were calm, patient, and methodical in presentation.

By Birdie B

May 14, 2024

Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL was such a great course! I am completely new to both SQL and Linux but I was able to pick up on the basics quickly with Google's Cybersecurity advisors. They made it easy to learn by employing a number of teaching methods, including actually running queries, filters & joins in SQL and using commands in the Shell to generate desired outputs in Linux, etc.

By Fernando C

Apr 22, 2024

Hello, I would like to suggest that the "id" command in Linux be added to the module that covers Linux. I find it important to teach people to ensure that the results of altering an user entity are verified after the command is run, as well as checking the results of changing permissions to files and folders, as was done in the previous activity.

By Peter M

Jun 16, 2023

An introduction to Linux and SQL with no prerequisite technical knowledge. Do not be deceived though into thinking this course is a walk-over. There is a LOT to learn.

A very worthwhile course. Do all the practice exercises and complete this course and you WILL be able able to hold your own in conversations with developers and other techies.

By ogunseri f

Dec 21, 2023

SQL is an important Tools of the trade in cybersecurity. It's an important tools for filtering, aggregating etc. Sudo crafted from superuser is an important command line interface that is used for permission and access grants. I find most of the CLI in Linux and SQL query fascinating and hope to keeping learning more to stay ahead of SE.

By Mrudula J

Jun 30, 2023

Best experience to learn new concepts like SQL queries and many more interesting concepts throught the course and also the guidance of the experts related to field of cybersecurity from the Google Team who are working at the Google . I am very much thankful to all the mentors and the experts who guided throughout this course.

By Alex M

Oct 1, 2023

This course is very impactful. The SQL is a beast by itself not counting the filters and join tables. It is a challenging course, but a very interesting one. This is one ride that goes very deep in what it means to be in the security field. It delves into the very heart of what it really takes to be a security analysts.

By Anna R

Aug 14, 2023

I loved being able to use the app to see how Linux and SQL would look in an every day setting- like actually typing in it, being able to make my own mistake and figure out how to fix them and everything rather than just watching videos and reading. It is a great supplement being able to use this app!

By Christopher S

Mar 13, 2024

I have worked in sql and linux (and unix) for years during my navy intel days and years afterwards. It had been a minute since I had to flex that part of my brain. This course helped to give me confidence that I am truly on the right path back into the world I should never have left.

By Riley D

Sep 21, 2023

Boy! as a person from health care, I had no knowledge of any of this, but with much practice, repetition, and good old crumbing this information everyday, I was able to pass. Love the idea I now have a new skill. I am going out into the world of google to find more practice. Love it.

By Nathaniel S

Feb 19, 2024

This course was really fun, but I will say write down the commands in a notebook to actually remember what commands to use for each "task". Other than writing notes just practice, I will be returning to this course to regain my memory on SQL & Linux. (it's a bit to remember)

By Afika N

Dec 10, 2023

Started to get a lot more challenging and had a lot more practical exercises which I felt was beneficial to my learning experience. The theory in previous courses started to become very tedious so this was a breathe of fresh air. Definitely been my favourite course so far!

By Isaiah P

Dec 28, 2023

Tough but rewarding! Definitely a lot of technical content, but as long as you take your time and not be afraid to play around with examples, you should be fine. Make sure to pay close attention to proper syntax, spellings, and the ordering of the commands you'll learn.

By Saqib A

Jun 11, 2023

this was an amazing journey learning Linux and command line world. I already had an exposure to Linux and SQL but after this course I feel confident in using commands. I have installed Windows subsystem for Linux in my Windows machine and practicing the commands.

By Osei Y K

Dec 21, 2023

The course was very exciting. I gained insight into Linux, and had hand-on experience using CLI and SQL to protect systems and fetch data. As always, the course was technical but they succeeded in making it simple for easy learning. I am glad I took the course.

By Tania R

Sep 18, 2023

It is a TON of information but it's totally worth it. in my opinion SQL was w=easier to learn than Linux but its still lots of information. Take notes because the videos will always have slightly different information than the reading portions.

By Terry U

Feb 5, 2023

Prior to beta testing this course, I had no knowledge of SQL. However, I can proudly say that I have gained some knowledge. The numerous labs coupled with the clarity of the course contents will help learners assimilate the course more readily.

By Idriss D

Nov 25, 2023

Loved it!! Though some questions were a bit sketchy and I had to alter more than just the X and Y values but all and all, awesome learning experience esp with someone with ADHD. Though most videos were a bit lifeless, still stuck through!

By janet k

Mar 30, 2024

Great course, great modules. Kudos to the instructor, she delivered. Both Linux and SQL lab sessions were interesting and engaging. I gained so much knowledge from this course, it was pretty much hands-on. Thank you Google x Coursera!!!

By Nicole C Y

Dec 30, 2023

Best Linux course I've taken - Google makes it very easy to learn with the labs they provide. Linux is one of the most important tools in cybersecurity and it was hard to learn and understand in other courses. Good job Google!

By Levi R

Nov 8, 2023

Coming in to this course, I was intimidated as I knew literally nothing on the subject matter. But once I got going, I quickly became familiar with Linux and SQL and developed the confidence to continue studying the material.

By Vanessa K

Jan 15, 2024

This has by far been my hardest and most practical course. I cried, retook the exams, went back and retook the whole course to make sure i understand what am doing but guys i made it, just don't give up, you put in the work

By Vikash D

Jul 19, 2023

"Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL" course provided comprehensive and practical knowledge. Excellent instruction and hands-on exercises. Valuable for anyone seeking proficiency in Linux and SQL for professional development.

By leslie t

Feb 5, 2023

Outstanding course! This course has great explanations and reading material with even better hand on labs to practice your skills and activities with example cases that help you think along the lines of a security analyst.

By Alice O

Mar 15, 2024

This was the only challenging so far. I love Linux and SQL commands. I absolutely will be running a Linux OS on my computer. I feel a step closer as we go to the next course. Great job to the Instructor as well.