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Learn how the nervous system produces behavior, how we use our brain every day, and how neuroscience can explain the common problems afflicting people today. We will study functional human neuroanatomy and neuronal communication, and then use this information to understand how we perceive the outside world, move our bodies voluntarily, stay alive, and play well with others....

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Professor Mason's passion for her field is evident and she makes a complex subject accessible to people like me with zero knowledge of the subject. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, thank you.


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Dr. Peggy Mason creates a viable way to understand neurobiology. Although the material is very challenging, her teaching style keeps one focused and interested. I highly recommend this course.

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By Tebogo P L

Sep 28, 2022

The course is very effective and useful, i have learnt some topics beyond the curriculum. This helped me to know more about the human body and the various diseases that are lethal. I wish i can contunie learning the course is very interesting and it feels like the teacher is in fornt of you teaching, the best part about this course is that if you do not undrestand some concepts you can always go back and review the reading activities and the videos.

By Geshel R

Jun 1, 2021

This course had helped me to the basics of neurobiology. The discussion were simple and easy to follow. The topics covered were well-organized and this had taught me how amazing our brain is!

As an aspiring neuroscience student, this course had given me the foundation that I needed and it motivated me even more to pursue neuroscience.

Thank you so much for Professor Mason and the staff for sharing the wisdom and knowledge behind neurobiology!

By Emőke M

May 13, 2024

Understand the neurobiology is essential as all of our body and mind end emotions are linked with nerve system. Our mental health or how to deal with different disorders is very important. This course is a must to learn. Additionally and more importantly professor Peggy Mason phd is one of the best professors I ever met virtually. She is so passionate and the examples and explanations going back to daily life is outstanding. Thank you!

By Lyudmila F K

Oct 2, 2020

It was a great course with an excellent explanation. Many thanks to Chicago University and to the Professor Peggy Mason for making this course interesting and the topic easy to understand. I learnt a lot about brain functions and how our brain is organized from the neurological point of view and enjoyed every minute of the course. I’ll definitely recommend it to others and I’d like to do more courses like this in the future. THANK YOU!

By Danielle W

Jun 27, 2020

I was highly impressed by this course. I found everything to be extremely informative and easy to follow. Neurobiology is a difficult topic to learn, and I think Professor Mason did an incredible job of doing so. I appreciate her use of real-life examples and her passion while teaching this course. I look forward to using this knowledge in my future career with cognitive science and will definitely recommend this course in the future.

By Başak A

Mar 1, 2022

I started this course with big dreams and it went really well. Our teacher, who taught the lesson, internalized the information so much that he explained it very well while he was teaching. When our teacher explained very well, the information was memorable. I would also like to thank our teacher for this process. If you really want to learn about the brain, nervous system and much more, you should definitely take this course.

By Lisa

May 17, 2021

An excellent course for the lay person to get an overview of the power of the brain. The course content provides windows into the causes and limitations caused by common medical conditions allowing us to have better empathy and understanding of those who are diagnosed with conditions such as MS, Parkinsons, stroke etc.

The professor is very candid and entertaining. She is obviously enamored with the brain and it's capacity.

By Diana B

Nov 7, 2022

Never thought that taking a course in Neurobiology could be so cool and interesting at a time. I have just spent a long moment of personal enrichment in the company of professor Peggy Mason and her “teaching persona”. In addition to the knowledge that I have acquired, this course sensitizes me to an empathetic approach to patients.

Thank you, Professor, for your generosity and dedication to Neurobiology and to your students !

By Roman Y

Dec 25, 2019

Very detailed and elaborate course materials, interesting review exercises with above average difficulty by Coursera standards. Professor Mason taught the course topics in a very structured, clear and concise way covering many different aspects of the functioning not only of the brain itself but also of the nervous system as a whole. Definitely one of the great courses on the neurobiology which helped me learn so much.

By Anjana K

Sep 22, 2020

First of all, I appreciate the instructor of this course, Dr. Peggy Mason for her wonderful and energetic sessions. I am a Psychology student and most of the topics covered in this course are basics in Neurobiology, but very relevant in Psychology. Especially the sessions that talked about Embedded emotions and Abstract functions were very relevant in my field and I am happy that I could learn well from this course.

By Ghadeer A

Sep 11, 2020

Although I have not personally met Professor Mason, her passion towards neurobiology and her compassionate take on its various manifestations in people have cemented her as one of my favorite professors ever. This course presents neurobiology's fundamental areas of research and highlights the most interesting facets about them in a way that makes you want to keep learning long after you have finished the course.

By Wilson R

Jul 27, 2020


Dra. Mason é uma excelente professora, que sabe motivar os alunos de forma contagiante. Espero um dia conhecê-la pessoalmente. O curso foi muito bem estruturado e mesmo eu, que tenho apenas nível intermediário na língua inglesa, tive um bom entendimento.

Outro aspecto que me deixou bastante impressionado foi a maneira respeitosa e apaixonante como a Dra. Mason se referiu aos pacientes e casos citados.

By Maria M

Feb 8, 2019

The course is amazing. I want to thank professor Peggy Mason and the team that made the videos. The course is not only useful, it's incredibly interesting and moving.I especially enjoyed that we got to see the brain in all its glory. The drawings, pictures, microscope slides and, finally, seeing the actual human brain - it all contributes to a better understanding of this part of the whole inner Universe.

By Priscila B

Feb 5, 2018

I'm really thankful to Coursera, for making this course available so that people all over the world can know more about the neurobiology of everyday life, to professor Peggy Mason, for her passion for teaching and helping people, which translate into elucidating, engaging and funny lessons, and to the classmates who reviewed my final project, for dedicating their time and attention to help a fellow coursemate.

By Jeremy J W

Dec 7, 2020

A great, well taught course that illuminates the mysteries of the workings of the brain in easy to understand videos lectures. Prof Peggy Mason is an excellent lecturer, who uses tech, white boards and real brains to illustrate complex discoveries in neurobiology. I enjoyed the mix of lecture, tests and assignment- the balance was just right for reinforcing and extending learning opportunities. Thank you!

By Najmeh S

Jun 28, 2022

Hello. I want to thank Coursera for providing equal and equitable education and for our participation in the best universities in the world. I would also like to thank Professor Mason Aziz for his excellent teaching style, which made the class very interesting and enjoyable. And let me tell Professor Peggy Mason that your cats, which you showed in the examples, were very salty, "You are wonderful." Thank you

By Kirill B

Jan 2, 2023

Excellent presentation of material, structure and depth. Prof. Mason herself is an inspiration and an example of how fascinating neurobiology is. Not only do I now have the understanding of the underlying "mechanisms behind mechanisms", which certainly gave me an invaluable toolset to continue studying neurobiology, but my motivation to do so has grown significantly. I envy prof. Mason's students in class.

By Jey S

May 15, 2020

The course gives a good overview of the different aspects related to possible dysfunctions in the brain, along with the explanation of the basic mechanisms of non-altered working functions. The teaching approach of Prof. Mason is great and it helps not only to understand the possible diseases from a technical point of view but also to clearly imagine the human aspects associated to the possible disorders.

By sattvik b

May 28, 2021

This is a really amazing course will a lot of interesting topics and the professor goes over them in a very friendly and anecdotal way. You won't feel lost or confused as the professor gives plenty of examples and the discussion board is always there to help. Overall this course is really good for anyone interested in studying how our brain biology affects our mood, behavior, and perception in the world.

By Sylvio

Aug 3, 2020

Professor Peggy Mason is a prime example of how I wish other professors taught: she brings the course to life and makes it fun and interesting. I have never liked school, and have never had a particular interest in science, but she actually makes me not want to stop learning and watching her lectures. Kudos! I wish I had professors like her when I was in school. I learned a great amount because of her.

By Susanne D

Jul 12, 2018

I am very thankful for this interesting and entertaining course experience. I taught me a lot about the human brain and the nervous system. What I especially like about this course is that besides teaching people knowledge it also promotes awareness and compassion for people that are affected by diseases or injuries of parts of the nervous system. Thanks a lot to Professor Peggy Mason and her team :)!

By Alexandra V

Dec 27, 2019

Extraordinary. For those who like to understand how things works, there is nothing more beautiful than understanding how masterfully our brain and body work, the how's and why's of many of our experiences find an answer here. Prof. Mason's ability to convey the information and the material with such clarity allows you to understand this course even if your background is far from this field of study.

By María E B d C

Jul 26, 2023

Superó mis expectativas. En todo sentido; desde los conocimientos específicos de neurobiología a los que no había accedido antes con este nivel de detalle hasta las dinámicas para el dictado de todo el curso, incluyendo los in-video quizes, y los tests de cada unidad.

Está armado para que aprendamos, pensado para que nos apropiemos de nuestro aprendizaje.

Estimulante, motivante y muy enriquecedor.

By Khaled H M M

Aug 26, 2022

Excelltent course! It actually has review before you go into really complicated quizzes that has tons of questions and answers from previous videos piled up to help you study beforehand. In addition, the professsor in charge does an excellent job of taking the information of the course and summing it up in a very digestable and easy to comprehend manner. Probably one of my favorite courses so far!

By Laurie V

Oct 6, 2020

Peggy Mason is an inspiring teacher. She teaches with passion and makes these fascinating topics really accessible. I am an Artist with a literary curriculum, and I managed to pass my exam, thanks to her permanent attention to her students with non-scientific background. I feel like I've spent these 10 weeks around a bench in her anatomy lab. So proud to be initiated to this amazing science...