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对于国际工作环境不熟悉的商务专业人士,普遍需要的能力是能写发表新产品的行动方案。在这工作实务,有一人必须和公司内的各不同的部门沟通,包括财务和营销部。在这总计划案,你将写一份发表新产品的行动方案。这计划将包含: ● 项目现况报告 ● 营销活动 ● 项目的基本预算分析报告 ● 对管理阶层做项目阶段简报 这项目将提供机会让你应用本课程你所学的英语技能,提升你目前工作所要求的有用文件,或是用一份文件来当作范例,可呈现出你的新能力和技能。 A common necessity among business professionals who are new to an international work environment is the ability to create a plan of action to launch a new product. In this task, one has to communicate with many different departments within a company including finance and marketing. In this capstone project, you will create a plan of action to launch a new product. This plan will include: · A project status report · A copy of the marketing campaign · A basic budget analysis for the project · A short presentation for upper management with details on the project’s status This project will give you the opportunity to apply your English skills learned in the courses to develop a useful document for your current job or a document that you could use as an example to demonstrate your new abilities and skills. ...
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