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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

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About the Course

Have you come across large piles of garbage in neighbourhoods and streets and smelly waste disposal sites polluting the environment of low- and middle-income countries? Do you want to know what kind of sustainable solutions are appropriate to better manage waste and enhance recycling and recovery? If yes, this course is for you! This course provides you with an overview of the municipal solid waste management situation in low- and middle-income countries. It covers key elements of the waste management system, such as its technical, environmental, social, financial and institutional aspects. Besides understanding the challenges, you will be introduced to appropriate and already applied solutions through selected case studies....

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Aug 14, 2020

Understandable and easy to access to reading materials recommended in each modules. Benefits to current jobs and will recommend this course to colleagues who have no background on this issue to study.


May 11, 2020

This course is very well designed and easy to understand because of dedicated and experience personnel who are delivering the content. Use of case study is well planned at various sections in course.

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By Denise C

Oct 19, 2019

Excelente curso. La planeación de cada módulo es impresionando, con imágenes, gráficos, tablas, referencias e incluso invitados expertos para hablar del tema.

Se nota que se esforzaron muchísimo y dedicaron mucho tiempo para brindar un curso de excelente calidad y que les apasiona muchísimo el tema. Aprendí muchísimo. Gracias!

By Edward K

Nov 25, 2016

This course is my first online course. Teachers are very qualified. Course information layed out clear. I`m very thankfull to creators for opportunity to have such beneficial studing, espesialy on way of convinient time learning. I recomend to everybody, who is interested in this topic, to enroll this course. Thank you again!

By Francisco A V C

Jan 14, 2021

Fantastic course! The topic selection allows for a comprehensive understanding of the topic of SWM. The speakers were clear and practical in the delivery of content. Content had great structure, development and summaries. The readings were excellent supplements to the course. Definitely recommended for those interested.

By Martha G

Sep 6, 2020

Muchas gracias por este curso, es buenisimo. Soy Ingeniero Industrial Martha Guanchez de Venezuela. Doy cursos de gestion integral de residuos y desechos solidos en mi pais, me gustaria trabajar con ustedes. mi numero de telefono es +58 4126704896 correo

felicitaciones a los instructores y a todos

By Marcos M R N

Aug 23, 2022

Es un cruso que te ayuda a ganar conciencia de lo que realmente es la administración de residuos solicods, como estos afectan el medio ambiente, que tipo de tecnologias puedes usar y de que manera puedes aportar en una mejora reaal en la adminsitración de recursos de tu instutición. un privilegio que sea un curso gratuito

By Jonathon C

May 2, 2018

Interesting course which provided unexpected insights on waste management, albeit with me having no experience whatsover in the field. The course pitches at the right level for beginners and can be easily followed for the most part, yet I would also imagine would be useful and informative for people already in the field.

By Leuckman H

Aug 27, 2020

Thank s , for all the professors , the study was really interesting and the subject itself very captivating , wide , solve a real problem and offers an opportunity to innovate , the study , is complete from a pedagogical point of view , thank you every single on of you , from the designers of the page to the professors

By Jessica A L

Oct 11, 2017

This is an excellent course, it has given me very good ideas of what can be done in my community and how to apply it. The content and material provided is very extensive and of high quality. Also, I loved the design used in the videos. I highly recommend the course for all those interested in solid waste management.

By Lucila S G

Jan 9, 2017

Este curso me brindó los conocimientos y herramientas suficientes para poder involucrarme en la gestión municipal de residuos. Además de incentivarme en muchas metodologías para el tratamiento de residuos sólidos urbanos. La información es muy interesante y la voy a consultar periódicamente a lo largo de mi carrera.

By Pritam P

Jan 17, 2017

This is a well crafted and brilliant course. The contents are extremely well - researched and is a great resource for anyone who wishes to learn about waste management. Without going into extreme technical details, this course is perfect for a beginner who wants to have a starting point and enter this field.

By Catalina S

Jul 1, 2018

I am just an amateur in municipal solid waste, my intention was to learn more and fulfill my curiosity in the filed. I must say that the course has exceeded my expectations, both in content and way of presenting. I am glad I could take it beside a full time job, it's comprehensive, but very nicely laid out.

By Darshit U

May 1, 2020

I found this course very useful for beginner/mid-level students, professionals, policymakers, etc. Study through statistic data and real case study is really enjoyable and I never felt boring lecture. I wish I could attend more lectures from the same authors in a similar area. Overall Experience: Excellent

By Abdifatah M

Jun 29, 2021

It was amazing course I learned valuable things about solid waste managment from point of generation to final disposal or recycling. The different technologies available in each stage some case studies from around the world and massive valuable resource in each week which are freely available to download.

By Surena E

Aug 21, 2022

Amazing categorization and power of expression by the team of EPFL. Kudos to Chris and Imanol for their thorough presentations which enlightened me in many ways throughout this course. I definitely recommend this course to anyone even remotely interested or involved in any environment-related profession.

By Yaa A M

Aug 12, 2017

It was a very holistic programmes and I learnt a lot of technicalities with regard to waste management. I learnt that waste management is not as easy as it seems, and requires the willingness of each and every stakeholder to make it a success. Thank you so much for this programme. I'm happy I enrolled.

By Chief B

Aug 3, 2020

I learned to very much. My understanding about the impact and power of my consumption has blown my mind. I am starting a business in Sri Lanka to fight plastic pollution by selling biodegradable alternatives, and this course has made it clear to me how I can manage my extended producer responsibility.

By Shashwat P

Jun 4, 2020

The course is amazing. The best part is the waste management outlook from the lower-middle-income country. The lectures were fast and quick with proper resources citations for further studies. I very much recommend it to the people who are really annoyed by those garbage/dumping sites in their cities.

By Paula S

Jun 26, 2021

It was an incredible course, very well presented, full of resources and sources.

It was so interesting and full of content, one must count more than the suggested time for each week, because you just need to dive in, stop the presentation, take notes, read the suggested sources and references etc.

By Rafael A F

Mar 19, 2021

I strongly recommended to take this course. It covers all aspects of Integrated Solid Waste Management Framework (ISWM) including physical and governance elements. Also, it provides a holistic approach to solve the most critical problems related to solid waste management in developing countries.


Aug 12, 2021

It was an excellent course. Just one thing to add in it. There should be some more focus on thermal techniques. I felt like mosst of the focus was on bio techniques. There was less weightage on thermal techniques which are actually feasible. Other than that it was a great learning! Thank you...

By Vasavi A

Dec 2, 2018

This is a very well designed course and takes in examples from across different countries and streams of waste. Very useful for someone who wants to get an understanding of what is being done across different developing countries and then implement the same in their own community/country.

By susanna c

Mar 4, 2017

I enjoyed this course very much. I found it informative and comprehensive. Gave me a good understanding of (sm) waste related settings and issues and possible solutions. Am shocked at the e-waste numbers. Fascinated by composting and bfs methods.

There are just too many of us though!!

By Adriana G L

Feb 28, 2016

La primera semana estuvo increíble! Sobrepaso mis expectativas, es un curso altamente recomendable para aquellos con interés en el manejo integral de residuos sólidos pero también impacta y hace reflexionar a cualquier persona sobre residuos sólidos. Este curso es para cualquier persona.

By Letícia S R

Dec 29, 2020

Curso com conteúdo denso. Há grande esforço em discutir os aspectos técnico-científicos e de governança acerca da gestão de resíduos com base no contexto dos países do Sul Global. Excelente curso para pesquisadores e gestores públicos e privados que atuam na gestão dos resíduos sólidos.

By Yerko L

Dec 29, 2021

Recomiendo este curso para todos aquellos que nos interesa manejar y disponer adecuadamente los residuos urbanos, como también la importancia del desarrollo de un Plan Estratégico de Manejo de los Residuos Solidos Urbanos. Fascinante en su totalidad el curso, mucha información valiosa.