AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Specialization

AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Specialization

Master AWS with Architect Associate Certification. Learn the key skills and concepts of AWS core services, security best practices, VPC design, cost optimization, and automation. Learn to create scalable, resilient architectures, leverage networking fundamentals, and explore serverless solutions. Prepare to design and manage robust cloud solutions with confidence.

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Specialization - 4 course series

Get in-depth knowledge of a subject

Intermediate level

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3 months at 2 hours a week
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What you'll learn

  • Learn essential cloud computing principles, AWS services, architectural best practices, and cost optimization strategies.

  • Learn about relational databases, NoSQL databases, and specialized databases to choose the solution based on scalability and performance needs.

  • Understand best practices for designing secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient AWS architectures.

  • Explore building and managing serverless applications using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Cognito for scalable and cost-effective deployments.

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June 2024

Specialization - 4 course series

Get in-depth knowledge of a subject

Intermediate level

Recommended experience

3 months at 2 hours a week
Flexible schedule
Learn at your own pace

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Specialization - 4 course series

Cloud and AWS Basics

Course 13 hours

What you'll learn

  • Understand the differences between AWS and other major cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

  • Learn how to set up Identity and Access Management (IAM) in AWS and implement optimal security measures.

  • Utilize IAM to manage identities and control access within AWS environments effectively.

  • Apply IAM policies to govern permissions strategically and ensure secure access management.

Skills you'll gain

Category: Amazon Web Services
Category: AWS Identity And Access Management (IAM)
Category: Cloud Computing

AWS Services

Course 28 hours

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to deploy and manage EC2 instances for scalable computing power.

  • Understand and utilize various AWS storage solutions, including S3, Glacier, and CloudFront.

  • Configure DNS routing and health checks using Route 53 for seamless connectivity.

  • Design and optimize database solutions with AWS services like RDS and DynamoDB.

Skills you'll gain

Category: Route 53
Category: Amazon DynamoDB
Category: Amazon Aurora
Category: Amazon Cloudfront
Category: Amazon Glacier

AWS Advanced

Course 36 hours

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to master auto-scaling and load-balancing techniques for effective dynamic resource management.

  • Explore leveraging a multitude of AWS services to create diverse cloud solutions.

  • Understand how to implement monitoring and logging solutions using CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and OpsWorks

  • Gain skills in architecting serverless applications with AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Cognito.

Skills you'll gain

Category: AWS OpsWorks
Category: AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR)
Category: AWS Lambda
Category: AWS Auto Scaling
Category: AWS CloudTrail

Architecting in AWS

Course 46 hours

What you'll learn

  • Understand core AWS services and their integration in cloud solutions.

  • Design resilient architectures for availability, scalability, and performance using AWS.

  • Master cost optimization strategies with AWS pricing models and services.

  • Implement best practices for AWS security and compliance, covering IAM, data encryption, and network security.

Skills you'll gain

Category: Disaster Recovery
Category: Architecture Framework
Category: Troubleshooting
Category: Serverless Architectures
Category: CloudEndure


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