Data Science Jobs Guide: Resources for a Career in Tech

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Interested in breaking into tech? This resource guide can help you navigate a career in data science.

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In recent years, the technology (tech) industry has emerged as a popular career field, known for high salaries and rewarding work that pushes the boundaries of how technology impacts our lives. Within the tech industry, data science professionals use tools and technologies to experiment with data that drives business decisions. These jobs are in high demand.

Data science as a career field comprises jobs such as data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, and more. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in data science are projected to grow by 31.4 percent between 2020 and 2030 [1]. Data scientists can also expect to earn a median salary of $100,480 [1]. 

This guide will provide the resources you need to navigate data science jobs and break into the tech industry.

Data science overview

To start, set aside time to do your research, learn the skills and terminology, and prime yourself for an interview in the tech industry. Gaining an overview of what data science is, what careers fall under it, and what skills you’ll need to learn can help you get ahead.

Potential career paths in data science

Besides becoming a data scientist, there are several other jobs you can consider within the data science field. While data-driven jobs are obviously in demand at tech companies, these skills are transferable and similar roles can be found in larger corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more. The following roles are common across many industries and organizations.

Data scientist

As a data scientist, you have the opportunity to use methods, algorithms, and tools to make sense of structured and unstructured data. This information can help organizations drive profits, streamline processes, and run efficiently.

Data analyst

Data analysts spend a great deal of time collecting and interpreting data to solve specific problems within an organization. This role is a leaping point for anyone interested in more advanced data science jobs.

Data engineer

More often than not, data engineers start as data analysts or software engineers, because they need a solid foundation in data management and in building systems that optimize business performance and return on investment (ROI). Learn more about how to prepare for a career as a data engineer.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Within the field of data science, there are plenty of jobs that focus on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). You’ll get to build and design AI for machine learning and improve existing AI systems using ML algorithms and models. 

Other data science-related careers

From working with the cloud to developing games, exciting and unique opportunities are ahead if you decide to explore a career in data science.

Find a tech career that works for you

Get job-ready with professional-level training and a credential in the high-growth field of technology. Not sure what career is right for you? Explore your options with Coursera Career Academy.


Skills and tools to learn

Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data architects are all data science careers responsible for collecting, managing, and transforming large data sets into information that can refine and reform a business, product, service, or even entire industries. These skills are essential to any data science toolkit.

Degrees and certificates to earn

Bootcamps, degrees, and professional certificates… Where to begin? These can help you determine what type of degree or certification you’ll need to break into tech.

Fun ways to learn and build your skills

What better way to brush up on data science and other tech topics than by reading a book or listening to a podcast? These podcasts and books offer a broader context of how data science is relevant to us, with the help of real-world examples.

Get started today

Starting a career in data science starts with learning the skills you’ll need to manage and transform data into meaningful business insights. 

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