18 IT and Tech Podcasts for Tech Professionals

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Whether you’re fascinated by operating systems or are trying to understand how tech is going to change the world, the abundance of podcasts means there’s something for most everybody.

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IT and tech podcasts can be a great way of introducing you to topics you’re interested in, curious about, or have yet to learn. They might also help you in your job search as you learn new skills, keep up with trends, and get acquainted with the lingo of the IT world. Ready to jump in? You can also browse our list of entry-level IT certifications or check out Microsoft's 2-month-long, beginner-friendly IT Support Specialist Professional Certificate program.

IT podcasts

From the darkly theatrical to the highly technical, here are thirteen career-relevant IT podcasts to keep you entertained, learning, and in the know.

1. Darknet Diaries

Darknet Diaries is all about the underbelly of the internet—the hackers, the cybercrime, the curious ways the government tangles itself into cyberspace. Well loved by IT professionals and non-IT workers alike, Darknet Diaries is a compelling way to learn about security issues on the internet and will give you a visceral understanding of why the IT department is so important.

Good for: Anybody curious about the capabilities of the internet

Recommended episodes: 

2. Heavy Networking by Packet Pushers

If you’re looking for a deep-dive into networking technology, Heavy Networking by Packet Pushers is a solid place to start. The podcast covers up-and-coming technologies and explores industry trends by bringing experts, vendors, and real network professionals onto the show. Other podcasts by Packet Pushers, like Day Two Cloud and The Network Break, also get top reviews.

Good for: Learning about networks, systems

Recommended episodes:

3. IT Career Energizer

With more than 300 episodes of interviews with various IT professionals giving out career advice, IT Career Energizer was specifically built to keep the IT career aspirant in mind. 

Good for: Those wanting to start a career in IT

Recommended episodes: 

4. Professor Messer’s A+ Study Group

Professor Messer episodes are actually live-recorded sessions of “study groups” in which the host walks through practice questions with aspiring A+ exam takers. “After Show” episodes can also help you learn what worked for people, what didn’t, and get some general career advice. Professor Messer offers similar podcasts for the CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certifications.

Good for: Those studying for the CompTIA A+ exam

Recommended episode: 

5. Learn to Code With Me

Learn to Code With Me follows the stories of people who taught themselves how to code, and changed their careers and lives in the process. It’s inspiring. Give yourself a dose of motivation, learn about different resources people have used to teach themselves, and get tips on opening doors to programming jobs.

Good for: Those learning how to code or thinking about it

Recommended episodes: 

6. Risky Business

This weekly security podcast offers news and in-depth interviews with industry experts about security issues, new and old. From the latest ransomware attacks to the entanglements of international cyber relations, there’s plenty to listen to and think about.

Good for: Cybersecurity enthusiasts

Recommended episodes:

7. Sysadmin Today

Hosted by a real-life systems engineer with over 20 years of IT experience, Sysadmin Today digs into the various tasks you might be expected to do as a systems professional. Lauded by newbies and veterans alike, the podcast releases new episodes every few weeks. 

Good for: System administration professionals

Recommended episodes: 

8. Linux Unplugged

Part of the Jupiter Broadcasting network, Linux Unplugged brings you the latest happenings and conversations in the Linux world. It can be a good listen for Linux and open-source fans or those wanting to learn more about the operating system.

Good for: Linux professionals and those who want to learn about Linux

Recommended episodes: 

9. IT Visionaries

Through interviews with IT leaders, IT Visionaries brings actionable insights and lessons to listeners on a weekly cadence. The conversations with CIOs, CTOs, and Fortune 1000 tech leaders are generally high-level—so it won’t get into the nitty-gritty of IT work—but can be useful for those who want to stay on top of what’s next in the IT world. 

Good for: IT managers and those curious about the future of IT

Recommended episodes:

10. Cloudcast

Cloudcast covers everything cloud. It can get a bit technical but also discusses larger trends in the industry as the cloud space evolves.

Good for: Those who work in cloud computing or want to start, and IT managers

Recommended episodes:

11. Software Defined Talk

Enterprise software and cloud computing can be fun too—at least, that’s what’s promised in this podcast that discusses everything from Kubernetes to DevOps and includes “plenty of off-topic banter and nonsense to keep you entertained.” If you’re on the lookout for a light-hearted catch-up on the IT scene, this is a good place to start.

Good for: IT managers and anyone trying to keep up with IT news

Recommended episodes:

12. TechSNAP

TechSNAP is the systems, network, and administration podcast (hence, SNAP), and the second on this list from Jupiter Broadcasting. In thirty-minute episodes, TechSNAP explores various problems you’ll encounter in day-to-day tech work and includes a segment answering audience questions, and the occasional deep-dive that’ll explore a subject thoroughly.

Good for: Asking your burning tech questions and learning more about everyday tech issues

Recommended episodes: 

13. FLOSS Weekly

It’s the Free Libre Open Source Software podcast, and it’s the podcast for all things in the open source and free software community, brought to you by This Week in Tech. You can listen to the audio on your favorite podcast platform or watch the conversations happen through videos on their website.

Good for: Software developers, web developers, and anybody else interested in open source

Recommended episodes:

Tech podcasts

These podcasts take a high-level view of the tech world to cover the biggest social questions it poses—and to nerd out a little about the latest tech happenings.

1. Daily Tech News Show

These daily thirty-minute episodes analyze the latest tech news with special guests to round out discussions. From Bitcoin to NFTs to Gen Z, topics help you stay in the know about the tech industry and where it’s headed.

Good for: Anybody interested in the tech industry

Recommended episodes: 

2. Tech Policy Podcast

What’s the Fairness Doctrine, and do we need a new one? What direction are data privacy laws headed? The Tech Policy Podcast grapples with these questions and other policy-centered tech discussions that are very likely to shape our relationship with technology in the coming years.

Good for: IT managers and security professionals

Recommended episodes: 

3. Accidental Tech Podcast

In these roughly two-hour episodes, you’ll listen to three hosts geek out, rant, and argue about the latest tech products, tech news, and tangential ways tech affects our lives. It’s a tech fix with a healthy dose of friendly energy and nerdy camaraderie. 

Good for: Staying on top of tech trends, big and small

Recommended episodes: 

4. A16z

A16z, brought to you by venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz, is a podcast that looks at technological innovation and all the myriad parts of larger society it brings changes to. Interview guests include company leaders, authors, and other emerging voices.

Good for: Hearing big-picture discussions in the tech world

Recommended episodes: 

5. Decoder with Nilay Patel

Listen to host Nilay Patel in conversation with big-name tech executives and politicians to understand the most current ideas the tech industry is grappling with. Why is Spotify calling Apple a “ruthless bully?" What’s Senator Amy Klobuchar’s take on antitrust laws? With a different guest each week, you’ll learn about everything from Ford and John Deere’s embrace of new technology to how virtual reality might change the fitness scene.

Good for: Learning broadly about technological change

Recommended episodes:  

Getting started in IT

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