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Why earn a degree in computer science?

Receiving a degree in computer science or engineering can open a path to a career in many fields. Whether you are looking to get your bachelor’s degree or advance your career with a master’s degree, you can find affordable computer science degrees from top universities offered on Coursera.

Computer and information technology (IT)-related careers are projected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations in the coming years. Earning a computer science degree opens up numerous career opportunities. And that doesn’t necessarily mean working at a Silicon Valley software company. Learn about 10 computer science jobs for the future.

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Anu A.

University of Illinois MCS-DS Student

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We partner with leading universities to deliver the world's best online computer science degree programs.

You don't need to quit your job or move to a new city to earn a top university degree in computer science. Learn from the same professors and graduate with a high-value credential from the same university. Choose from a wide variety of online computer science master’s degrees in some of today’s most in-demand fields.

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$22,000 for an online degree vs $52,000 for an on-campus degree

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Earn a high-stature computer science degree for much less than similar on-campus programs.

We partner with top universities to create affordable learning programs that make computer science degrees more accessible for everyone. With tuition well below most on-campus degree programs, online computer science degrees on Coursera are designed to allow students to invest in their education and increase their earning potential post-graduation. Financial aid is available for qualified students.

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Courses, Specializations, or MasterTrack Certificates that are part of degrees allow you to start learning right away, so you can make progress on your own schedule. If you are admitted to the full program, your completed courses count towards your degree learning.

Modular and Stackable

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Benefit from team-based learning and live expert instruction.

Online computer science degrees on Coursera are powered by technology that helps you spark meaningful connections with faculty and your peers. Throughout the program, you may attend online lectures from anywhere and interact directly with professors and classmates. On every step of your learning journey, you’ll have access to a dedicated online student support team. Get help to resolve sticking points so you can master new concepts and skills in computer science.

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The cost, the flexibility, and the material — you put all that together, I think it is a phenomenal option.ASHISH KUMAR, MCS-DS GRADUATE
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University of Illinois MCS-DS Student

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Jingrui He, Arizona State University

Jingrui He is an assistant professor at ASU. She received her Masters and Ph.D. in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University. Her research interests include heterogeneous machine learning, rare category analysis, active learning and semi-supervised learning, with applications in social network analysis, health care, manufacturing and more. He received a National Science Foundation early CAREER award in 2016. From 2010–2012, she worked as a research staff member at IBM. She has written 17 peer-reviewed journal and 62 peer-reviewed conference publications and holds eight patents.

Professor He teaches CSE 575 Statistical Machine Learning in the ASU Master of Computer Science.

Instructor Profile

Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Science Degrees

  • A Master's degree in Computer Science is a graduate degree focused on advanced computer programming, generally to prepare the student for a variety of professional technical challenges. A Computer Science Master's degree is a good fit for someone with a computer science undergraduate degree, or a strong foundation in computer science looking to formalize their experience.

  • Yes. Completing a computer science degree online allows you to study from home with the same curriculum and professors as on-campus programs. Some online degree programs offer greater flexibility. You can continue to work, take care of family, or keep up with other obligations while earning your degree.

  • The time, effort, and monetary investment of earning a degree potentially opens up well-paying job opportunities in many in-demand fields. Check the job requirements of some positions you’d like to apply to in the future to see if a computer science degree aligns with your career goals.

Get an Online Computer Science Certificate on Coursera

Coursera offers online Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Computer Vision, Data Science, MBA, and more. If you are still evaluating a full degree program on Coursera, you might be interested in a MasterTrack Certificate in Cybersecurity, or Software Engineering. MasterTrack Certificates that are part of degrees allow you to start learning right away, so you can make progress on your own schedule. If you are admitted to the full program, your completed courses count towards your degree learning.

Bachelor's degrees on Coursera include Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Business Administration, and Computer Science, as well as Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Discover financial resources to help fund your degree, and get the support you need to successfully pursue your learning goals.

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