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Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

Summer 2 2024 enrollment is now open!

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Master of Engineering in Engineering Management

University of Colorado Boulder

Fully accredited online program

Earn the same diploma as students on campus

$20,010 USD total tuition

Flexible pay-as-you-go payment options with no hidden costs or fees

Performance-based admissions

Just start learning and show us you’re ready, regardless of your academic background

Finish in as little as 12 months

Complete 30 courses (30 credit hours) full or part time at your own speed within 8 years

100% online learning

Lecture videos, hands-on projects, and connection with course facilitators and peers


Get ready for high-level career opportunities

With the ME-EM’s emphasis on job-relevant, applicable subjects—and the inclusion of industry case studies, data sets, and projects—you can be sure you will graduate with essential workplace skills.

When you graduate, you will be prepared to oversee a technical project, program, or team, manage a divisional budget, and perform a strategic analysis of the competitive technology environment.

Have the ability to lead by example.
You'll be able to develop, coach, motivate, and improve technical teams, as well as build community and culture throughout an engineering organization.
High earnings potential
The average annual salary of a Project Engineering Manager in 2023 is $154,612 according to The range typically falls between $134,495 and $173,913.
Job availability and stability
The need for individuals with engineering and technical management skills is expected to increase as one-quarter of the U.S. engineering workforce is 55 or older (nearly 800,000 engineers) and will need to be replaced as they retire.
13,600 job openings
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 13,600 job openings for architectural and engineering managers are projected each year over the next decade.

CU Boulder career resources

As an admitted degree student, you will have lifelong access to Handshake through CU Boulder Career Services. Handshake is an online employment platform where employers post jobs and hold virtual events. As a graduate, you’ll become a member of the alumni association, Forever Buffs. Alumni can use Handshake as a networking tool to connect with other alumni.

You’ll also get access to Quinncia. This online tool uses data science, machine learning, and natural language processing to provide personalized feedback about your resume based on the criteria gathered from employers and global best practices.

Enrollment Information

Enrollment for Summer 1 2024 is now open!

Important Dates

  • June 17: Summer 2 Enrollment opens
  • July 1: Summer 2 Classes start
  • Aug 9: Summer 2 Enrollment closes

Upcoming Webinars

  • Join us on August 16 at 10:00 MT to learn about technical leadership at different levels: leading oneself, leading technical teams, and leading technical organizations. Register here.

Enrollment for Summer 2 2024 session is now open!

Summer 2 enrollment closes August 9