9 Marketing Blogs for Industry News and Trends — 2024 List

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From basics to expert analysis, these blogs can help keep you informed on the latest marketing developments.

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Marketing blogs can be a great resource for professionals looking for the most current tips and takes on the marketing industry. Much like the industry itself, marketing blogs may cover a variety of topics while focusing on various points of the customer journey.

From general marketing to social media trends, and from influencer marketing to marketing technology news, here are nine marketing blogs (and a few honourable mentions) that can help you stay current on the industry at large.

1. General marketing blog: Smart Insights

Good for: Individuals looking to optimise their marketing plans and create new strategies to connect with consumers

Smart Insights is not only a blog but an online community and platform of over 150,000 active members. Created by Dave Chaffey in 2010, Smart Insights has solidified itself as one of the best sources for tips and expert advice in digital marketing. It has over 5,000 blog posts already, covering up-to-date topics and frequently asked questions by marketers across the world.

Credibility is a big factor that makes Smart Insights a top marketing blog choice, as well as its creation of online courses, tools, and guides that build upon its blogs. The guides and templates included are beneficial to marketers looking to plan and implement marketing strategies.

2. General marketing blog: NSDesign

Good for: Marketers looking to take training courses in digital marketing to boost their SEO and social media strategy

The NSDesign blog is written and managed by a Scottish marketing agency that is expert in all things digital marketing. Its blogs can help you boost SEO, improve how you view your analytics, and give you tips on how to improve your social media marketing strategy. It specialises in a wide range of topics, including digital marketing, branding, email marketing, and more.

The NSDesign website also includes courses tailored to train you in various digital marketing topics. Just like its blog, these courses are easy to understand and provide actionable insights. Throughout the blog and courses, the NSDesign team always ensures they are providing tips that are easy to implement in your business.

Honourable Mention: B2B Marketing

If you’re looking for more specific information on how to create and implement marketing strategies for B2B contexts, check out the B2B Marketing blog. The blog is updated on a daily basis, giving you valuable insights on current trends and how you can actively address changes in the market.


3. Social media marketing blog: We Are Social

Good for: Professionals seeking to learn about the latest trends in social media marketing and how they can implement new strategies to improve their marketing efforts

Headquartered in London, We Are Social is a team of professionals dedicated to connecting brands with customers through creative strategies and storytelling over social media. The global creative agency behind We Are Social has worked with major brands, such as LEGO and Adidas, showing their credibility and expertise.

The blog always caters to addressing new trends and topics and provides a global view of the social media marketing industry. We Are Social goes above and beyond by providing “Monday Mashups” that social media platform news and by creating insightful thought leadership pieces on a variety of topics.

4. Social media marketing blog: iag.me

Good for: People looking for detailed articles about specific topics in the social media marketing space, such as beginners in the industry

Created by Ian Anderson Gray, iag.me provides video content that focuses on optimising social media strategy. Experts and other well-known marketers are often included on the blog to provide valuable insights across a wide range of social media marketing areas.

Iag.me also creates in-depth reviews on different marketing software and tools that are used in the industry, allowing you to clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of each before purchasing for yourself.

5. Influencer marketing blog: Influencer

Good for: Marketers seeking tips and advice on any specific area of influencer marketing

The Influencer blog comes from the brand content and specialist influencer marketing agency with the same name. Readers value the credibility of this source, due to its founders being Caspar Lee from Youtube and Forbes 30 under 30 Ben Jefferies as CEO. Its in-house expertise has allowed its brand to work with some of the world’s most major international brands, such as Starbucks and Pantene.

You can search the blog's archive to find information relating to any area of influencer marketing. Thought leadership pieces that usually focus on the future outlook of influencer marketing are another great feature of this blog.

6. Influencer marketing blog: Influencer Marketing Hub

Good for: Individuals looking for current news and resources related to relevant topics in the influencer marketing industry

The Influencer Marketing Hub blog covers a wide range of news related to influencer marketing and provides additional resources to address current trends. The blog has content that is useful for beginners and experienced professionals in the industry.

A special feature of the blog is its range of tools to aid individuals in starting and managing ad campaigns on various platforms. It also showcases its dedication to followers by including data visualisations and e-books that provide valuable insights on running influencer marketing campaigns.

7. SEO marketing blog: Matthew Woodward

Good for: Marketers searching for in-depth information about SEO topics and for beginners looking to build a foundation of SEO knowledge

Matthew Woodward is considered a genius and expert in the topics of SEO and blogging. His articles are incredibly detailed and extensive, covering a wide range of topics relevant to this industry. His expertise and passion for these topics and his readers show through in his writing.

Beginners in SEO marketing should use Matthew as one of their first resources because he explains the basics of SEO clearly and slowly. This blog goes above and beyond by accompanying the writing of many of the blogs with a video, allowing a viewer to choose which medium of receiving the information that they prefer.

8. Content marketing blog: Lilach Bullock

Good for: People seeking professional coaching in beginner topics or advanced areas of content marketing strategy

Lilach Bullock uses her experience as an award-winning social media influencer to write blogs and create content on all things content marketing. She divides her information into posts specifically for beginners just starting in content marketing and for experienced professionals looking for advice on advanced topics.

Lilach is a professional coach, and this shows through the way she offers insightful tips and tricks on content marketing. She also frequently posts reviews on online products tailored for content marketers, allowing you to understand if they are worth purchasing. 

9. MarTech marketing blog: RazorSocial

Good for: Marketers looking for information covering marketing topics broadly in the UK

RazorSocial is one of the UK’s best and most well-reviewed blogs for marketing technology. It broadly covers many topics in marketing technology, as well as focuses on investigating the latest tools used in B2B marketing strategies. RazorSocial also features tips and tricks for a wide range of marketing activities that you can use to improve your own marketing strategies.

Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial and has a wealth of experience that shows through the content of the blog. Ian contributes and offers his opinions on many of the tech reviews and curated lists provided to you.

Honourable Mention: Talkwalker

If you’re looking for consumer intelligence information and insights about the specific tools that successful marketers are using online, check out the Talkwalker blog. The team behind Talkwalker always ensures to cover new trends and news in the industry and how you can implement the best technology into your marketing strategies.


What makes a good marketing blog?

A good marketing blog is one that consistently meets its readers’ needs. Every blog is going to offer content with a different type of reader in mind. As you find blogs that resonate with you, take note of the aspects you like, as well as those that you don’t.

For this list, we selected blogs that:

  • Offer high-quality and relevant content for a well-defined audience

  • Are updated regularly

  • Feature attractive and user-friendly design

  • Are easily found on search engines

  • Are well-regarded by industry experts

If you are seeking to launch your own marketing blog, consider the reader you aim to reach with each blog post. Who are they? What do they do? What are they looking for, and most importantly, what insight or expertise can you offer to them?

From there, you can start to build out a concrete plan for your content strategy—using tips and tricks from the aforementioned marketing blogs.

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