Lisa A. Holden

Associate Professor of Dairy Science


Dr. Lisa A Holden is an Associate Professor of Dairy Science at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Holden is responsible for teaching, research and extension/outreach activities in the dairy management area. At Penn State, she coaches the Dairy Challenge students, is the lead for several team-taught senior level courses in the dairy curriculum, and advises students in Penn State’s Animal Science major. Additionally, Lisa has been part of the teaching faculty for the US Dairy Education and Training Consortium in the southwest United States. Lisa’s research focuses on whole farm management with emphasis on decision making for optimal profitability. She works with dairy producers to utilize tools like income over feed cost and cost of production calculators in order to improve farm profitability. Closely aligned with her research focus is a dairy extension program centered on enhancing overall farm productivity and profitability. Dr. Holden is part of the overall Penn State Dairy Extension team and works with team members in business management, human resource management and farm safety. She has nearly 20 years of experience working with dairy advisory teams on farms in Pennsylvania as well as numerous other states and several countries around the globe. Lisa enjoys traveling and has done dairy training in the Azores, Portugal, China, and Ethiopia. Additionally, she has worked with or hosted visits for dairy professionals from the Australia, Denmark, and the Netherlands.