Dr. Adam Stepan

Director, Picker Center Digital Education Group


As Director of the Picker Center Digital Education Group at Columbia, Adam oversees a variety of digital education projects at Columbia and with Columbia's global partners, including the Open Society University Network. Working closely with senior faculty in the research and writing of case studies in public sector innovation, Adam has overseen projects in the USA, Brazil, India, Ghana, Costa Rica, Liberia, Peru, Rwanda, Cambodia, Uganda, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and co-authored more than 25 SIPA case studies. Adam is the co-author of the Columbia University Press book "Leveling The Learning the Curve; Creating a More Inclusive and Connected University", which shipped September of 2023. His field research includes investigations into the open data and civic tech movements in the developing world. Adam has presented at major Teaching and Learning events, including Learning with MOOC’s 2016 UPenn, SciencesPo Teaching and Learning 2018 in Paris, and Learning With MOOC’s 2018 in Madrid. Prior to entering the field of digital education, Adam Stepan was an Emmy award-winning documentary film producer and writer.