Thomas Hauser

Director of Research Computing


Dr. Thomas Hauser is the Director of Research Computing at the University of Colorado Boulder. His team is operating a supercomputer, a research data storage service, and a friction free network for large data transfers. Research Computing provides training and consulting in the area of computational science and engineering and data management to CU Boulder researchers and students. He is also one of the two executive directors of the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship, as well as chairing the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium (RMACC) which collaborates throughout the Rocky Mountain Region on cyberinfrastructure projects. One of the success stories of RMACC is the RMACC Summit supercomputer that is a joint effort between CU Boulder and Colorado State University. 10% of the RMACC Summit compute cycles will be available to RMACC member institutions. He is also a Co-PI on two projects related to improving the performance of a DOE CFD-DEM code, and leading the recently funded NSF Cyberteam award. This project will create a distributed team of data and workflow facilitators from CU Boulder, the University of Utah, CSU, that supports experimental and observational science (EOS) research as part of RMACC. Prior to joining CU Boulder, Dr. Hauser was the Director of the Center for High Performance Computing at Utah State University, and Associate Director for Research Computing at Northwestern University. Dr. Hauser was also the founding director of the Center for High Performance Computing and faculty in the department of mechanical engineering at Utah State University. Dr. Thomas Hauser earned his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering in computational fluid dynamics from the University of Technology in Munich, Germany.