Ramaswami Mahalingam

Barger Leadership Institute Professor


Ram Mahalingam is a cultural psychologist, award-winning researcher, teacher, mentor, artist, and filmmaker. His current research focuses on promoting a caring and compassionate workplace that treats its workers with dignity. Ram is dedicated to developing leaders who prioritize dignity and contribute to workplace well-being. His current research explores dignity within four organizational contexts: (a) Janitors and cleaning; (b) Dignity in Healthcare settings; (c) Dignity, Gender, and Technology; and (d) Dignity injuries experienced by crematorium workers. He currently serves as Director of the Barger Leadership Institute and is a Professor in the Personality and Social Contexts program at the University of Michigan. He has edited two books: Multicultural Curriculum (Routledge) with Cameron McCarthy and Cultural Psychology of Immigrants (Lawrence Erlbaum). He also teaches courses such as Mindfulness and Engaged Living, Mindful Leadership and Creativity, Mindfulness and Films, Cell phones, Self and Society, and Immigrant Psychology.