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About the Course

This is the fifth course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will explore the history, approach, and philosophy of Agile project management, including the Scrum framework. You will learn how to differentiate and blend Agile and other project management approaches. As you progress through the course, you will learn more about Scrum, exploring its pillars and values and comparing essential Scrum team roles. You will discover how to build, manage, and refine a product backlog, implement Agile’s value-driven delivery strategies, and define a value roadmap. You will also learn strategies to effectively organize the five important Scrum events for a Scrum team, introduce an Agile or Scrum approach to an organization, and coach an Agile team. Finally, you will learn how to search for and land opportunities in Agile roles. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with the hands-on approaches, tools, and resources to meet your goals. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Explain the Agile project management approach and philosophy, including values and principles. - Explain the pillars of Scrum and how they support Scrum values. - Identify and compare the essential roles in a Scrum team and what makes them effective. - Build and manage a Product Backlog and perform Backlog Refinement. - Describe the five important Scrum events and how to set up each event for a Scrum team. - Implement Agile’s value-driven delivery strategies and define a value roadmap. - Explain how to coach an Agile team and help them overcome challenges. - Conduct a job search for an Agile role and learn how to succeed in your interview....

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Jan 9, 2023

The course is amazing, It is detailed and organized. I have learned a lot about Agile project management method , the instructor was clarifying the content in a very smooth way. Many thanks to Google.


Jan 10, 2022

My favorite course of the Certificate Program by a mile. I enjoyed learning from such a great instructor and true Google "Agilest", who provided many real-life project examples and useful tips. Kudos.

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By Sally T

Jul 1, 2022

I have been enjoying the Google Project Manager: Professional Certificate classes so much! It is so helpful receiving education from people who have work experience in the subject matter. All the teachers speak clearly and concisely. The use of various modes of instruction make it fun to learn. Thank you so much for a wonderful program!

By Sandra O

Feb 4, 2022

This course is way to go for aspiring project managers who wants to specialize in Agile Project Management. The course content is well structured and detailed with real-life illustrations and assignments to help build a portfolio to position you right for this career path. This was indeed worth my time and commitment. I highly recommend!

By Diana P

May 18, 2022

I liked this course much more than the capstone course. I found that I actually learned something new. The techniques were practical and logical. The vernacular sounded a bit odd in the context, with expressions like epic and all, but it was helpful. I liked the section about how to prioritize activities and about "shirt sizes" and all.

By Bjo J

Dec 13, 2021

This Agile Project Management course was rendered in a way I considered pivotal to help participant pursue self development to the highest professional practice with some personal commitment. I find the provision of references for further detail studies very helpful. It has been a worthwhile venture and promises to yield desired reward.

By Jesse

Apr 27, 2024

Having this project management certification has provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively plan, execute and monitor projects in my career. It has also helped me stand out to employers and clients as a qualified and experienced project manager, leading to more opportunities for advancement and success in my field.


Mar 11, 2022

I learn a lot of now stuff regarding the agile methodology and how to implement it. The Demo show some example form the industry practice which helps me understand how to blend agile within the organization. I can conclude Agile practice is not fixed, it can varies within the culcute but most important is following value and principle.

By Jianglin L

Nov 26, 2021

To be honest, I didn't know the importance of agile management before taking this course. As a project manager, I have implemented somewhat agile management into project but still lack of knowledge to manage larger projects.

This course is necessary for anyone who wants to go further in project management. It's a lifelong learning.

By Marian B

Oct 24, 2023

The course is very well structured with a good balance of different styles for learning - video clips, reading material or practice. The information shared and the extra resources /links are definitely useful and I have gained a very good understanding of what an Agile framework is and how to use it. Happy to have taken this course!

By Kailashnatha S L

Sep 28, 2023

This program has been an incredible journey, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to lead projects more efficiently, adapt to change, and foster team collaboration. 🤝 Thanks to Google & and Coursera for offering this valuable course and to my fantastic instructors and fellow participants for enriching the learning experience.

By Yuan-Hsun C

Oct 21, 2021

It is definitely a course that you must take if you want to know more about "agile" and "agile job interview at Google". It was not only an informative but also an extremely practical course. Last but not the least, it also offers you tips on how to land a job in relevant arenas. I indeed and a hundred percent RECOMMEND this course!

By Harish R

Aug 7, 2022

Always awsome .. the whole course structure, team, knowledge, sharing information - everything very very good and helpful. I am really greatful to the wonderful Google team for taking so much of efforts, support for us . really really helping us. Please keep up the wonderful work. Thanks so very much for all those who are involved.

By Francisco B L

Aug 31, 2022

The course is a great introduction to the Agile Project Management Framework. I had hard about Agile Project Management many times, but since I took the course I noticed, that most have not really embraced it, allowing me to help others to embrace the values of the Agile Manifesto and bring about improvements to the organization.

By J S M

Mar 17, 2023

It's been a long journey, but indeed very fruitful. I am working as a Project Manager in a software company and already familiar with many aspects of Agile project management, but this course laid a strong foundation for my growth in this career path. Recommended for beginners or anyone in the first five years of their PM career!

By Agustin C

Aug 24, 2023

Muy bueno, porque es practico en como se abordan los temas y desarrolla los contenidos con la suficiente profundidad, para el público que esta dirigido. Destaco mucho la sección en donde aborda en como ser un Agile coach para implementar la metodología en nuevos proyectos u organizaciones que son ajenos a estas metodologías

By Evans C M

Nov 11, 2022

It feels great to be equpped with new knowledg and different skills in a world that is constantly changing. One needs to be better prepared to be able to function effectively in a dynamic world where there are new opportunities all the time.

Thank you Coursera and Google for offering the platform to become more relevant.

By Rodger W

Apr 18, 2022

Great course. Coming from a design/construction background and looking to pivot post MBA, this is highly educational. Though there is no book, I paired this with the dummies agile project management book. I'd get the book used as there are a few extra tips within the book, that are not mentioned in the course material.

By Freedom H

May 8, 2023

One can underrate this course at their own peril. This is one of the best programmes ever created by google. I recommend this course to anyone willing to acquire, not only the certificate itself, but knowledge also that improves self and the confidence it generates is so immense. Keep up the standard, never drop the ball.

By Farhan H

May 10, 2021

Great course, loved it. Despite of clearing PMP and PSM-1 I found this course very helpful, special thanks to instructor for delivering the material in such an elegant way. The sprint backlog and exercise were very helpful, most courses do not include such exercises and understanding only based on is theory is considered.

By Jawed S

Dec 4, 2022

Great course. I learnt a lot in this course. (But there were some activities, that needed an instructor's

guidance, because I had a very hard time getting done. Some of them were optional, so I opted out.

And some topics were redundant unnecessarily).

Hopefully I will benefit from it tremendously. Thank you very much

By Wisnu W

Dec 3, 2022

This is a great course for someone who wants to learn about Agile PM. So many aspects are discussed in the for weeks of course. I really recommend this course to anyone who wants to know about Agile. Not only you will get material from the video, but also other contents from other media also provided here. Love this!

By Rizwan S M I

Sep 1, 2023

Great course and got to hear things from another perspective that I am already using in my job. The lectures gave a fantastic insight on agile project management and I will highly recommend this course to anyone intending to learn as a beginner and establish project management skills in a fast changing digital world.

By Alise D

Sep 18, 2023

I really liked this course - many new, interesting and useful information about Agile, project management etc. I enjoyed learning process - because it was interesting - liked small quizzes in the middle of videos, all practical works, videos was in very good quality and I understood everything. Suggest this course!

By Peter O

Dec 18, 2022

This course is comprehensive and learner centered. I gleaned so much from the wealth of experience and expertise of the instructors which has given me the soft landing needed to switch career into Agile Project Management. Thank you so much Google for effort put into this and Coursera for the Financial Aid received.

By Ron D

Dec 15, 2022

Great course. The perfect blend of agile and project management techniques. A lot of information is packed into this four-week course. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to learn about agile or project management. It appears the industry is moving towards this mix so you might as well be ahead of the curve!

By Joanne S

Nov 3, 2022

This was a really tough course for me but I learned a great deal. Many of the terms that were used such as Agile, Scrum of Scrum etc. were all new to me so I did not do as well as I would have like. I was able to save and downloads many of the notes, lectures and videos in Google Drive so that I can reference later.