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About the Course

This is the fifth course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will explore the history, approach, and philosophy of Agile project management, including the Scrum framework. You will learn how to differentiate and blend Agile and other project management approaches. As you progress through the course, you will learn more about Scrum, exploring its pillars and values and comparing essential Scrum team roles. You will discover how to build, manage, and refine a product backlog, implement Agile’s value-driven delivery strategies, and define a value roadmap. You will also learn strategies to effectively organize the five important Scrum events for a Scrum team, introduce an Agile or Scrum approach to an organization, and coach an Agile team. Finally, you will learn how to search for and land opportunities in Agile roles. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with the hands-on approaches, tools, and resources to meet your goals. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Explain the Agile project management approach and philosophy, including values and principles. - Explain the pillars of Scrum and how they support Scrum values. - Identify and compare the essential roles in a Scrum team and what makes them effective. - Build and manage a Product Backlog and perform Backlog Refinement. - Describe the five important Scrum events and how to set up each event for a Scrum team. - Implement Agile’s value-driven delivery strategies and define a value roadmap. - Explain how to coach an Agile team and help them overcome challenges. - Conduct a job search for an Agile role and learn how to succeed in your interview....

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Jan 9, 2023

The course is amazing, It is detailed and organized. I have learned a lot about Agile project management method , the instructor was clarifying the content in a very smooth way. Many thanks to Google.


Jan 10, 2022

My favorite course of the Certificate Program by a mile. I enjoyed learning from such a great instructor and true Google "Agilest", who provided many real-life project examples and useful tips. Kudos.

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By M S (

Oct 12, 2022

The course was engaging and knowledgeable, all the materials were engaging and advanced the course presenter was insightful. The Course material was adequate in covering its intended subject matter. I learned a lot from this course and I will be able to use it in the field in my day-to-day project management tasks.

By Alo I

Apr 11, 2023

Thank you, Coursera for giving me the opportunity to learn in this course. I've learned a lot about Agile and at the same time, I acquired a lot of strategies for managing and coaching an Agile team. I'm very excited to take this learning into action. Having a self-paced course is also very helpful and efficient.

By Thomas K

Dec 30, 2021

I learned so much in this course that is helpful for managing projects and life in a VUCA environment. There was A LOT in each of the modules that warrants further thought and learning. However, I feel as though I am ALMOST prepared for an entry level position. In addition, this will help me in my current job.

By Fahad S

Nov 6, 2022

Before I started this course I was just a mobile developer with a typical mindset but this course helped me to view things differently and develop things that contain a value for the customer. I would highly recommend this course to those who are new to Agile and what to learn about project management in detail.

By Candela F

Jul 18, 2023

El curso fue sumamente útil, con información relevante, casos prácticos y lecturas interesantes. Me hubiera gustado contar con la alternativa de un experto para consultar algunos temas. No solo con los compañeros y colegas. Aunque admito que fueron de mucha ayuda sobre el proceso de todo este maravilloso curso.

By Fanny H

Aug 18, 2022

This is a great course - just like the rest of the Project Management Certification - it's tailored for different learning styles,and includes different formats to will keep you engaged! There's a lot of information, best practices, and real life scenerios that will help you understand Agile Project Management.

By Sushim A

Jan 8, 2023

For a single course on agile project management, this course definitely touches on the basics. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in the basics. Overall, Agile has so many frameworks & concepts such as LeSS, Scrum of Scrum, XP, SAFe, etc and every topic kind of would needs it's own course to cover it.

By Tijuana R

Aug 11, 2023

The course was great! It provided me with an in-depth understanding of what agile methodology is along with important key skills needed to perform agile or to begin the path towards becoming a Scrum Master. This course is a bit lengthy, but it is because there is a ton of content that was worth the coverage.

By Desmond D

Dec 9, 2022

This is a great entry-level course for Agile project management. It focuses on Scrum for the most part. You will need to be accountable in terms of the assignments as most of them are done on an honor code and do not get reviewed. Take my advice and do all the assignments to their entirety! It's worth it.


Jul 20, 2023

The Agile Project Management course was enlightening and well-structured. It covered essential Agile principles and practices effectively. The instructor's expertise and interactive exercises were valuable for practical application. Recommended for anyone seeking to improve project management skills.

By Mohamed A E H

Dec 22, 2021

This course really explains the basics of the agile project management, stating its history, the vocabulary connected to it and practical exercises to employ what I learned in imaginary situations. I recommend this course for engineers and consultants who are new to the agile project management.

By Jose S

Sep 30, 2021

Excellent course, very friendly, its content quite complete and easy to understand, the practical exercises complete the training a lot. The instructions are all excellent. Congratulations, it is perceived that they are excellent professionals and are 100% identified and committed to the company

By Lahari S R

May 20, 2023

Sue was a great instructor, this course was easily the best of the project management certificate, the course was well detailed along with practical assignments that proved handy in understanding the concepts. The use of asana was very well taught and made for an enjoyable learning experience.

By Sergey S

May 28, 2021

Курс дает общее представление о методологии Agile и фреймворке Scrum. В принципе, этих знаний достаточно, чтобы начать использовать гибкие подходы в управлении проектами. Обучение проходит в достаточно непринужденной форме, уроки короткие. Обучение на английском языке, с английскими субтитрами.

By Reem M

Sep 9, 2023

Just wrapped up the "Agile Project Management" course on Coursera. Super useful! The instructor really knew their stuff and broke down the complex stuff into bite-sized pieces. Loved the real-world examples – they made the concepts click for me. All in all, though, definitely worth the time.

By Aastha

Jun 14, 2023

Comprehensive and well structured curriculum that covered key concepts and practices. The course material was thorough, engaging and effectively conveyed the principles of Agile Project Management. Regular quizzes Ensured active learning and Helped reinforced the understanding of the material

By Cameron S

Feb 18, 2022

These Project Management courses through Google, are beautifully structured and are very worth your time. This 5th Agile Project Management course has really made me consider pursuing more into the field of Project Manager and other valuable qualities to possess within my growth in the field.

By kegwaro r

May 8, 2021

I am excited I have just come to the end of Google Project Management it has been a learning cove. Thank you google Instructors you have helped me to become a certified professional project manager. It has been a wonderful journey. I am just one step out and ahead. hurray! Thank you, Google.

By Vinoth K M

Apr 9, 2022

Course is great, but i feel this can be break down even further, because Agile is a vast topic and i feel the course could have more hands on experiments activities for the resources can be better. But overall i have learned several good aspects of agile project management in this course.

By Kamran Q

Jan 29, 2023

Excellent course for someone new to Agile methodology. The course is designed to explain Agile concept in easy to understand format. If you want to learn the latest and more successful project management concept please take this course, a recommendation from a PMP certified professional.

By N a

Mar 13, 2022

The course instructor made Agile look easy, her depth of knowledge and the ability to teach is commendable. I throughly enjoyed the course content. I hope to develop my skills further in a similar organisation to google on completion of this certificate. Thank you so much ! Naseer

By Shahadat H

Oct 18, 2022

I have been in the industry practicing Agile Methodology for over 3 years now. Throughout the course I've realized I've been living under rock. Regarding course content; too much information in too little content. In my opinion, ahould have been more content for this much information.

By Adriana C

Jul 20, 2023

An excellent collection of perspectives to address all aspects involved in each stage of organisational transformation. Metrics and monitoring oriented on indicators of the real value of a project.

Thank you for sharing the knowledge of figures of recognised trajectory and experience.

By Aprille W

Jan 15, 2023

This course challenged me. I enjoyed learning about project executions. I just had no idea how intense project management is and what skills are used. I feel like I had an a solid foundation going into the course but after learning so much my future in Project Management is secured.

By Naveen K

Dec 5, 2022

It was a nice learning journey, the lectures teaching skill is truly amazing. The methodology that is being used in teaching Agile Project Management has been fantastic throughout the course. Nice piece of work, Job well done both Google and Coursera. Cheers........................