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Learner Reviews & Feedback for ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis by Vanderbilt University

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About the Course

ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis is going to transform tasks by helping amplify your productivity and supporting your creativity. ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can help you augment your intelligence and automate tasks, such as: 1. Turning an Excel file into visualizations and then slides inside a PowerPoint presentation; extracting data from a series of PDFs 2. Answering questions about what is in the PDFs, and visualizing the data; automatically determining if a receipt complies with a travel policy captured in a PDF 3. Transforming a document into a training presentation and associated quizzes; reading and reorganizing a set of documents based on what they contain 4. Producing social media and marketing content from a series of documents or video transcripts 5. Automating resizing and editing of videos/images while also cataloging them in a CSV Anyone with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis can tap into these capabilities without any prior experience in programming. The course teaches you how to converse with ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis to accomplish these tasks, how to think about problem solving, and what types of tasks are good fits for the tool. You will learn a wide range of building blocks that you can apply in your own work and life. Large language models respond to instructions and questions posed by users in natural language statements, known as “prompts”. Although large language models will disrupt many fields, most users lack the skills to write effective prompts. Expert users, who understand how to write good prompts, are orders of magnitude more productive and can unlock significantly more creative uses for these tools. This course will introduce you to prompt writing skills that target ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis....

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I've been using chatgpt for well over a year. This course helped me fill in several knowledge gaps. I highly recommend people to take it even if they've been working with ChatGPT for a while.


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Excellent course from an excellent teacher! I have completed the ChatGPT prompt engineering certificate and as soon as I received a notification for this, I knew that I couldn't miss it!

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By valdez l

Sep 25, 2023

Wow! started smart and grows into a big bang of usages! Saving and will review this course for the coming year. An essential building block course for future professional success! Thank you professor!

By 温智博

Oct 12, 2023

Title: A Comprehensive Reflection on "ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis" Course on Coursera In the ever-evolving field of data science, continuing education remains pivotal. My recent endeavor, the "ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis" course on Coursera, stood out as a remarkable learning journey, bridging theoretical understanding with practical insights. This course offered a nuanced exploration of advanced data analysis techniques, making use of the ChatGPT technology. The meticulously structured curriculum was the first thing that caught my eye. It was divided into well-thought-out modules, each building upon the previous one, facilitating a smooth transition from basic to complex concepts. The topics covered were broad and inclusive, ranging from exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, predictive modeling to the intricacies of machine learning algorithms, all through the lens of ChatGPT. The teaching methodology employed was nothing short of exemplary. The instructor’s clear articulation and enthusiasm for the subject matter made the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. The visual aids and real-world examples provided throughout the course helped in breaking down complex ideas into digestible chunks, thus making the learning curve less steep. The assignments were a crucial part of this learning expedition. They were well-aligned with the course content, encouraging hands-on experience and application of the theoretical knowledge acquired. The problems posed were challenging yet achievable, pushing me to think critically and explore beyond the given material. The peer-reviewed nature of the assignments fostered a collaborative learning environment, and the feedback received was constructive and enlightening. Moreover, the integration of ChatGPT in the analysis and interpretation of data was an innovative approach.The forums and discussion boards were active and supportive, creating a conducive atmosphere for doubts clarification and knowledge sharing. In conclusion, the "ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis" course on Coursera is a highly recommendable venture for anyone keen on delving deeper into the realm of data analysis while enjoying a stimulating learning environment. The proficient instructor, coherent curriculum, practical assignments, and the vibrant learning community make this course a valuable asset for both novices and seasoned data analysts. This course not only equipped me with advanced data analysis skills but also instilled a lasting curiosity to explore further in this field.

By Nathalie S

Sep 10, 2023

Excellent course from an excellent teacher! I have completed the ChatGPT prompt engineering certificate and as soon as I received a notification for this, I knew that I couldn't miss it!

By Alcides C

Nov 4, 2023

I can't emphasize enough how Dr. White's course has transformed my professional life. It's not an exaggeration to say that it's been life-changing! Through engaging lectures and practical examples, I learned how to harness the incredible power of GPT-4. Before taking the course, I spent hours every day drafting and revising emails to make sure I covered all the bases and didn't miss any details or documents. Thanks to Dr. White's guidance, I've managed to cut that time down to a mere 30-45 minutes, allowing me to dedicate more energy to my research. Speaking of research, the course enabled me to confidently delegate tasks to GPT-4, including generating Python code for data analysis. I can now easily review, edit, and fine-tune the code, saving me a ton of precious time and significantly boosting my productivity. I can't express enough how thankful I am for the positive impact this course has had on my professional life. Dr. White's expertise and teaching have taken my productivity to new heights, and I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to supercharge their workflow.

By Mike T

Sep 17, 2023

Jules White is so talented at providing enough instruction to get you going, explore, try, fail, and re-try. His pace is easy to follow, great examples and applicable (e.g. we all have many of the problems he covers in the program). I also appreciate he admits on camera when he's made a mistake --- it makes it more personal and real. I'm looking forward to future courses by Jules. He's top rated from my pov.

Mike Theilmann

EVP/CHRO Albertsons Companies, Inc.

By Sarita G

Sep 8, 2023

This was a great course! I enjoyed learning how to automate tasks in my work life as well as my personal life to make everything more efficient. The only issue I had was the ability to copy text was disabled so I was not able to copy the prompts to complete some of the exercises so I had to find a way to work around that. I look forward to becoming much better at using ChatGPT to it's fullest potential.

By Bill T

Sep 17, 2023

I highly recommend this course. Understanding the potential of Advanced Data Analysis (formerly Code Interpreter) is a must-have tool for anyone working within the ChatGPT Plus plan. Jules White does an excellent job as the instructor!


Nov 27, 2023

Very informative. It helps if you have your own projects in mind so that you can play with ChatGPT. The more you practice the more you will get from this information.

By Prakhar S

Sep 30, 2023

Loved it thoroughly. This course provides the learner with tons of ideas and use cases. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.

By Tim B

Apr 9, 2024

I learned a LOT from this course, BUT it is a bit dated due to ChatGPT's change in functionality. Would love to take an updated course.

By Thanigan A

Mar 11, 2024

The Advanced Data Analysis course is distinguished by its comprehensive and methodically organized structure, designed to facilitate a deep understanding and practical application of data analysis techniques. It offers easy-to-understand explanations, complemented by relevant examples, which underscore the course's commitment to clarity and accessibility. A key emphasis is placed on encouraging hands-on practice through exercises, aiming to build confidence in applying new concepts. This approach is further enhanced by the integration of a variety of analytical features, catering to a broad spectrum of learning preferences and professional requirements. The course adopts a very fluid teaching methodology, ensuring a seamless progression from one topic to the next, while continuously reinforcing learned concepts to solidify understanding. This pedagogical strategy ensures that students not only grasp but also enjoy the learning process, making the Advanced Data Analysis course an enjoyable and highly effective educational experience.

By Carl W

Dec 21, 2023

Dr Jules White's course on Advanced Data Analysis (aka Code Interpreter) is informative, fun and challenging! Initially I had difficulty doing the coursework because ChatGPT Plus was on pause and I was stuck on a waitlist. True to the Problem solving spirit of the course, I found a way - actually several ways, eg use Claude,AI or Bing chat. Recently, I've discovered AI agents (God is merciful and kind) since the ChatGPT plus waitlist is unpaused (meaning they were willing to actually take our money). You can tell this review is not AI generated due to the lack of clarity and unnecessary verboseness. If you are even mildly interested in using AI for anything: Agents, AI art or just summarizing PDFs, sign up for this course. I think it makes better sense to do the Prompt Engineering course first though, you'll understand the content better.


Jan 1, 2024

Another excellent class by professor White of Vanderbilt. This is a practical guide to using the Data Analytics feature of chatGPT 4. I found several excellent ideas for ingesting my information - presentations, excel files, transcripts and transforming and analyzing them so as to get interesting insights. I will definitely use the things I learned here as an idea spark, dispersed data organizer, a way to be better prepared for meetings, and I'm sure other things I have yet to think of. LLM technology is a game changer, like the introduction of spreadsheets or the Internet. Understanding these topics will be crucial for a large majority of people in the next few years.

By Christopher H

Dec 28, 2023

This course was really helpful to see the benefits of using Data Analysis GPT vs. GPT-4. I will definitely implement those changes in the workflows where I use Data Analysis. Even things like making personal to-do task lists (which I'd been doing in GPT-4) work better in some cases in Data Analysis. This course could be improved with adding as many papers or readings as were linked in the first course because those materials were the most helpful part of the first course. Having the articles that explained the patterns and prompts in depth made a more lasting impact because I can take them with me and use them in future work. Overall, I'd recommend this course.

By nitin g

Dec 15, 2023

Thanks to Professor Jules White for creating an incredibly practical learning experience. What I found most enjoyable throughout the content was the exploration of the Art of Prompt Engineering and the revelation of a new formula: TECHNOLOGY = ART + SCIENCE. It's crucial to understand that ChatGPT isn't a magical tool or a genie capable of granting any wish on the planet. Instead, its effectiveness stems from the art of asking the right questions, using the correct keywords, and giving precise commands to yield the most productive results. In essence, the more efficiently you train ChatGPT as your personal assistant, the better results it will produce for you

By Daniel S

May 3, 2024

This was exactly the course I needed and it is very well made. It not only shows a huge potential of usability of AI, but also what to do to bypass its weaknesses and how to gain most out of its abilities. And it also does one important thing. Although AI can do a lot, human work and human intelligence and judgement is still necessary. It does not look like the AI will take away that much work from people. On the other hand, it is possible to use it as a tool to enhance ones own intelligence and thus solve problems that weren't possible to solve for humans. I really liked the combination of of high tech and deeply human and sensitive approach of the course.

By Guillermo B

Jan 16, 2024

I love this course. It open the doors in how to work with data(Excel, pdf, jpg, pptx, etc) and extract information to use in different ways. This course is an essential part of the 3 courses. Again Dr. Jules is a great teacher. One of the things they I got out of this 3 courses is how to order my thinking in and orderly manner and in hierarchy to be able to communicate effectively not only with a LLM but in general in how to approach problems, discussions, interactions. It gives you a framework. I not only got a new expertise but improve my train of thought.

By Ken C

Feb 25, 2024

Professor Jules White is a highly knowledgeable, easy to listen to educator in regards to AI Prompt Engineering. The courses were very informative and although I'd been using AI personally for a few years, I learned many techniques that will improve my use of Large Language Model AIs for not only personal, but also professional use. I highly recommend this course, for almost anyone who works with data, computers, programming, and many of the lessons apply directly to daily life as well.

By Giselle L

Sep 20, 2023

Jules White demonstrates with practical examples how ChatGPT Code Interpreter will be a game changer in the way LLMs help us to cut through the more tedious time consuming tasks leaving us with more time for exploration, discovery and creativity. His energy and enthusiasm is highly infectious and as a result time flies in learning the materials. Prior to taking this course, a foundational course on prompt engineering is very beneficial.

By Kim M

May 17, 2024

I really enjoyed this course, and the other two in the specialization. The instruction is excellent and engaging, with lots of clear and practical examples. Since taking these courses, I am now starting to use ChatGPT in my work, and having fun with it. These courses have given me a great foundation and increased my motivation to practice and learn more.

By Desmond L

Oct 21, 2023

Thanks Jules! I was training at the same time as running a series of events and providing content to my clients. I used what I learned immediately and the time saved has given my business extra impetus. Particularly the PDF and step-by-step options, as well as how to prompt ChatGPT when it makes mistakes. Remarkable course, I'm making my staff sign up.

By adcommunication4 a

Mar 18, 2024

Excellent course. Very well balanced between theory and practice. Well thought through each section of the course. Tons of inspirational ideas that build your confidence and refine your competencies into prompt engineering. I've been retaining my stamina to finish the course from A to Z without waning my interest. Recommended.

By Scott E

May 31, 2024

This course was the most difficult in the series, but incredibly helpful. The instructor really breaks down the thinking behind how to use this tool. I am not a programmer, so I was a little lost in some of the modules on how to use Python, but again, the professor makes it clear and usable, even for folks like me.

By Miguel H

Dec 5, 2023

Dr.Jules, es un excelente docente! explica con ejemplos muy practicos las funcionalidades del interprete de código o mejor conocido como ¨Análisis avanzado de datos con ChatGPT ¨, mencionando las limitaciones del modelo GPT4 y cómo aprovechar al máximo su uso en un entorno personal y profesional

By Ayesha Z

Apr 22, 2024

The course was exceptional, the way sir Jules white teaches is outstanding and its great for anyone who has to work with analyzing data day to day, such tasks can be completed with more effectiveness, you will feel more productive and will make the most out of ChatGPT-4.