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This course will cover the topics of a full year, two semester General Chemistry course. We will use a free on-line textbook, Concept Development Studies in Chemistry, available via Rice’s Connexions project. The fundamental concepts in the course will be introduced via the Concept Development Approach developed at Rice University. In this approach, we will develop the concepts you need to know from experimental observations and scientific reasoning rather than simply telling you the concepts and then asking you to simply memorize or apply them. So why use this approach? One reason is that most of us are inductive learners, meaning that we like to make specific observations and then generalize from there. Many of the most significant concepts in Chemistry are counter-intuitive. When we see where those concepts come from, we can more readily accept them, explain them, and apply them. A second reason is that scientific reasoning in general and Chemistry reasoning in particular are inductive processes. This Concept Development approach illustrates those reasoning processes. A third reason is that this is simply more interesting! The structure and reactions of matter are fascinating puzzles to be solved by observation and reasoning. It is more fun intellectually when we can solve those puzzles together, rather than simply have the answers to the riddles revealed at the outset. Recommended Background: The class can be taken by someone with no prior experience in chemistry. However, some prior familiarity with the basics of chemistry is desirable as we will cover some elements only briefly. For example, a prior high school chemistry class would be helpful. Suggested Readings: Readings will be assigned from the on-line textbook “Concept Development Studies in Chemistry”, available via Rice’s Connexions project. In addition, we will suggest readings from any of the standard textbooks in General Chemistry. A particularly good free on-line resource is Dickerson, Gray, and Haight, "Chemical Principles, 3rd Edition". Links to these two texts will be available in the Introduction module....

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The calculations questions need practice questions within the material rather than just in the assessment components otherwise excellent.


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I got the general knowledge on basics of chemistry and the application on additional to the vapour liquid equilibrium and the phase changes.

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By Ivan M A

Nov 24, 2022

topics are hard


Oct 27, 2015

Muy buen curso


Aug 2, 2020

thanks bro

By Dr. G B D R

Apr 20, 2020



Dec 15, 2022



May 5, 2023



Nov 10, 2022


By Ms, A S H

Jan 21, 2022


By Bernard N I

Aug 3, 2020

Dr. Hutchinson's instruction was excellent. I would love to take a course in person. I am quite certain that he did not write the quizzes due to their lack of organization, disjointed relevance and rather hastily constructed design. Please do the following to improve the quizzes because they were not very beneficial for learning. 1) Please have an English major proofread the questions for clarity. I often could not understand exactly what was being asked. 2) Please do not include questions on material that is in future lessons or is extra-course specific. on the quizzes. I found myself consulting outside scientific sources to decipher terms used on the quiz that were not used in the course material. 3) Please be explicit with questions. Do not force the student to make assumptions or presume units. This is not done in the professional world and students should not take up the habit as they are learning.

By Gregory H

Feb 7, 2023

The "Concept Development" approach of this course is unique compared to traditional approaches. The algebra can get intensive at times, particularly in weeks 9, 10, and 11. This course seems well suited for someone who is brushing up on their old chem skills (like me). Newbies to chemistry can do well in the first eight weeks, but will find the final three to be tougher.

The multiple choice quizzes are fairly easy although the grammar and sentence structure of questions and answers is very poor. There are no practice questions with solutions. This makes math questions on the quizzes difficult, especially when units of Torr or mm Hg are used instead of atm., which is used for the lectures.

The instruction is clear although math steps are sometimes rushed.

By Ann W

Jul 2, 2024

I generally enjoyed the class material and the teaching style, however it seems like the lectures and the materials covered on the quizzes have become misaligned somehow. Many quizzes assess content that hasn't yet been covered in the module. (But are covered later in the course) There was also quite a bit of misalignment with the popups in the video, and the actual video content.

By Christina R

Jul 17, 2020

Great college level General Chem I refresher, but would be difficult to complete if this is your first time seeing these concepts or following the mathematics.

By Hamada A K

Jul 20, 2024

I've already finished this course. I want to get the achieving certificate but I don't know how I can get It.

By Deleted A

Jan 22, 2022

I cant view my chemistry certificate

By Neelesh S

Jun 20, 2020

very good


May 11, 2023


By Kerstin M

Aug 3, 2023

This is not an introductory course, it's more a course for people who are studying to be chemistry teachers. If you don't know higher mathematics like calculus, you won't be able to pass the exams.

The questions in the exams are not based on the actual course content. Often, they are mixed up and include questions from future concepts that haven't been introduced yet, or are simply too advanced in general. It's frustrating, because you can't use the exams to check on your progress during the course.

The textbook doesn't help, and I haven't been able to download the current edition anywhere.

By Ted H

Jan 25, 2023

There are questions on the very first quiz that are not covered in the section. Not a good sign for the rest of the course.


Nov 13, 2023

Why is there no certificate

By Anwana S E

Jul 30, 2020

it was good

By Jennifer K

Jun 30, 2022

While the concept development approach is interesting, to master chemistry one must practice. Very few examples are provided in this course and a novice could not possibly master the concepts watching the vidoes. Furthermore, the videos are dry and antiquated, and thus spark minimal interest or engagement. There are so many typos in the quizzes that you have to solve the problem incorrectly to get a "correct" answer. I would not recommend this course.

By benjamin g

Feb 24, 2022

Apperantly you cannot get a certification of this course so unless you just want to take it for fun I am not sure what the point is. My school approved this course but now I have no way to verify I took it. I would love to give coursera some money for it but apperantly they don't want it so what a waste of time. lol

By Alice Z

Oct 6, 2021

Videos have fast speed audio and no visual ...

By Behnama A

May 16, 2020

Pretty good but it was very disruptive