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About the Course

The MOOC Global Financing Solutions is your online gateway to better understanding of the dynamics of Finance, and its role at the very heart of promoting the “real economy” and global growth. Concretely, you will learn how companies finance themselves using banks and capital markets and how Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance criteria are now deeply integrated in all financing processes. We will look at the role of syndication, and how it links issuers looking to raise capital to grow their businesses with investors looking to manage their assets and possibly liabilities. The role of banks in wider society will also be explored, from helping airlines to lease aircraft, to financing roads and bridges that help promote transport and trade, to funding renewable energy sources such as wind or solar farms, right through to explaining the role of export finance, and the pivotal role exporting countries governments’ play, in promoting the movement of goods worldwide. We will showcase the lifecycle of commodities, from exploration, to processing and refining, to how banks facilitate the global trade of products such as agriculture products or everyday items. We will also look at the exciting world of acquisition finance and leverage buy-outs, enabling strategic moves for industry players, as well as securitization, the repackaging of debt, and hedging, especially important as a mean to protect corporate companies against rate or price fluctuations. Having a positive impact on society and the planet is clearly key for financial institutions. Throughout the whole course, we will illustrate with real cases the recent evolutions finance has gone through to incorporate ESG matters into its business decision making. The collaboration between Societe Generale and EDHEC Business School builds on a long-standing partnership based on one common objective: to provide future talents with access to information and expertise that enables them to grow. Through this MOOC, we are taking an innovative approach to learning by providing you with the theoretical basics of finance, thanks to the expertise of EDHEC as one of the world’s foremost business schools in Finance, and combining it with practical insights of business experts from Societe Generale, widely regarded as a global leader in Structured Finance, to show how the theory is put into practice....

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A structured, complete and well explained course. The quizzes are demanding and require real technical knowledge learned during the training.

Thank you for this MOOC.


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Good overview of a range of topics to gain a broad understanding of different financing solutions

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May 9, 2019

Very good course content, however the questions are sometimes a bit vague and need a lot of personnal research.

By Bastien G

Jun 24, 2019

A structured, complete and well explained course. The quizzes are demanding and require real technical knowledge learned during the training.

Thank you for this MOOC.

By Shad B

Dec 11, 2020

Great course. Content well laid out and relevant to my role. Good to get a broader view of financing activities besides the areas I'm directly involved with.

By Amol G

Jun 2, 2020

Most difficult course yet but totally worth it , especially with the amount of learning available from industry on real-industry problems and solutions

By Vinayak R K

May 13, 2019

Good course for an overview on global finance products, especially for people starting of in a banking profile. Quizzes are tough and application oriented, but beyond the material covered in the training at times.

By Varun D

Jun 8, 2020

One of the most challenging course I have done on Coursera, but if you prepare well from videos and slides it's achievable.


May 1, 2019

Really good course, practical with lots of examples esp from SG team, pity it is not subscribed for by more people

By Anuj K

Jul 2, 2020

An extremely informative introduction to various forms of financing activities undertaken by an Investment Bank.

By Piyusa M

Sep 30, 2021

This course is wonderful. Insights from the the professor as well as industry experts and leaders from Societe Generale. Highly recommended.

By Antoine D

Feb 10, 2022

Comprehensive and well-structured course, although it requires prior fundamentals of finance to follow along.

By Joshua A

Sep 5, 2021

it's been a thoroughly entertaining was certainly worth the time devoted to it......

By Priscillia L

Apr 7, 2020

Very complete course which deals with a lot of points. It is also interesting to have so details about key sectors (Real Estate, Aviation). The fact that the cours is online allows us to be a bit ahead and schedule the learning in the best way. And finally the quizzes are the moment when you can go back in the documents and check the answers for the questions you are having a hard time answering. Big thumbs up!

By Robin C

Mar 11, 2021

I think this course gives a good overview of the finance market and options especially from a European perspective. It would be helpful for students to have a few numerical and graphical examples and tests aswell to reinforce principles.

No doubt that would put off some people with less ability in maths, but I think it would help to improve the quality of the learning.

By Rachel J W

Sep 28, 2020

The English was sometimes difficult to understand. The grammar in the videos and notes could use a revision. However the course was very interesting and informative.

By Erwan J

Jun 7, 2020

Sometimes some ideas or financial products, concepts are not clearly explained


Apr 21, 2020

Good to know the overview of Financial functions in the society!

By Paweł S

Apr 2, 2023

Large dose of theoretical and practical issues of financing instruments and solutions from corporate banking and project finance. Well presented, interesting and quite innovative examples of banking transactions from various business sectors covering ESG aspects implemented within last years in Europe. Very knowledgeable and higly motivated presenters.

By Sebastião G

Jul 5, 2020

Superb introduction to Financial Markets and key concepts regarding them. Very generous course in its breadth. Some challenging accents, so be prepared! Could do with a little refreshing, as much of the data and examples are from 2015/16, so the effects of the Trump presidency had not yet been felt.

By Saishankar S

Aug 12, 2020

A 5-star course on the financing solutions at-a-glance. What is more interesting is the combination of videos from the professor as well as actual practising professionals from SocGen.

By Wayne O

May 23, 2023

Really well balanced course providing detailed insight into the various functions of a commercial bank. I learned so much, thank to all the lecturers who put this course together!

By Maringan H

Mar 16, 2022

This course provides an excellent overview on the global financing solutions and provides real world examples of how each financial instrument is used in a particular situation.

By Sanjaya B

Sep 5, 2021

I found the course to be a very well compiled refresher. I would love to see an update with examples from more recent transactions. Overall, it was time well spent. Thank you.

By Deleted A

Jun 5, 2020

Complete course with great presentation. Thanks to the professionalism of those who present the concepts. I’m glad having acquire such a huge knowledge.

By Eduardo P

Dec 11, 2019

Congratulations on course format and content.

Adding a small reading list would be my suggestion.

By Taha I G

Mar 31, 2021

One of the most interesting MOOC for financial Instruments and Corporate Investments. Thank you.