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Intermediate Level
Approx. 26 hours to complete
Chinese (Simplified)
Subtitles: Chinese (Simplified), English, Spanish, Arabic
Shareable Certificate
Earn a Certificate upon completion
100% online
Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.
Flexible deadlines
Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
Intermediate Level
Approx. 26 hours to complete
Chinese (Simplified)
Subtitles: Chinese (Simplified), English, Spanish, Arabic

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Week 1

7 hours to complete

人事与聘雇的决策 Staffing and Hiring Decisions

7 hours to complete
7 videos (Total 43 min), 4 readings, 8 quizzes
7 videos
1.1我马上召集我的团队 I'll have to build my team right away2m
1.3 Direct and Indirect Approaches8m
1.5 More on the Indirect Approach7m
1.8 Summarizing Basics5m
1.12 Making Direct and Indirect Requests7m
1.14 Week 1 Review9m
4 readings
1.2 Vocabulary Preview: Staffing and Hiring10m
1.6 Example: An Indirect Message10m
1.10 "The Secret of Making Better Hires"10m
1.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Staffing and Hiring10m
6 practice exercises
1.4 Direct and Indirect Approaches10m
1.7 The Indirect Approach16m
1.9 Summarizing Basics6m
1.11 The Secret of Making Better Hires Summary4m
1.13 Making Direct and Indirect Requests10m
1.16 Week 1 Test30m

Week 2

5 hours to complete

商务会议管理 Meeting Management

5 hours to complete
6 videos (Total 41 min), 6 readings, 7 quizzes
6 videos
2.3 Effective Meeting Practices8m
2.6 Conference Calling4m
2.8 Future Tense Contractions5m
2.12 Writing Effective Summaries7m
2.14 Week 2 Review9m
6 readings
2.2 Vocabulary Preview: Meeting Management10m
2.4 Example: Agenda10m
2.10 The Future of Meetings10m
2.15 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Meeting Management10m
"A Conference Call in Real Life" - satire10m
Global Meeting Planner10m
6 practice exercises
2.5 Effective Meeting Practices18m
2.7 Conference Calling Strategies6m
2.9 Future Tense Contractions8m
2.11 Future of Meetings2m
2.13 Writing Effective Summaries8m
2.16 Week 2 Test30m

Week 3

5 hours to complete

领导与团队合作 Leading and Teaming

5 hours to complete
6 videos (Total 38 min), 7 readings, 6 quizzes
6 videos
3.3 Handling Interruptions8m
3.5 Conference Calling Tips for the Non-Native Speaker3m
3.7 Phrases to interrupt/Hold the floor5m
3.11 Infinitives and Gerunds8m
3.13 Week 3 Review6m
7 readings
3.2 Vocabulary Preview: Leading and Teaming10m
3.4 Amy Cuddy's TED Talk on "Power Posing"10m
3.9 Even More Phrases for Interruption and Clarification10m
3.14 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Leading and Teaming10m
The Lewis Model of Cultural Norms10m
Hofstede's Cultural Comparison Tool10m
Directions for Submitting Video/Audio10m
5 practice exercises
3.6 Communication Lesson Review14m
3.8 Phrases to interrupt/Ask for clarification6m
3.10 More Phrases for Interruption and Clarification4m
3.12 Infinitives and Gerunds8m
3.15 Week 3 Test26m

Week 4

5 hours to complete

规划、组织与委派 Planning, Organizing, and Delegating

5 hours to complete
7 videos (Total 54 min), 5 readings, 7 quizzes
7 videos
4.3 Writing Effective Emails9m
4.5 Communicating Status Reports7m
4.8 Business Communication/Concise Language8m
4.12 Reading Numbers13m
4.14 Week 4 Review: Part 16m
4.15 Week 4 Review: Part 25m
5 readings
4.2 Vocabulary Preview: Planning, Organizing & Delegating10m
4.6 Example: Status Report10m
4.10 Business Writing Tips-Changing Nouns to Verbs10m
4.16 Incomplete Status Report10m
4.17 Quizlet Vocabulary Practice: Planning, Organizing & Delegating10m
6 practice exercises
4.4 Writing Effective Emails16m
4.7 Communicating Status Reports10m
4.9 Business Communication/Concise Language8m
4.11 Changing Nouns to Verbs2m
4.13 Reading Numbers8m
4.18 Week 4 Test30m



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About the 商务英语课程 Business English Specialization

本专业化课程可作为商务英语导论,你将学到各项主题沟通,例如管理、财务和营销。你也将会写提案、执行摘要和营销数据。你也会学到所需的语言结构来召开会议、达到销售目标、以及和其他企业交易谈判。在总体计划案,你将用英文来应用这些技能来沟通和发表新产品,并确认商务执行部门使用多样化的语言能力工具,可实际运用在商务情境和各种的实用状况。 This Specialization serves as an introduction to Business English, where you will learn to communicate about topics such as management, finance and marketing. You will also write proposals, executive summaries, and marketing materials. You will also learn the necessary language structures to run a meeting, achieve sales, and negotiate other business transactions. In the Capstone Project, you will apply these skills to communicate and launch a new product in English, making sure that business executives have a variety of linguistic tools with practical applications in business scenarios in a variety of functional areas....
商务英语课程 Business English

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