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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Harnessing the Power of Data with Power BI by Microsoft

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About the Course

This course forms part of the Microsoft Power BI Analyst Professional Certificate. This Professional Certificate consists of a series of courses that offers a good starting point for a career in data analysis using Microsoft Power BI. In this course, you’ll learn about the role of a data analyst and the main stages involved in the data analysis process with a focus on applying them using Microsoft Power BI. After completing this course, you’ll be able to:   • Describe how data is produced and gathered in businesses and organizations.  • Outline the role of data in creating data-driven decisions and successful business outcomes.  • Classify key stages in the data analysis process.  • Recognize the skills needed by a Power BI analyst and the tools they use.  • List the tasks performed by a Power BI Data Analyst.  • Recognize the components of Power BI.  This is also a great way to prepare for the Microsoft PL-300 exam. By passing the PL-300 exam, you’ll earn the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification....

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Quality, relevant information. Poor introduction to PowerBI desktop intro to visualizations especially on assignment work.


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It is a must if you want to understand well the scope and limitations of a Data Analyst during the Data Analysis specialization

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By Mohamed E

Nov 30, 2023

I finished the Google Data Analyst course and I am working my way through the MS Power BI certification. Unfortunately, this course in the serious is not exactly useful. It feels like a glorified sales pitch with some useful information sprinkled in. You'd think a course named this way would have a lot of ways for you to use Power BI and explore it. Not the case, it is 10 minutes of use over 3 weeks at best. Yes, it is an introductory course, but I didn't expect not to use the tool and come out just like came into the course in terms of practical use of the tool. If you're looking for a course that teaches you how to use Power BI or its basics, this is not the course, I'd look elsewhere.

By Oleh B

Sep 10, 2023

First, the PI exercise download file was NOT a .pi file but a .docx file with incorrect data.

Second, there is too much theory that explains the same thing repeatedly.

Third, in the exercise where you need to analyze 3 Excel files, you don't explain how to use 'Text to Column,' yet you cover it in the exercise that follows."

By Chris B

Oct 5, 2023

Lots of fluff

By Lucie

Oct 22, 2023

Nearly useless. So far I have not learnt anything new in this specialization, and there has been no hands-on work with Power BI.

By Chindanai R

Jan 13, 2024

The course is way too lengthy than it should be. Some of the topics are so easy yet explain it so repetitively.

By Jose S G

Jan 30, 2024

It is unnecessary to do all that stuff to learn power bi. You should consider shortening it.

By Nowshad K T

Jan 30, 2024

Too much repetitive stuff, and the tests of multiple options should be improved. Because choosing 1 or 2 right answers counts as zero. Feels sometimes annoying

By Ana A

Oct 19, 2023

There is too much theory with little practice related to Power BI

By Nitin P

Oct 6, 2023

too basic.. have been waiting when we actually going to start the actual content

By Jay V

Sep 16, 2023

I felt that the course wasn't very thoughtfully made.

By Usama A

Jan 2, 2024

Shameless Quiz

By Steven G

Nov 5, 2023

I knocked off one star because this and the previous course for Power BI Certificate constantly marks you wrong by one more question than what you actually missed thus reducing your grade. Trying to solve the issue with Coursera results you being told to contact the provider which is Microsoft. Yeah right. Who? What department? Not investing time in that. Just going to continue to move forward.

By Zaw A

Nov 13, 2023

Video lessons have no interactivity for the student, no associated practise files. The practical exercises are limited, very rushed and expect student to actually learn by studying the Additional Resources sections, pathetic.

By I B

Jan 15, 2024

I did not enjoy the amount of trick questions and questions with three and four answers that were really quite poorly written. The course has poor examinations and it makes it unenjoyable.

By Javad G s

Jan 27, 2024

It's more like a series of promotional content rather than actual tutorial.

By C L

Jun 1, 2024

The course provides a comprehensive overview of data processing and the responsibilities of a data analyst. I found two specific areas particularly valuable: 1. Stakeholder Management: Understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of stakeholders is crucial before diving into the technical aspects of data analysis. Effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders ensure that the analysis aligns with their goals. 2. Dealing with Imperfect Data: In the real world, data is rarely perfect. Learning how to work with incomplete and inaccurate data is essential for any data analyst. Techniques for cleaning, imputing missing values, and handling outliers are vital skills.

By Mark A C P

Feb 15, 2024

Overall, the course likely played a pivotal role in highlighting the importance of data analysis for businesses and showcasing the potential of Microsoft Power BI as a powerful tool for enabling data-driven decision-making and maximizing the value of organizational data. I have gained insights into how data analysis can drive informed decision-making, identify trends, uncover patterns, and provide valuable insights into various aspects of business operations. It fascinates me to learn how effective data analysis can lead to competitive advantages, better customer understanding, and improved operational efficiency. Thank you #Coursera and #Microsoft for this Collaboration! 😉

By Luís B H

Mar 20, 2024

This course is a good introduction to explore the posibilities of data analysis and usind Power BI but you need to futher your knowledge and practice with more comprenhensive additional courses such as the whole series of courses to prepare for the MS Power BI Data Analyst Certificate.

By Induranga W

Nov 26, 2023

This course provides you an introduction to Power BI and Data analysis area. This course offers a step-by-step guide, ensuring it remains engaging with its excellent content. recommended for newcomers to the field...!

By Hermelinda P

Apr 26, 2024

Excelente, si su propósito es establecer una base sólida para la ruta de un analista de datos creo que lo lograron con este curso, es la puerta grande para entrar al mundo del análisis de datos

By Bimalkanti N

Jul 3, 2024

I will give 5 star. The way the course started at a very basic level and then reaching the main content to explain the subject is truly exceptional and appreciable. The enjoyed the learning.

By Carlos H

May 6, 2024

Its nice to get a detailed explanation of all the roles and processes of the data analyst. However, if you want to get a hands-on course you should go faster through it.

By Igwe M

Feb 6, 2024

Love the way the taking the course from first principle. This is one of the most detailed course I have taken on Coursera. Kudos to the team

By Abdul B

Dec 21, 2023

This module is the essential for exploring the features of power bi, learn to connect data sources and prepare the data using power bi

By David A S S

Mar 9, 2024

It is a must if you want to understand well the scope and limitations of a Data Analyst during the Data Analysis specialization