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Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service - Bachelor's
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Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service - Bachelor's

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Thomas Johnson

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What you'll learn

  • Building a virtual machine in the cloud

  • Navigating pitfalls of migrating workloads to the cloud such as cost implications, and time required to migrate data

  • Creating a serverless application that runs in the cloud

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There are 9 modules in this course

Welcome to Cloud: Infrastructure as a Service! This module is the beginning of the journey into Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and starts by exploring terminology used in cloud computing, the key components of IaaS and a high-level overview of the top three providers offerings.

What's included

11 videos5 readings4 assignments1 discussion prompt

There are three key concepts in cloud computing – Virtualization/Compute, Networking, and Storage. We take some time to dig deeper into each of these concepts and discuss the relationship of each to the cloud computing model.

What's included

10 videos4 readings4 assignments

Cloud computing is a game changer in terms of speed, automation, and efficiency when it comes to developing software. We will cover concepts that are only available in the cloud computing model and discuss why these concepts are a core component of modern software development.

What's included

8 videos4 readings4 assignments

Migrating workloads to the cloud take planning and there will likely be infrastructure that continues to exist in the enterprise. This module explores how to plan for a cloud migration, as well as a discussion about pricing models – using AWS as a sample model.

What's included

10 videos4 readings4 assignments

The key to a successful cloud computing implementation is the ability to manage and monitor cloud resources. We explore a few key resources to accomplish this along with a discussion of the importance of monitoring.

What's included

8 videos4 readings4 assignments

Security is a complex subject, and is a conversation that happens throughout the cloud computing model. We explore the threats to cloud computing along with an overview of the various products that help protect cloud computing resources. We take a look at a concept called “the Shared Responsibility Model” which is platform agnostic, but we review the model as described by AWS.

What's included

10 videos4 readings4 assignments

There are many inherent components of resiliency built into cloud computing, but understanding their nuance and knowing how to leverage them are key to the development of a solid business contingency plan. We look at a case study and various solutions provided by AWS.

What's included

9 videos4 readings4 assignments

Building out capability in the cloud requires a shift in thinking. This shift comes in the form of understanding how cloud native applications work and can be leveraged. We look at some real world examples of how large businesses are leveraging IaaS to deliver services to their customers.

What's included

5 videos4 readings4 assignments

This module contains the summative course assessment that has been designed to evaluate your understanding of the course material and assess your ability to apply the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course.

What's included

1 assignment


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