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Want to take the first steps to become a Web Developer? This course will help you discover the languages, frameworks, and tools that you will need to create interactive and engaging websites right from the beginning. You will begin by learning about the roles of front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers and how they work together on development projects. Through this, you will also become familiar with the terminology and skills needed in your career as a web developer. Next, you will explore the languages needed for developing websites or applications. You will gain a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS and learn how a combination of both technologies can help developers create the structure and style of their websites. Finally, you will learn how JavaScript can make your webpages dynamic with features that include interactive forms, dynamic content modification, and sophisticated menu systems. By learning the fundamentals of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript you will be able to combine them to: - create the basic structure of a website - create format and layout for web applications - enhance your website and create rich, interactive applications - increase user interactivity and enhance user experience - give your website a real wow factor! In this course you will practice what you learn with numerous hands-on labs. Lastly, you will complete a final project where you will create a webpage to showcase your skills and have a great addition to your portfolio!...

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JavaScript portion could be improved by adding more examples on implementing javascript on webpages


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I a 100% new to this world of html,css,javascript world . I am thankful for this challenging experience because it sparked my interest.

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By Saycred B D

Apr 23, 2024

On my way to completing the IBM The Front-End Developer Professional Certificate, I have been learning a ton and enjoying the journey until I got to this course. I was even looking forward to it but I felt that it did not cater to people who are absolutely beginners with absolutely no previous knowledge of coding. In the videos, quizzes and labs, concepts were launched into often skipping crucial "basic" level info, this was especially true in the Hands-on labs. I encountered more than a few moments of sheer frustration trying to figure things out on my own which I eventually did by sheer grit, determination and Google. It takes a very special type of teacher to teach a subject like coding to the masses, especially if those masses are coming from industries and fields that are outside of Computer Science. Also, knowing these three programs well is mandatory for this career. My suggestion to these instructors is to please "assume nothing" as you plan this course curriculum - explain things in baby steps and then every baby step in the most BASIC and CLEAR way possible and try, try very hard to make it fun and engaging - think "Coding for Kids" - I think then, this can be more beneficial to the learners. ALSO - the labs are very" glitchy" - multiple server errors, errors with not being able to save edits, screenshots were of outdated program versions, etc. It was just an extremely messy experience for me. I hope that you guys will review these comments (and the comments of other reviewers that I saw, that had similar feedback) and make the relevant changes.

By Beatriz D

Jun 22, 2024

I a 100% new to this world of html,css,javascript world . I am thankful for this challenging experience because it sparked my interest.

By Chirantha Y (

Mar 18, 2024

briefly teach great things in deep language.

By Sairam P

Jan 21, 2024

Thank you for your wonderful classes

By Meabdi B

Feb 25, 2024

Best cours for biginners i like it

By Mohamed L A

Jan 17, 2024

It is so beneficial and easy!

By Subramanya S

Jun 30, 2024



Feb 24, 2024

Very educative


Jul 8, 2024

very helpful

By Victor M C

Apr 30, 2024

Buen Curso

By Raquel L

Apr 7, 2024

Love it!!

By Robson P M

Dec 14, 2023


By Naveed U

Feb 9, 2024


By thiruppathi

Dec 17, 2023


By Kenesbaev A

Jul 9, 2024


By Adlai R I

Jul 12, 2024

Some parts of the modules feel like there is information missing, or you should know more than you actually do. Otherwise very good and informative course.

By Andre M

Jun 5, 2024

Overall good course and learned a lot. Some of the video explanations could have been a bit more simplified, but the study documentation made up for it..

By Nicholas O

Jun 17, 2024

Good material, but the JavaScript section is a little outdated. With ES6 let and const are now preferred over var.

By Rahul A

May 30, 2024

JavaScript portion could be improved by adding more examples on implementing javascript on webpages

By Mohamed A

Jul 6, 2024

Very good

By Solomon I (

Jan 24, 2024


By Anupam C

Jun 4, 2024

A Very Satisfying Experience

By Stergios N

Jun 27, 2024

The videos are informational and are a great resource for someone who hasn't touched a programming language in his life and wants to start now and learn. The final project though is a joke. Its more writing about a fictional person and less about building a website. Basically there is no building.

By Max E v E

Jul 4, 2024

Too much pressed into one course. If the whole course would have been set up like the final exam (praxis oriented with direct support) instead of only showing uncomprehensive videos, the course would have been helpful.

By Anthony A

May 1, 2024

Error messages in final project. No support. What a massive waste of time.