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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning by Edge Impulse

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About the Course

Machine learning (ML) allows us to teach computers to make predictions and decisions based on data and learn from experiences. In recent years, incredible optimizations have been made to machine learning algorithms, software frameworks, and embedded hardware. Thanks to this, running deep neural networks and other complex machine learning algorithms is possible on low-power devices like microcontrollers. This course will give you a broad overview of how machine learning works, how to train neural networks, and how to deploy those networks to microcontrollers, which is known as embedded machine learning or TinyML. You do not need any prior machine learning knowledge to take this course. Familiarity with Arduino and microcontrollers is advised to understand some topics as well as to tackle the projects. Some math (reading plots, arithmetic, algebra) is also required for quizzes and projects. We will cover the concepts and vocabulary necessary to understand the fundamentals of machine learning as well as provide demonstrations and projects to give you hands-on experience....

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Sep 23, 2021

Thanks for detailed and well introduced topics, I enjoyed this course. I had prior knowledge in neural networks but this course was awsome for introducting ML for microcontrollers.

Aug 10, 2021

As everybody says they go at a really fast pace, I had to watch like three times each video, but the content is really good and concise. Thanks to the sponsors and to the teacher

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By Nahas P

Jun 12, 2021

An excellent course to step into the world of embedded machine learning and TinyML. Despite being a 3 week course, it manages to fit in a lot of relevant content including ML basics, sensor data processing, and feature selection.

The instructors do a great job of clearly communicating the concepts without assuming any prior knowledge of Embedded Systems and Machine Learning. The teaching materials used are also top-notch and effective.


Apr 1, 2021

The Course is really Helpful for me. It just gave me a good and basic idea of where to start if i want to implement machine learning in the microcontroller.

By Rashad S

Mar 4, 2021

Very good arrange of topics and explain complex topics as simply as possible. Recommended course for anyone who needs to start in embedded machine learning.

By Stewart A

Feb 18, 2021

ML on embedded systems is an exciting and growing technology and business domain. This course is a great place to start learning about it.

By Mark D

Mar 4, 2021

Excellent course with great foundational knowledge about machine learning on edge devices using your smart phone and the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense for hands-on, real world, applications that are enabled on the Edge Impulse machine learning platform. Shawn did an excellent job putting together the course curriculum and presented a complete and comprehensive set of knowledge, including lectures given by Alexander on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and also information and 'labs' for students to complete that made it easy to apply the concepts taught in this course. I highly recommend this course using the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense for real world applications if you'd like to know what's under the hood of embedded IoT devices. 👍

By Matthew M

Mar 7, 2021

This is an exceptional introduction to machine learning on embedded devices.

The material covers all the bases and leaves you with a very good idea of what is involved. The use of Edge Impulse allows rapid prototyping of machine learning solutions so the course is able to walk you through two working examples, a movement gesture classifier and an audio keyword classifier, that you can deploy to either a mobile phone or an Arduino board. In addition two projects allow you to have a go for yourself.

Whilst the course doesn't delve too much into the heavy theory it does provide plenty of resources where you can look for additional information. It also includes a wealth of top tips that will help you with your ML projects.

By Daniel A A E

Aug 6, 2021

I consider as an amazing course for someone who does not know about Machine Learning, with the video classes and the reference lectures, it is possible to get a good introduction about a lot of important things that the machine learning science has to offer to solve different problems into industry and now-a-day need with the current and new technology that have today. With the EDGE IMPULSE platform is possible to work quickly with machine learning implementation and get a good practical idea about the potential that machine learning has to solve different problems, and understand the different concept that that science has.

By Zoltán S

Mar 22, 2021

This course was very useful. I am not new to Machine Learning and microcontrollers and have been developing tinyML models. I have even been playing with EdgeImpulse, but this course teaches you the whole machine learning data pipeline from data collection. through data cleaning, train/validation/test split, data augmentation, feature engineering, model creation, model training and tuning, fixing fitting problems and finally, deploying the solution to your hardware.

It helped me to see the process as a whole!

Thanks a lot!


May 30, 2021

This course dives you through the basic knowledge of embedded machine learning. The way instructor Shawn Heyml taught the course was just awesome. The most interesting thing about this course was that some concepts were taught by the experts in their respected domains. If you are looking for some new course in the embedded systems domain then this course is perfect for you. I would like to thank my instructor Mr. Shawn Heyml who have done great efforts to clear each and every concept through this course.

By Lee V

Aug 18, 2021

A very good intro to TinyML generally and its use in conjunction with Edge Impulse - also a bit of exposure to Google Colab.

Good things:- The practical work / examples were interesting and fun. The "further reading" material was interesting too.

Less good things:- The downloadable lecture notes leave a bit to be desired, but making notes during the lecture is easy enough. Getting the software (node.js, chocolatey etc) was harder work than anything on the course!

By Niko K

Nov 18, 2021

Even if a bit fast for people completely without a machine learning background, the topics in this well structured course are well chosen and explained in a way even someone like me would understand. The mix of theory and practice makes this course a nice experience you don't want to miss if you are interested in topics like machine learning, embedded systems, neural networks or audio classification.

By Arman S

Oct 13, 2021

T​he explanations are concise and clear, and there is no need for prior experience in machine learning, as the concepts are explained before they are used / deployed.

T​here are review questions at the end of videos and there are review quizzes to get a better grasp on the material. This type of attention to detail alongside the quality of the course material made this one of my all-time favorites.

By Tanmay S

Jul 6, 2021

V​ery informative and hands-on course for someone new to Embedded Machine Learning domain.

T​his best thing I liked about course is that you don't have to purchase any new embedded hardware. You can use your smartphone as a hardware and perform all experiments on it.

Thanks for creating this course, it really helped me in gaining knowledge of Embedded ML.

By Adrienne H

Oct 11, 2021

V​ery info packed but impactful overview of Machine Learning for Embedded systems, can't wait to review the materials again and begin to apply these ideas to my projects. I'm much more confident using Edge Impulse now as well. The follow along project videos were incredibly helpful for practical learning.

By phfbertoleti

Apr 28, 2021

Very good course! I've started this course having absolute zero knowledge about AI, machine learning and related stuff. Now, I can say I do know the basics of AI and machine learning, allowing (and encouraging) me to deep dive into these areas to make more and more interesting embedded systems projects..

By Prashant V P

Jul 31, 2021

Embedded ML made easy with EdgeImpulse. Good course for those who want a straightforward path into Embedded ML. The course is structured to get you started with all the valuable aspects of getting the ML on an Embedded System. I learnt a lot even though I had an ML course during my formal education.

By Ronald M

Mar 6, 2021

Shawn Hymal is an excellent instructor! This course was a great introduction to TinyML. I learned a lot about working with Edge Impulse. Building and deploying embedded machine learning applications is exciting. I am looking forward to courses using advanced microcontrollers and edge impulse.

By Chatterjee S

Apr 8, 2021

If you want to do a machine learning project using embedded systems and you need to start from the basics, this is the place you are looking for! I 110% recommend this course to all the beginners who want to learn ML, speaking from my personal experience.

By Artur L

Feb 16, 2021

Great course for ML beginners, like me! Not covering all the complex math behind but giving you a high level introduction. Showing what is possible with ML (and what is not). I especially liked the "Hands-on" training part based on Edge Impulse.

By Anilloy A F

Oct 4, 2021

The course is well organised. however, it would be welcomed if the reading slides included all information stated in video, the project and review as pdf, and the links of reading list in pdf for offline reference.

By Eram J

Mar 19, 2021

This course was very useful for me as I'm just starting in the field and was having trouble with more practical concepts. It was great that you took the time to clarify the things most likely to go wrong

By Shervin S

Sep 24, 2021

Thanks for detailed and well introduced topics, I enjoyed this course. I had prior knowledge in neural networks but this course was awsome for introducting ML for microcontrollers.

By Eduardo J L A

Aug 11, 2021

As everybody says they go at a really fast pace, I had to watch like three times each video, but the content is really good and concise. Thanks to the sponsors and to the teacher

By andrea g

Feb 19, 2021

even though I was already an edge impulse user, I learned a lot of things I didn't know thanks to this course. Special mention for Shawn as an excellent professor

By Ted N

Mar 15, 2021

The videos and supplemental materials were well-presented and very useful. The hands-on projects were the best for learning practical use of the concepts.