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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Introduction to Parallel Programming with CUDA by Johns Hopkins University

About the Course

This course will help prepare students for developing code that can process large amounts of data in parallel on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). It will learn on how to implement software that can solve complex problems with the leading consumer to enterprise-grade GPUs available using Nvidia CUDA. They will focus on the hardware and software capabilities, including the use of 100s to 1000s of threads and various forms of memory....
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By David H

Nov 11, 2022

Not a bad course, but it could be so much better. On the positive side, I learned quite a bit about CUDA programming. Although I have dabbled with it in the past - learning on my own - a structured course introduced me to areas such as using the different types of memory effectively.

However, I found the course very trying at times. First, some of the lessons appear out of order in the overview window on the left. On several occasions, discussion of a programming assignment appeared AFTER the programming assignment. If you take this course, watch out for that. Sometimes, the discussions are useful.

My second major criticism is in the content of the lessons themselves. On very few occasions is there any discussion of the objective of the programming assignment. Not only does one have to figure out how to do the assignment, one has to figure surmise the objective of the assignment, i.e., "what is this program supposed to do?". This is not clear at all in may cases. Obviously, one can figure all this out after some very unnecessary frustration - I did - but it's so unnecessary and should not be a factor in a course offered by a major institution such as Johns Hopkins.

Finally, I saw very little attention from the teacher or an assistant to questions that appeared in the discussion forums. The teacher answered a couple of questions, but most go unanswered. From the sparsity of the discussions, I suspect that very few people take this course.

I'm going to look around for other sources of training before continuing with the other two courses. If I can find it elsewhere, I will certainly go there first.

By mansour a

Sep 16, 2022

Require enhancements in terms of video and slides contents

By Artur K

Jan 6, 2023

Don't expect to get much out of this course. The material is full of errors, both trivial and technical. It is abundantly clear that quality was not a first order concern when this course was created. You'll get significantly more correct information perusing other CUDA learning resources.

That said, the course has one saving grace and that is that for labs and assignments you get access to Coursera's hosted programming environments which in this case include a GPU instance that you can use to learn on your own. Those hosted environments work really well - kudos to the Rhyme team for that!