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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress by Yale University

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Developed by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to understand and manage their emotions and those of their students. The 10-hour online course is designed for school staff, including teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, principals, and non-teaching staff in preK-12 schools....

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Jan 19, 2021

Really helpful for anyone who interacts with others. I took this course to help with social emotional needs of my students but it's really helping the social emotional needs of my family too!

Jan 5, 2021

Multimodal learning format was very engaging with stimulating activities to help connect with the material and promote professional growth and introspection.

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By Deborah T

Jan 5, 2021

Managing Emotions was so helpful in many areas. Personally I was able to climb over some obstacles that have been pushing me down and felt tethered too. This program also gives insight in many areas along with the readings that are offered. One example of many when a child has a behavior and is acting out throwing things, we are quick to label "Mad" instead we should recognize. "Behavior doesn't equal emotion". When you label the emotion for someone, it is confusing to them and boxes them into something you have labeled them as. Remember their limitations and we are still learning a new vocabulary of words our self. The videos were just enough time, and reflecting our thoughts helped to recognize how, "maybe you are an emotional scientist" This program was done in a way that if you follow it through, you will take something from it, and grow in a positive direction along with helping those that are struggling with their emotions and feelings.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn Managing Emotions in times of Uncertainty & Stress. It works for now and later times.



By Nicola S A

Dec 16, 2020

I feel that this course reaffirms what the school as a whole is trying to do. Agreed that this year has been a crazy one. Who knows what 2021 will bring. If we all remember that each one of us responds differently to any given situation and that none of these reactions are right or wrong but just the way you are able to deal with it. All need to show respect for the others. I believe in the face of adversity we as a school community have been drawn closer together. The teachers are doing an amazing job with the hybrid model of learning and teaching opt out students at the same time. It reminds me of the saying "if you want something done, ask a busy person" GREAT JOB, REALLY ENJOYED THE COURSE

By Christine H

Dec 23, 2020

This course has changed my life so much and come at a time when I most need it for my personal life as well as my work life. I have learnt so much and with the Action Plans I will be able to follow through with what I have learnt. This was indeed a good course ad it has helped me socially and emotionally to manage my relationships at home and work. Well done Yale. Thank you for helping me to help myself.

By C. M

Dec 19, 2020

This was an extremely relevant and valuable tool for me as a professional and as a person in general. The concepts that were presented were culturally and chronologically relevant, research-based, authentic, and presented in such a way as to harness the interest of the learners while keeping them wanting more. I think that this may truly be one of the best PDs on SEL I have ever taken.

By Jessica S

Jan 8, 2021

The emotional scientist section and the RULER overview are two key components that truly hit home. This course is not difficult but it is extremely impactful! I highly recommend this course to any educator or business person working with others and needing to understand multiple perspectives.

By Mandy H

Jan 10, 2021

Highly recommend this incredible course. Thank you for making it so accessible to educators globally as we all experience these times of uncertainty and stress. I feel more equipped to deal with what lies ahead and I'm excited to share my learnings with my colleagues, family and friends.

By Frank A

Jan 15, 2021

The course was properly and purposefully designed. It had practical approach to solving problems. I have learned practical skills including best ways of regulating my emotions. Many thanks to the course designers.

By Florian B

Dec 31, 2020

Excellent course on learning how to handle one's own emotions as well as social situations with peers or students. I absolutely appreciate the RULER approach and want to see it trained in schools and organizations.

By Valentina A

Jan 1, 2021

Incredibly useful and important information for you and your students regarding emotions. The course is engaging, and offered in small chunks so that it will easily fit into your busy schedule. Well done!

By Janine G

Jan 6, 2021

Multimodal learning format was very engaging with stimulating activities to help connect with the material and promote professional growth and introspection.

By Brenda M

Jan 15, 2021

I read the book Permission to Feel, but the course helped solidify the key points and takeaways from the book by videos and short readings and articles.

By James B

Dec 17, 2020

Excellent course, really interesting concepts, great tools, templates and frameworks which you can practically apply. Very glad I took the course.

By Leah T

Dec 10, 2020

Very insightful!

This class went beyond the curriculum, and implemented mental health practices and self-assurance in my daily routine!

By Mark K

Dec 31, 2020

The course helped me get more deeply in touch with myself which I know can only help me get more deeply in touch with my students.

By Nida B

Dec 18, 2020

With gratitude and gratitude for gathering social and emotional learning in this 8-week course and offering it to the teachers.

By Susanne M

Jan 2, 2021

Excellent course. It gave me food for thought and I paused during some important, heated moments and made different choices.

By Amber C [ H

Jan 4, 2021

Great course that is well organized with daily exercises, ideas, and tools that every person can use. Thank you!

By Kristina

Jan 18, 2021

This course is fantastic. It learns how to deal with your and others emotions. To help yourself and others.

By Mary B C

Jan 2, 2021

I breezed through this course enjoying every minute of the content!

Thank you, May You Be Happy!

By Sue M

Jan 19, 2021

This is a great course that gives a plethora of hands on tools to utilize in our daily work.

By L M

Dec 11, 2020

My principal encouraged all faculty to register for the course. I completed it yesterday!

By Bernadette N

Dec 30, 2020

Really good course and it is well put together!

Thanks a lot for the free course Yale!

By David H

Dec 30, 2020

very good information, would like to see a list of go to items that are possible to use in the classroom to use daily.

this would be most helpful for me.

By Keiko S

Jan 25, 2021

I am very happy to complete this course. I am a Japanese and a school counselor and a clinical psychologist. At elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, I give lessons of Anger Management (emotional education) to the children, students, teachers and parents. I have been giving lessons of Anger Management for more than 10 years. The elementary school and junior high schools using the text which we made are gradually increasing in Japan. I have been interested in your work before. This time, I wanted to take this course very much. The contents in the each section are the same when I give a lesson. I could say OK to what I have been doing. But I am thinking there are so many things that I want to learn from Yale Center Emotional Intelligence. I would like to keep studying from now on. To tell the truth, it took much time to read and listen to this course' content, looking up the words in the electronic dictionary. Because all English! That's why it took time to complete this course. But I did it! What I learned in this course is very helpful for my work. Thank you very much for all of you. In the future, I would like to visit you at Yale center Emotional Intelligence in the future.

By Karen M

Jan 20, 2021

Really helpful for anyone who interacts with others. I took this course to help with social emotional needs of my students but it's really helping the social emotional needs of my family too!