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About the Course

Design for manufacturing is the process of designing parts, components, or products with the understanding surrounding design requirements for a specific manufacturing method. This course explores the design for manufacture workflow and shows how to validate models and create the G code, the programming language needed to instruct the CNC machine on how to move. We practice the basics of part and assembly design, and tools such as animation, rendering, and simulations using Autodesk Fusion 360. We learn the basics in each of these areas which are to be fully developed in later courses that apply these principles and Fusion 360 skills. After taking this course, you'll be able to: - Explain the design to manufacturing process used to take a digital model to a physical part through CNC programming. - Summarize the toolset available in Fusion 360. - Demonstrate knowledge and skills in Fusion 360 applying design and manufacturing workflows to take digital parts to physical prototypes. Looking for Autodesk Fusion 360 certification prep courses? Check out additional learning resources to help you uplevel your skills:

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Oct 22, 2021

This course has given me an overall idea of how things are created and designed as a mechanical engineer. The respected instructors of Autodesk have provided an in depth understanding of the field.


Feb 4, 2022

It is a very useful course for the people who want to learn from scrath as its one of the reuired skill in the market for desighning and its most important softawre related to the core engineering

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By Deleted A

Oct 28, 2020

A great experience While learning this course.....This course gives the Detailed Explanation About Mechanical engineering and manufacturing process...It gives the information about the Advanced Technology being used in the Industries for Manufacturing the products...I have clear idea about fusion 360 software and its use in manufacturing technology..By learning this course i'm able to use Fusion 360 very friendly...Thank you

By Omkar P K

Nov 16, 2020

This Course Is Very Helpful And Beneficial For Me To Improve My Skills, I Learned Lot From This Course That How CAD CAM CAE ( Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Machining, Computer Aided Engineering) Actually Works And Also Understand That How To Design A Model With Processing. These Course Is Very Helpful And Beneficial For Those Who Want To Work As A Mechanical Design Engineer.....

By Luvai D

Jul 25, 2021

Mechanical Engineering being my passion I was naturally attracted to this course, the course is concise though quite basic but an essential part in order to learn a new software. With practical aspects touched in each lecture the course is quite interesting and definitely highly recommended for all mechanical engineers and people interesting in this field.

By Chaitanya T

Jul 29, 2021

Great introductory course, it has introduced the basic tools used in Fusion 360. I am very excited to go further and learn more such skills. I will highly recommend this course for beginners who want to explore the CAD software and a must course for mechanical engineer. Thank You AutoCad for conducting such an informative course with hands on experience.

By Meshaa S

Jun 12, 2023

It absolutely a great experince though it need someone with prior knowledge to Fusion 360. The content was greatly structured though it doesn't consider the option of those who are using the cloud version of Fusion 360. It assumes the learners all have desktop fusion 360 software which is not very true to some of us like me.

By James A

Dec 19, 2022

Coursera is the best learning platform in the world. I really enjoyed this course. It was well organized, detailed, simple to understand.

I want to say a big Thank you to Coursera and Autodesk for this great opportunity that was provided for learners across the globe to sharpen their skills in Mechanical Engineering.

By Zergot K

Dec 2, 2020

It was very interesting and understandable. All videos are short and not boring. Since the program itself at the beginning of use is easy and quickly digestible, but in the end, it creates a lot of questions. Such as: why? How ? were to use this. But thank you very much for your work. Great speaker and teacher.


Aug 7, 2020

A great course for beginners in this domain. Basic ideas were captured really nicely and a lot of aspects are covered with simplicity starting from sketching to modelling, rendering, animation, analysis and manufacturing and simulation. A very good learning experience and looking for the courses ahead.


Jul 15, 2020

I have learned many things from this course.Yes a lots of basic knowledge that helps me to understand of basic design.After doing this course my love for design increased a lot.Thanks to AUTODESK for their help to achieve us knowledge and special thanks to COURSERA for providing this course in free

By Samip S K

Jul 2, 2020

From this course you can gain basic knowledge of Fusion 360. It is best course for beginners of Fusion 360. I am also new to Fusion 360 but because of this course now I found interest in Fusion 360. Every one from Mechanical must go from this course for clearing basic concept about Fusion 360.


Jul 20, 2020

Me encantó, es un curso que si le dedicas suficiente tiempo puedes acabarlo en una semana, como fue mi caso. Hubo cosas (las más básicas de dibujo) que ya sabía por la carrera, pero el profundizar más en todas las opciones que te ofrece el programa, aunque sea lo básico, es muy bueno.

By Mustafa B

Sep 8, 2020

I really thanks a lot. Because the course very effective and helpful about Fusion 360. I learned Fusion360 in this course. Before this I didnt know about this tools. But this course beginner level so every tools or command cant shown thats why you should develop yourselves.

By Nbyak D

Oct 9, 2023

This course has just hit the nail on the head for a course of it's topic. It's not a surprise the producers took it as the standard depicts excellence from expertise. I'm privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you coursera. Well-done Autodesk.


Sep 9, 2020

Excellent course on Coursera for begineers in mechanical stream. I am very glad to know Coursera. Good quality and clear explanation on basics of Autodesk Fusion360. After the course I have basic skills on 3D design, 3D modeling , Autodesk Fusionn360, Model simulation.

By Pratap B

Aug 1, 2020

I was completed "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Fusion 360" course on Coursera powered by Autodesk and learn several things on fusion 360 in manufacturing Environment. This is very good course to learn fusion 360 from beginning.

By Sarabjot S

Aug 24, 2020

The course is satisfying its name "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing with Fusion 360". Its an great course for freshers in designing and it covers all of the workspaces available in Fusion 360. Every beginner should do this course

By Amukun J

Mar 10, 2020

One the best ways to learn Fusion 360 from scratch ( along with a few online tutorials , which are always fun ) . If you already have some experience with Fusion 360 , then it can't hurt to make it official with this course. Would highly recommend to a friend.

By lawrence m

Oct 23, 2020

This course was great! I already enrolled for the specialization of this and hoping to finish them all, gain knowledge and help me to easily use my fusion 360 software :D . All the Discussion every week are Very informative and helpful :). thankyou so much.


Aug 26, 2020

Awesome Course. I was Zero in designing due to lack of basics fundamentals of Design. But after learning concepts of designing through this course- Now i am able to design some components. Thanks to Coursera Team for giving me a great exposure to learn.

By mfehlers

Jul 7, 2020

Excellent intro to Fusion - a lot of material covered. Into to topics not usually covered in beginner or intermediate courses. Fast-paced but concise and informative. Helps to copy lectures and replay on a second screen when stepping through lessons.

By Daniel D D J

Feb 26, 2023

Como primer curso introductorio del programa especializado ofrecido por la plataforma me parece un excelente curso, bastante conciso pero completo a la vez, es uno de los mejores cursos para comenzara sumergirte en el mundo del diseño CAD/CAM/CAE.

By Rana B

Oct 13, 2021

This course is very special for me because from a long time I want learn Fusion 360. Coursera provide me this course free with certification under financial aid. I'm Thankful to Coursera and Autodesk to give me an opportunity to learn this course.

By Raghava P

May 9, 2021

I am mechanical engineering student from India .I really loved the course, it was well designed and has covered all the basics of fusion 360 software. Thanks to the teacher for content delivery at good pace and explaining concepts in detail!!

By Anis E A

Jun 12, 2022

This course is excellent. If one learns the material, he/she can easily find a good paying employment. Also, this is definitely one of the best prepared and presented courses I have taken on Coursera. The instructor did a nice job! Thanks.

By Juan S Q V

Oct 28, 2020

The course is excellent on a first approach to the program and the different skills meant to be used on it, the only thing I would improve is the quality of the videos, because they seem a little blurry when are watched on fullscreen.