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About the Course

Modern Art & Ideas is designed for anyone interested in learning more about modern and contemporary art. You will look at art through a variety of themes, including Places and Spaces, Art and Identity, Transforming Everyday Objects, and Art and Society. Each week kicks off with a video that connects key works of art to the theme. You’ll also have access to interviews with artists, designers, and others who speak about their materials, processes, and sources of inspiration. Through the discussion forum prompts you will also have the opportunity to connect with other learners and explore how these themes resonate with you....

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Jan 14, 2018

It has been a very wonderful course. I love the museum as a cultural space and now I love it more for its commitment to online education and giving us the opportunity to learn in different countries.


Jun 7, 2020

Really enjoyed this course! Well organized/developed, and even for a museum buff, like me, offered great ideas, and perspectives in ‘looking’ and ‘understanding’ art, and particular artist’s process.

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By Natalia B

Feb 23, 2020

I really enjoyed this course and everything I learned from it. Definitely gave me a new perspective about modern art and how to read it, analyze it and contemplate it. I am very happy I went through it all the way, this is an amazing achievement for me.

By Loven P

Dec 28, 2020

The course is optimized for non-arts major but with creative mindsets. I love how credible the instructors were and how elaborate MoMA has taught Art History and Art Direction through opening every learner's eyes on art appreciation and interpretation.

By Anna K

Aug 3, 2020

Very interesting and amazing course. The artworks follow the logic of the theme, there are very engaging assignments. The only I didn't like that the website isn't adapted for the final assignment (curate a set of images). Everything else was perfect!

By ellena g

May 20, 2020

A course providing inspiration as also a quite rich and in depth knowledge about modern art and contemporary artists . I feel that I have gotten a good ground to further explore and understand as also enjoy modern art after completing the course .

By Tiago B L

Feb 7, 2024

I took this course to open my mind and appreciate others creativities and tried to pick a bit of it. I found it really important to my as I am an Engineer and never learn about it, maybe with luck, I could learn a bit of their out of the box thoughts.

By Hannah M

Oct 27, 2020

I really enjoyed completing this course! I learned about new artists I have never heard of before, and discovered a deeper understanding of artists I have studied in the past. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in art history!

By Kathryn M

May 24, 2020

This was something very different for me, but I found it really interesting. I liked the interactive nature of the course and the chance to share ideas with others. I've learned a great deal and really enjoyed reflecting on the different works of art.

By Donna R

Jun 13, 2019

I found this course stimulating and informative honing critical thinking skills and visual interpretations of art. I was motivated by the instructor to further reading in several areas and discovered some "new to me" artists and works. Great course!

By mona e

Sep 26, 2018

I loved this course and benefited greatly and loved the art more and learned new things about the look of the artist and the look of the recipient of all kinds of arts Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the presentation of this course

By Gabriela D

Aug 10, 2019

Absolutely loved the way the course is constructed, very professional, very insightful, kept my attention until the end. Definitely developed my interest for modern art and gave me first knowledge and passion to learn more! I recommend it very much!

By Francisco L

Jul 7, 2019

This course not only educates but opens the mind and teaches to look at the artworks from an ampler perspective. From my point of view, this is a course perfectly designed to open the minds of the students. Thank you. I'm waiting for a second course

By Georgeta L

Jul 12, 2020

This course made me understand modern art better, it helped me get out of my comfort zone and think about ideas for assignments. The only thing that I would like, is to be more assignments graded by peers or instructors, which is really helpful.

By Clarissa A

Sep 27, 2022

The course was beyond my expectations. I'm sure I improved my look at various aspects, works and artists presented. I loved the quality of the videos and the narration. Thanks for the subtitles in Portuguese. I hope to take new courses at MoMA.

By Ngan N

Dec 26, 2021

I'm very happy with the knowledge I've learned throughout the course. This course provided a basic knowledge about comtemporary art and changed my view on art. It also provides a large amount of reading material, very useful for learning more.

By meryann a

Nov 10, 2018

Me gusto muchisimo este curso, me encante el arte y aprender a cómo entender el arte es lo que más me ha gustado, el arte es subjetivo y puede estar en todo lo que nos rodea pero siento que ahora la puedo interpretar de una manera más completa.

By Anthony P

May 6, 2020

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of critical thinking required by this course. I was expecting to have to provide more subjective review of abstract art and surreal art, but instead I found I could be more objective than I'd expected.

By Tiara S T

Feb 20, 2023

I love all of this theme, i hope it could deeper! All of the assignments was super fun and triggering new ideas of me. As a non-english speaker, this course is clear and distinct. Maybe some of the terms was advanced, but, overall it's great!

By Ashley R

May 16, 2020

This course was great! It gave a really good overview of a lot of themes in modern art and provided great peices to dive further into that theme. Definitely would recommend on taking this course if you're interested in art or are new to art.

By Qinghai H

Jun 26, 2017

This course provides an unique angel in explaining contempopary art. It is very helpful in that it uses many representative pieces of arts in conveying the concepts, and it provides additonal resources if you want to know more. I enjoyed it.

By Miriam s g

Oct 27, 2020

Loved it! I've learnt many things and new artists for me. This course arrived to me in the most difficult moment of my life, and have brought me a lot of happiness and illusion. Thank you MoMA! For sure, i would repeat it a thousand times.

By Kavita D

Aug 3, 2020

It was wonderful! The format in small videos and short readings kept the pace, and never allowed interest to wane. I was excited and looking forward to the next part, and am sorry it ended. Congratulations, great job with this course plan.

By Ana T

Jan 20, 2021

This is an amazing course that makes one question his own personality, values, society and surroundings.It also provides a valuable lesson of taking a better look on small everyday things that at one point can become a masterpiece of art.

By Ladislav S

Dec 6, 2017

Really nice course materials with a different way of looking at Art studies than I was used to. Lecture is divided into themes rather than different "isms" on a timeline. I enjoyed this approach much more and highly recommend the course.

By Nishan N

May 24, 2021

I love the content, but this course was not for me.

It is a personal choice, the course is great.

Great flow of information, great videos! I highly recommend for those who are in the filed of art or simply wants to boost their creativity!

By Daisuke S

Feb 14, 2024

Interesting and good to expand your own horizons. Every artist has a different concern and a different way of expressing themselves. But everyone wants to reach and touch the viewer. Mine is this: