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About the Course

This is the eighth and final course in the Google Cybersecurity Certificate. Together, these eight courses will equip you with the skills you need to apply for an entry-level cybersecurity job. In this course, you will focus on making decisions and escalating incidents to stakeholders. You'll develop the communication and collaboration skills needed to inform and influence stakeholders within an organization. In addition, you'll explore how to ethically operate as a cybersecurity professional. You'll discover how to engage with the cybersecurity community, explore jobs in the cybersecurity field, and complete practice interviews. You'll also write a resume and cover letter to prepare for applying and interviewing for jobs in cybersecurity. Google employees who currently work in cybersecurity will guide you through videos, provide hands-on activities and examples that simulate common cybersecurity tasks, and help you build your skills to prepare for jobs. Learners who complete this certificate will be equipped to apply for entry-level cybersecurity roles. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Determine when and how to escalate a security incident. - Explain how having an ethical mindset supports a cybersecurity professional's ability to protect assets and data. - Communicate sensitive information with care and confidentiality. - Use reliable sources to remain current on the latest cybersecurity threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and tools. - Engage with the cybersecurity community. - Find and apply for cybersecurity jobs. - Prepare for job interviews....

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loved the video where i saw all my instructors congratulating me it was nostalgic, it felt so real like i had met them all in person. I know i will make them proud i totally enjoyed the couse


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This course was very practical with many tips and skills to use in applying for, interviewing and having the confidence to work in cybersecurity

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By Mark L H

Aug 16, 2023

I found the material engaging and the presentations well given. I would have enjoyed a bit more technical instruction and some tougher labs, but I was a professional programmer in the past, so that makes sense. Perhaps extra coding and analysis could be offered as add-ons or non-required options.

I was rather impressed with how far the course prepared me for the CompTIA Security+ exam. Of course, one would expect to have to do more work to sit successfully for the test, but I was so much further along that I thought I might be before I even started my test prep. The first few practice exams I took were surprisingly easy; I knew 70-80% of the answers, even without reviewing the Google material.

I am very grateful for this course and would recommend it without reservation. And that's pretty high praise from a 58 year-old with a doctoral degree (or, at least, it was intended as high praise). Thank you for the education and the opportunities that I know will rise from it.



By souhail a

Aug 10, 2023

Lots of professional advice on how to tailor your resume and apply for security related jobs. Even a recruiting manager gave his insights in this course. Many thanks!

By Syrick G

Aug 25, 2023

This last course was really amazing!! This course really helps me to prepare for any cybersecurity role. I enjoyed the topic about engaging with the security community. The course also provided great assistance on how to find, apply for and prepare for job interviews. For me, it was an extra mile for Google to do this. 

I will definitely recommend to my friends, my colleagues and to anyone to take this Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate course. I don’t have any regrets taking this course. In fact, this course gave me confidence to seek a new learning opportunity. 

I’m really grateful to Google for creating this course through Coursera that will help me in the near future. Thank you to all the instructors. This course really motivated me to be a cybersecurity analyst. 

By Michael B

Oct 23, 2023

Exceptional. Really enjoyed a lot of the course lessons and especially the integrated labs. Google instructors are top notch. They are able to clearly and simply explain complex topics and make learning fun and easy. I especially liked how the course flipped between short videos, to readings, and then over to labs. This helped keep my attention while working through the course material. Thanks Google and Coursera! I learned a lot!

By Kondwani L

Jul 7, 2023

I highly recommend the Google Cybersecurity Certificate on Coursera to anyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity or looking to expand their knowledge in the field. The program's hands-on approach, comprehensive curriculum, and industry-relevant skills make it an excellent choice for individuals seeking practical and effective cybersecurity training.

By idriss j

Jun 19, 2023

This course offers the most comprehensive content available in the market, featuring exceptional labs and exercises. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and deliver the material with great clarity and focus. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the 8 courses and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in this industry.

Thank you all.

By leslie t

Mar 4, 2023

Great Course! This course helps you prepare to enter the career field of a cybersecurity analyst by tying everything you learned from previous courses together. It also gives you the tools, knowledge, resources, and practice that you will need to help you secure a job in this field.

By aqeel n

Jun 21, 2023

I would like to thank Coursera and team who enable us to learn courses about any skills and programs with free access and with verified Certificate. I will be nearly taking more courses if I get financial assistant from Coursera and sponsored institutions.

Thank You


By James K

Feb 28, 2023

This is a very broad course that provides a simple and clear introduction to the aspects of being in a security role , that are often not covered in courses. A lot of the content is also relevant to being in any technical role and working out how to grow in that role

By Ismael S

Jun 12, 2023

This course allowed me to learn a lot of new information related to cybersecurity! It aided my pre-existing knowledge in a decent way and allowed me to think of security incidents in a different way.

By Andreja Š

Mar 5, 2023

I think the course is well defined. It gives a beginner at cybersecurity the opportunity to navigate his future. It gives advice which way to choose and where to find additional held and advice.

By Fraskie

May 20, 2024

I've been studying for my CompTIA Security+ and this course covers a ton of material that has been helpful in helping me learn about the cyber security field. Highly suggest it to everyone!

By Faith S

Apr 13, 2024

Wonderful program, exceeded my expectations. The layout was very user friendly. The course was better designed than online college courses I took for my masters.

By carl r

Jul 20, 2023

liked a lot, there was a bunch of things that I learned that I didn't know.

Many, many thanks for these oportunity.

Till next time, my very best regards

By Trist I

Jun 22, 2023

Good course for everybody to look for a career change to become a Cyber Security Analyst

By indra b

Aug 25, 2023

Thanks for this course

By Ryker D

Aug 30, 2023


By Ricky B

Sep 3, 2023

Excellent Course

By Ben G

Jan 3, 2024

This introductory CS course was quite informative. While there was mention of a job board for certificate completers, it's important to note that the information I read did not clarify its exclusive availability to individuals located in the United States.

By lewis g

Apr 3, 2024

nice overview of the field of cybersecurity, not sure how ready I feel for security+ after just taking this course alone.

By Wing C

Sep 28, 2023

The course is great, but most "entry-level" positions require experience.

By Mary B S

Jul 18, 2023

There were a couple of items that need some improvement. All of the portfolio and other activities like that need better preparation by way of a lecture or reading directly exploring the different sections and the tasks. It should highlight the things that are to be included and perhaps give an example. It would have also been really helpful to see an example final portfolio with all of the elements we worked on included. The instructions for these needed work and the templates could also use improvement, they were awkward to use. There were some odd grammatical constructions in a few of the quiz questions that caused me to get them wrong. I would have selected the correct answer had they been worded accurately. The one that comes to mind was the quiz that included job interview questions. There was a question that went something like, you are at an interview using the STAR method you have just described the situation, what would you do next. The correct answer as it turns out is use the STAR method. Since the question gave the information that the job applicant was using the STAR method, so an answer to what would you do next of Use the STAR method is redundant and weird. There are other examples from other quizzes, I think they just need more testing. The final section on finding a job was not helpful to me because I have been working as a professional for over 30 years, and been out of work for a year, doing many forms of job hunting. I felt like that section as presented would have only benefited first time job seekers. I won't go into the Interview Warm-up tool, but it was about as bad as any "learning tool" can get. It was so bad I almost threw up my hands. It was never clear that we could hop back and mark as completed. I also was hoping for more information targeted to the field of cybersecurity. Providing interviews with hiring managers, and new job seekers would have been much more helpful. Otherwise I thought the course was well designed, there was a great balance between video and reading presentation of the information.

By Mir a

Jan 19, 2024

Not sure what makes a Prep for a job interview so special that it needs to be part of a CyberSecurity training. Would be good as a training on the side for people how need/want it. Personally I would have preferred a module with real life examples to analyse and apply/review learned techniques then this.

By Christine O

Aug 1, 2023

so much reading and less understanding

By Robert T

Feb 6, 2024

The previous 7 courses in the program do a good job of instructing in the fundamentals and teaching skills associated with the Cybersecurity field. This course is akin to hiding the ending (in this case your completion certificate) behind unnecessary DLC. It offers generic, remedial information for job seekers, which may be useful to high school level students or someone who has never applied for a professional job, but ultimately is an unnecessary time waste for anyone with minimal professional experience. The lengths it goes to justify itself with quizzes and videos about to use a job search website are enough of an indictment to see that this should be a supplemental appendix for students and in no way a paid course as part of the certificate program.