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This course forms part of the Microsoft Power BI Analyst Professional Certificate. This Professional Certificate consists of a series of courses that offers a good starting point for a career in data analysis using Microsoft Power BI. No prior skills are needed to be successful in this course. In this course, you’ll learn how to make use of Excel in business scenarios for data analysis. You’ll also learn how to utilize formulas and functions for data analysis.  Specifically, this course will help you gain knowledge and skills for preparing data for analysis using Microsoft Excel and take you one step closer to becoming a Microsoft Power BI Analyst.  After completing this course, you’ll be able to:  • Create data in Microsoft Excel and prepare it for data analysis.  • Make use of common formulas and functions in a worksheet.  • Prepare Excel data for analysis in Power BI using functions. ...

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Great course for introductory analysis, would love if they included =VLOOKUP as a lot of employers ask for this particular function but not taught here


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Have loved using all the information. The best was giving excel spreadsheets. It was really helpful in practical applications.

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Aug 29, 2023

A real waste of time...While it was supposed to be preparation for Power BI, the course was focused on very basic principles of Excel. The worst interaction regarding the exercises as you had to descriptively describe the steps you would follow in excel. I hope the next courses will be more interesting and have more useful exercises and tests.

By Oleksii S

Sep 4, 2023

Mid course. Macquarie University has much better course. With good tests and interesting practical exersices.

By Nitin P

Oct 6, 2023

too basic. course is purely meant for someone who is using Excel for the first time.

By Saloria S

Sep 24, 2023

This was pretty good, pretty good. I'm glad Microsoft came out with this certifications, especially the many changes in technology. And also, the instruction was great!

By Greg O

Sep 1, 2023

I found it really refreshing. With questions that provoked analytical thinking.


By Jay V

Sep 16, 2023

This course did not live up to my expectations.

By Travis S

Aug 31, 2023

Google courses are much better.

By Derrick W

Sep 12, 2023

Coursera has better and easier to understand instruction than any other learning platform that I have used, which have been a few.

The plain language video teaching examples combined with the exercises, quizzes, and assessments helps to re-enforce the knowledge gained.

To all of the people that make this possible: thank you. I feel that I am on the way to change.

To all of the learners: your courage is calling you and your discipline will be your destiny.

By Joe L

Oct 11, 2023

I enjoyed how efficiently the course moved along. The course allows for you to grasp the material/skills with relevant exercises and quizzes. On to the next one!

By Chris D

Sep 11, 2023

Solid introduction to Excel. The videos were good. But the tests and quizzes are just bad, bad, bad.

By Usama

Sep 3, 2023

There are so many typo mistakes in course content and final assessment

By Marko B

Sep 11, 2023

There is too much talking and to little to actually practice. A lot of unnecessary quiz questions are more easily learned through actual practice.

By Philipp B R O

Sep 11, 2023

Extremely basic stuff. At the same time often not the right tools for the job. Some errors in test questions. Focused on US-American localization.

By Abubakar I

Dec 7, 2023

This course is amazing specially for the absolute beginners. The video lectures gives you brief intro about the topic and after that assignment helps you to understand the concept better. Almost every topic covered in the course have an assignment activity which makes the course more interactive and you'll not get bored.

By Mayon W

May 22, 2024

When starting this course I thought I know these functions and the things but when doing I realized I only new 60% of the programs and some function went it deep good one

By Faithful O

Sep 6, 2023

The course is very systematic and understandable. As a learner, I wish there was a pdf document of all the things taught in this course.

By Sriram N

Sep 16, 2023

The course is ideal for those interested in pursuing careers in data analysis. Thanks to Microsoft and Coursera.

By Berke F

Sep 24, 2023

I think the course structure is good and the lessons are very clear, but there were a couple of things that caused inconvenience. Firstly, the difference of software (Microsoft 365 Excel) between the live version and the version in the video caused a lot of issues. I had to guess some questions because it is an outdated version. And secondly, some questions were too specific. There was a question about the maximum number of rows in Excel. True or False for "There are one million." It is unclear from the question whether it is an approximation or whether they are asking for the actual value, 1,048,576. Replacing the number in the question with an unambiguous number such as "two million" or "one billion" could be better. This is the only mistake I had in the final exam and now my grade is not 100% :(

By O M Λ R ツ

Feb 6, 2024

I recently completed the 'Preparing Data for Analysis with Microsoft Excel' course, and I must say it was an incredibly enriching experience. As someone relatively new to data analysis, I found the course to be exceptionally well-structured and comprehensive. The instructors did an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks, making them accessible even for beginners like myself. From understanding the basics of Excel to mastering advanced functions and formulas, every module was thoughtfully designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a solid understanding of the material. One aspect that stood out to me was the practical approach taken throughout the course. Instead of just learning theoretical concepts, we were given real-world examples and hands-on exercises to apply what we learned. This not only reinforced our understanding but also gave us the confidence to tackle data analysis tasks in our own work. Furthermore, the course provided valuable insights into best practices for data cleaning, standardisation, and visualisation, which are essential skills for anyone working with data. I particularly appreciated the tips and tricks shared by the instructors, which I can now apply to streamline my own workflow. Overall, I can confidently say that the 'Preparing Data for Analysis with Microsoft Excel' course has significantly enhanced my data analysis skills and equipped me with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in my professional endeavours. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to sharpen their Excel skills and dive deeper into the world of data analysis.

By Tharaka B

Jun 14, 2024

Are you looking to enhance your data analysis skills? 📊 Dive into the fundamentals of data preparation with the course "Preparing Data for Analysis with Microsoft Excel" on Coursera! 🌟 This comprehensive course equips you with essential techniques to effectively clean, transform, and organize data using Excel. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned analyst, mastering these skills is crucial for ensuring data accuracy and reliability in your insights. By the end of this course, you'll gain proficiency in: Cleaning and Formatting Data: Learn to identify and handle inconsistencies, errors, and missing values. Data Transformation: Explore methods to reshape data structures for better analysis. Data Organization: Master techniques for structuring data to facilitate efficient analysis and reporting. Equip yourself with the tools needed to unlock valuable insights and make informed decisions. Join me on this learning journey and elevate your data analysis game! 🚀

By Yahya M A S

Jun 8, 2024

Thanks for instructor, course provider, coursera. This course was great, even I'm Excel user for a long time before but this course adds so many things to me and the most feature I liked is the description of the correct answer once I do the correct answer the explaining why this answer is the correct one is very helpful it gives me reasoning why and how this answer is the correct one thanks for all of you how are involved in building this material and learn us in this great way and thanks for coursera and course provider for helping me through finical aid support to get this chance and pass the course and get certified with this first course in this specialization in order to finalized the specialization completely

By Rashika M

Oct 11, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to take the course, "Preparing Data for Analysis with Microsoft Excel," and I must say it was a truly fantastic experience. The course not only met but exceeded my expectations in various aspects. "Preparing Data for Analysis with Microsoft Excel" is a course that I wholeheartedly recommend. The combination of excellent teaching, interactive elements, and practical assignments with clear targets makes it a standout learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your Excel skills, this course provides a solid foundation for data preparation and analysis.

By Devin M M

Oct 27, 2023

This was a good course. I know certain things but when you are put to the test sometimes what you know is not particularly solid. The locations and the names of certain items were not familiar to me. I use this at work all the time and never really thought about where to go to do that. I just search the top and see where I need to go. Now I must know these things like the back of my hand. This course has helped me to do that.

By Rick E

Mar 18, 2024

I really enjoyed this course, and it has made me much more confident with data in excel. I thought I would breeze right through the content, as I have used excel for several years. Instead, I found the information and techniques presented to be enlightening and enjoyable. My main goal is to learn how to better use Power BI, but I am happy I completed this course on that journey!

By Sumukh M

Jun 19, 2024

Being a user from India, the MM/DD/YYYY format was a bit tough to handle and work around in my Excel sheets, same with the Dollars sign, if Coursera or Microsoft could produce work for each region it would be very helpful. Apart from that, the course was helpful to me, being a beginner, I got to deep dive into the formulas and functions.