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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Graphic Design by University of Colorado Boulder

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About the Course

Welcome to Graphic Design, the second course in the Effective Communications Specialization. Over 70 different companies have provided this specialization to their employees as a resource for internal professional development. Why? Because employers know that effective visual communication is the key to attracting an audience, building a relationship, and closing the sale. This practical course gives you the tools to create professional looking PowerPoints, reports, resumes, and presentations. Using a set of best practices refined through years of experience, you’ll: • make your work look fresh and inspired. • apply simple design “tricks” to begin any project with confidence and professionalism. • receive and respond to criticism and revise your project from good to great. "This course is fantastic. It teaches a great amount of starter graphic design information but it is broken down into easily understood videos and quizzes. The quality was top notch and the interaction was as good as you would get in a brick and mortar school. I did not feel like I was missing anything by taking it online." - a recent Graphic Design student All of the course assignments can be completed with basic presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote. You’ll also have opportunities to explore and apply more sophisticated tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign....

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Apr 10, 2020

I loved it its not on photoshop or any application but on the practicality on how to use everything is any design related work or medium\n\ngot to learn on maybe new minute things I used to ignore

May 13, 2020

I think that the discussions would be more useful if students had detailed instructions on how to create the images in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and then take a screenshot to make a jpeg image.

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By Shiang Y C

Jul 12, 2021

Highly engaging and stimulating course. I enjoyed putting the practices taught in the lessons in the assignments. The design principles are simple to grasp, practical and effective. Thank you!

By Padcha

Dec 14, 2019

too much talking between the group that provided no significant learning opportunities. Visual aid is supar compare to the Cal Arts program. Overall underwhelming.

By K. K B C

Sep 20, 2020

Dear sir,

I'm very happy about course and my teacher Mr. David underwood . I sharp my graphic design subject with this course, Usually more course learn to student about software using. But this course polish my design skill and make me good designer. I thank again to coursera team and my Teacher.

As a Buddhist I hope triple gem bless to your team (Teacher Mr. David Underwood).

By François A

Sep 27, 2019

A worthwhile introduction to Graphic Design that you can start putting into practice in your own presentations, illustrations and other work documents. The course is spread over 4 weeks and each week takes about 4 hours to complete - and you should definitely attempt the practice exercises. It has given me a lot of ideas and I no longer look at a blank page the way I used to.

By Reina G

Mar 25, 2021

This was my first time taking a Graphic Design course. Even though I had no idea of what I was going to be doing when I started the course, I feel quite different now that I have finished it. I have learned about elements of design and now I have the basics to look at a design and critique it. In addition, I enjoyed this course thoroughly and learned how to use PowerPoint.

By Padmavathi C

May 2, 2020

The course was very interesting and absolutely relevant to my work. I could relate to each element of graphic design and learnt quite a lot of new concepts. The real life examples made the course more easy to follow. I have formed many ideas on implementing the concepts learnt in my work- especially in improving upon the powerpoint presentation I do for students.

By Jeffrey J

Aug 25, 2018

I loved this course, I love how its all set up how honestly easy and quick it can be while still learning the information I need to become a better Graphic Designer. Definitely going to do the other courses that were connected to this one. So happy there something like this out there where it gets straight to the point and teaches you want you came here for.

By Hong Y

Dec 20, 2017

This course enables a person like me who never imagine to has tricks of design and fulfill a graphic design project independently and professionally. Before I joined Graphic Design, I knew nothing about it. At end of the course, I start to enjoy designing. I shared my learning experience and assignment with my family and friend. It's surprising and amazing.

By Keri A B

Mar 4, 2017

Engaging presentation, interesting material. Each lesson is so powerful. From day One my work leveled up. At the end of the class my work has reached an all time high. My presentations and graphics are so inspiring. Everything I learned was focused, intentional and truly a wealth of opportunity. Thank you SO much for this class! Highly recommended.

By roqaia s

May 5, 2021

I was very hesitant to participate in this course because I work as a graphic designer and I learned a lot, but when I started with it, I found that I had not learned anything before, and this led to my taking to a new and wonderful level. I loved it very much and focuses on the important details that make me extract a wonderful design in the end.

By Diani N C

Jan 25, 2021

I love how Mr. David has always given the materials in the simple but effective way, he has always given some tips too. This course makes my interest in graphic design bigger than before. I hope I can apply what I learned from this course as soon as possible. Thank you so much Mr. David and team, ITB, and coursera for making this course.

By Cathrine M

Feb 28, 2018

An effective course that gives you the fundamental understanding and practice of Graphic Design. A very good way to learn with videos, resources and assignments. A good way to see if Graphic design is for you, or just to learn how to make better graphic presentations. I clearly see my improvement over the four weeks. Recommend it! :)

By S.M. J I

May 14, 2020

This is a very important course for developing design skills. In this course, I got so many new tactics for developing my design skills. It is full of tactics and theories of design. It is not for the newbie, If anyone is interested to do it I personally recommend having at least PowerPoint skills for submitting the assignments.

By German E M B

Sep 17, 2020

Este es un curso de diseño gráfico muy excelente y de buena calidad, tiene buenos maestros que enseñan bien y todo es pacífico y tranquilo, que bueno que incluso dan más oportunidades para corregir las evaluaciones así más uno aprende aparte de los ejercicio de práctica y los comentarios de estudiantes y maestros.


By Jennifer D

Mar 15, 2017

This course is fantastic.It teaches a great amount of starter graphic design information but it is broken down into easily understood videos and quizzes. The quality was top knotch and the interaction was as good as you would get in a brick and mortar school.I did not feel like I was missing anything by taking it online.

By Marie L Y

Nov 13, 2020

I used to have basic graphic design knowledge so I got a job as a graphic designer at a company and my supervisor never liked a design I made, but after finishing this course I applied the knowledge to a poster I had to make and she liked it with no further change. Thanks for the clarity and short videos you provide!

By Julia B

May 17, 2020

I enjoyed the course. Some of the material was a refresher for me but it's been years since I've taken a graphics course so I appreciated this new material. I had a little trouble understanding the font assignment; I wish there was more explanation as I incorrectly named one of the groups in the graded assignment.

By Abderrahmane A

Jun 2, 2020

I would like to thank professor David Underwood for his VERY interesting course. He kept the things simple either for those who don't have experience in design.

I downloaded all the videos and I watched them all the time (either on my TV :D )

So, thank you very much @professor David Underwood

By Gihan I

Sep 18, 2017

Dave Underwood presents this course on Graphic Design in excellent style.

None of the sessions are too long and the assessments made me learn PowerPoint and the features available on PowerPoint, and in the process brought out latent talent from within me.

Fantastic course, thank you Dave!

By Jorge P

Jan 8, 2021

Excellent overview course on graphic design that gives one the tools to understand structure, elements, and best practices. Insights are very useful and can be immediately applied to both the way we see and the way we design even the most basic documents or compositions. Recommended.

By Kerolos H G Y

Jun 29, 2020

One of the best really the instructor is really amazing and has a very good way of teaching and giving information. The teaching team is wonderful and cooperative they are really amazing. Thank you for all you have done for me. I learned a lot and know many amazing things. Thanks!


Jun 22, 2020

Exceptional course indeed. An very informative and amazing course that i can used as professional working adults. To Mr Dave Underwood together with Dr Quetin McAdrew and Wilian Kuskin, you guys done an amazing course to us. Thank you

Best Regards

Hilary Hiew

22 June 2020


By Anne-Laure D

Jul 31, 2017

Just great! It's so simple it seems obvious, yet it's very profound and I will need months of design work before I can start to master everything I learned. Thanks a lot for this great mooc. I will never make slides, documents or websites as I did. Now I will try and design them!

By Thomas U

Feb 8, 2021

This is a real brilliant course in order to get a feeling how professionals approach a project. It is amazing that there are procedures and rules in place which in fact support the creativity but as well the clarity of the presentation. Really an amazing experience! Thank you!

By Abhishek K

Jan 13, 2020

Thanks to Dave for creating this course,making it look so simple. Before this course i had no fundamental understanding of graphic design,but Dave's course helped me find a new perspective, and now i am curious about designing templates for my new project.Thanks a lot Dave!!