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About the Course

Kickstart your learning of Python with this beginner-friendly self-paced course taught by an expert. Python is one of the most popular languages in the programming and data science world and demand for individuals who have the ability to apply Python has never been higher. This introduction to Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn about Python basics and the different data types. You will familiarize yourself with Python Data structures like List and Tuples, as well as logic concepts like conditions and branching. You will use Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy & Beautiful Soup. You’ll also use Python to perform tasks such as data collection and web scraping with APIs. You will practice and apply what you learn through hands-on labs using Jupyter Notebooks. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and automating real-world tasks using Python. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Data Science, Data Analytics, Software Development, Data Engineering, AI, and DevOps as well as a number of other job roles....

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May 16, 2020

The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.

From basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.

It's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.


Nov 17, 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.

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By Victor A d S

Mar 14, 2022

The course presents all the concepts that will be needed in the data science journey. It has several hands-on activities that, in my opinion, were very interesting. This course is great not only for beginners but also for those who already have some experience with python.

By Ella S

May 20, 2021

This course meets my needs about python. Before taking this course I was confused about writing code in Python but now I feel confident and can write even complex code. I learned many things .

I recommend this course.

Thank you guys for providing such an amazing course.

By Jaya D B

Feb 10, 2023

A well structured course which summarizes all the basic Python tools used in Data Science and AI. Practice quizzes and assignments really helps in applying the concepts learned from the course. It is a great place to start for beginners in Python, Data Science and AI.


May 18, 2019

The course was excellent for learning and applying python at the same time. The course is perfectly designed for all kind of learners, excercises and labs helps a lot to grab the concepts. Thank you coursera for giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn this course

By Alexander P S

Mar 25, 2019

More interactive assignments leading into the final project would be useful. I needed to resource outside reading to fully understand the final project. However, the final project did force me to develop a much stronger understanding of python code and how it works.

By Stuart S

Mar 25, 2020

I particularly enjoyed using Jupyter notebooks for the labs. It was actually fun to introduce different variables to see what would happen to the output. Plus, it made importing libraries very easy, and helped me better understand them in general, particularly NumPy.

By Senthil K U

Oct 22, 2021

I really enjoyed the course!!They have put up a lot of efforts to feed the knowledge in us at the easiest level.I would also like to thank coursera for providing the "Financial Aid" which boosts my confidence by acquiring the certificate from the well renowned IBM.

By Uwhojega O W

May 18, 2020

This is a great course for a beginner, the illustrations and training are well structured for quicker understanding. The discussion forum allows for effective collaboration with like minds. Overall, the course is a great starting point for data scientist enthusiast.

By Yash K

Jan 4, 2020

The Course is designed and framed in a simplistic and ergonomically way easy to learn and understand.

Quiz questions are completely based on understandings from the course. And finally, the last analysis project gives a complete overview of what you have understood.

By Abilio R D

Oct 17, 2019

It was a good training course, with lots of good materials, visuals, and hands-on exercises. The integration of this course with IBM Watson is definitely an add-value. I did like also the possibility to share my labs to GIT Gist. I really recommend this training.

By Austin L

Jul 24, 2019

Outstanding curation of the material and presentation at a pace that was easy to understand. The optional part of the quiz was very difficult -- why make the user type in so many file names, parameters etc. to generate a URL -- that could all have been automated.

By Radhakrishna .

May 5, 2021

primarily, I should thank Coursera for this opportunity. Great platform to learn python from scratch. moreover, UI is very useful for practical sessions. even though, non-coding background guys can able to understand easily. One of the best learning experiences.

By Sher A

Nov 15, 2022

I can't accept that I made it as far as possible ! I know learning the Data science and Python programming was a dream for me due to my financial problems. But my dream came true because of the Coursera team.

Thank you so much

Sher Abbas hailing from Pakistan

By Daniel V

Apr 30, 2022

Great course and excellent pedagogy when organizing the information. What is shown in the videos is fully applied in the labs and delves into the things that the videos cannot show except in a hands-on environment. Really very grateful for everything I learned.

By Patarida K

Sep 15, 2021

It's a complete basic course for data analytic. The exercise is great. The explanation in VDOs is easy to follow an illustrated. I think it is my favourite Python course so far. It helps me understand something that I don't understand from the previous course.

By Sagar G D

Nov 8, 2018

This course gives an perfect introduction to the basics of python for data science with the help of some python packages like numpy,pandas,mathplotlib etc, apart from this the course also gives brief understanding of using if,else,for loop,functions in python.

By Prasanna K

Jun 2, 2021

Great course! practical oriented via skills network lab. Labs provides hands-on experience to apply and test what you have learnt. I liked quizzes that keep me attentive during the videos.

Undoubtedly it was a great experience to learn python with this course.

By Suraj S

Apr 5, 2020

Code is beautifully explained, Skill cloud lab is amazing to work upon. I can use jupyter notebook and Turi whenever I want to. I had a major problem installing Turi in my windows platfrom, version and resources never matched. Thank you IBM for this platform.

By André K

May 26, 2020

Never learned so much things in so short time. Thanks to the instructors for the amazing course and didatics used. The animations explaining each concept in each class was the cherry on top of it. Impossible not to understand. You're the best teachers ever.

By Massimiliano B

Apr 21, 2020

Very interesting. Adequate level to start using python.

The only section that I found less interesting was the section on APIs, the description of the code for the connection with the service providers was a little bit confusing.

Overall excellent course!

By Mabrouk L

Oct 13, 2022

it s really an amazing course that will build your first step to python programming in all thee domains and its not just a first step its an all course that teach you the whole using of python in the technology world.

Thank you so much for this course

By Kevin D

Apr 17, 2021

Excellent. I taught me things which I didn't know existed, haha! I am very grateful for the teachers at IBM for compiling the course material in such a graspable manner. There is a long way still to go. I hope to see you soon. Thank you once again. :)

By Mike N

Apr 20, 2020

Having taking the Machine Learning Coursera from Univ. of Washington, I left this was a much better explained and presented course explaining the information behind what was taught quite well. I could recommend this course to new Python programmers.

By Rohit P

Dec 26, 2019

It was a good experience to learn and get to know about the Python for Data science through the medium Coursera. I confidently say that I am conversant in this field and I will definitely get the golden opportunity to be a part of the Data Scientist.

By Dustin R

Oct 12, 2019

Excellent course. This course teaches plenty about the introduction to using common data science analysis tools like Python. Anyone would benefit from taking this course and learning to use amazing frameworks like Python's pandas or numpy frameworks.