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About the Course

This mini course is intended to apply basic Python skills for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled applications. In this hands-on project you will assume the role of a developer and perform tasks including: - Develop functions and application logic - Exchange data using Watson AI libraries - Write unit tests, and - Package the application for distribution. You will demonstrate your foundational Python skills by employing different techniques to develop web applications and AI powered solutions. After completing this course, you will have added another project to your portfolio and gained the confidence to begin developing AI enabled applications using Python and Flask, Watson AI libraries, build and run unit tests, and package the application for distribution out in the real world....

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A bit harder labs, and final project where not everything was copy and paste. Only downside was that pre-loaded .js was mixed in coding standard, which made for some confusions...


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This course inspired me to work extremely hard to hone my coding skills. I really appreciate the opportunity to take this course and wish the course team more success in the future endeavors!

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By Gorge V

Mar 5, 2022

This whole IBM specialization has been really bad. Everything is extremely superficial and not for beginners at all, but this one takes the cake. Definitely one of the worst courses I've ever took. From the barely explained videos to all the errors in the test environments to bad explained requirements and mistakes. This course has it all.

There's also basically no human intervention, I don't know why each course on this specialization says "made by X" if all the videos are presented by a tiktok text-to-speech voice.

I would not take this course again even if they paid me to.

By A L

May 16, 2021

good structure and interesting lab. it's unfortunate the final graded assignment has issues with the actual instructions and i had to guess what we are trying to do with no proper instructions

By Jakub K

Mar 30, 2022

In final project instruction and code provided in forked repo are pep8 broken rulles like wrong import order and naming convention (camel case in naming python functions really.. )

By Paige B

Mar 15, 2022

The final project instructions are so so unclear and some of the links in the lab to explain things don't work, and although there is someone available to answer questions on the discussion board, I kept having the same errors over and over and got "close the lab, clear cookies, and start again." as advice so often. Very very frustrating course, the lab instructions need to be more clear for a beginner python project.

By Sergey B

Aug 4, 2022

the course is quite useful. but experience with Lab environment is awful. It's getting offline every 5 minutes and restart making connactions every time, so you can wast 10x time really required for the job

By Anmol N

Jul 2, 2022


By D M

Sep 29, 2021

Very poor contect for non-programming specialists. I needed to take the course as a part of specialization, which resulted in me cancelling my participation. There not enough videos, examples, explanations - I have a feeling that one collected some topics, threw them together, created a digital voice to give the lectures - that's it. This was not the quality I expected. You chatbot colleagues did a much better job on the contect - please improve..

By Ferenc H

Mar 1, 2023

The instructions for the last project are extremely confusing, and some of the links provided in the lab to clarify concepts are broken. Although there is a support person available on the discussion board, I found myself repeatedly encountering the same errors and receiving the same advice to "close the lab, clear cookies, and start again." This course has been extremely frustrating, and the lab instructions need to be clearer for someone with little experience in a Python project.


Jun 20, 2021

An intresting project. However you need to have experience in Python and do a lot of studying on your own before you can complete it.

By David L

Jan 2, 2024

Week 1 is some basics on Python that you already learned. Week 2 is a bunch of unmotivated, unexplained technobabble about Flask. Week 3 is a project you haven't been prepared for. An absolute garbage course.

By Kairo C

Aug 12, 2021

Certain syllabuses are a great introductory course into Python's library and mostly data structures with using some built-in functions. However, the other courses may have too much information without additional hands-on practices such as using the IBM cloud services. I believe most students enrolled would need to go through the documentation on IBM to reinforce the learning and thus overlapping a lot of time spent on going through the documentation whereas the videos itself should be sufficiently enough to teach some aspects of the SaaS but the videos seem either too fast or very unhuman like. More like promoting IBM rather than teaching a lesson.

By Wojciech J

Jul 31, 2022

The course was really interesting, but I believe that some things could be described with more details. The environment used in this course - theia - was really laggy for me and I spent a few extra hours on doing the labs and final project.

By Jens G

May 10, 2021

Require previous experience about Python environment management so easy to get stuck. Would recommend to add an exercise about this to focus the learning on AI rather on Python

By Christopher C

Jul 1, 2021

Difficult course, especially for people with no experience in python.


Dec 31, 2022

Instruction for the project are not clear enough, In my case the VM where I worked had an old version of python (3.6.9) which had problems with ssl module and connection with the translator in IBM cloud. Fortunately, this same VM had also python version 3.8 installed and I could do the tasks; however, I waste almost 4 hours of research to find one way to solve the issue which is nothing related to the course topics. Besides what I mentioned, the all specialization worth the time and the effort, I suggest keep improving the contents and updating the tools we students have to use.

By Ibrahim E H E

Jul 15, 2023

It's the worst experience I've ever had with IBM courses, Nothing work at all "Hands on lab, Reading material" all showing a blank white page with no content. BUT, they send me the last assignment instruction to get the certificate, But I've faced so many problem with these instruction "Because none of the labs is working you won't know what they mean or want, unless you have a good background and ability to search and stay focused" and that's the only reason why I gave this course 2 starts instead of 1 star.

I HOPE they fix the labs, it took me about 6 hours just to finish the last assignment because I was actually teaching myself everything that I should've learned here "BUT IT WASN'T BECAUSE NO LABS WORKS" that's why it take so much effort and time.

By Chung, W

Jul 12, 2023

The final demo project is messy since the instruction is neither aligned with previous instructions nor aligned with the final assignment when screenshots are requested to submit.

By Kevin M

Jul 12, 2021

I loved the course, it was hands-on lab with a through need for skills which you are taught previous in the python course. Puts your mind to creativity. Loved it. Would recommend it.

By Moisés L G N

Jul 2, 2023

Excelente curso. Los laboratorios fueron muy instructivos. Las explicaciones claras y concisas.

Excellent course. The labs were very instructive. Clear and concise explanations.

By Stephanie R

Jan 16, 2024

I really enjoyed this course! The videos are pretty dry, but I really enjoyed the hands-on nature of the course. Lots of projects and practice doing stuff. I learned a lot!

By y z

Jan 24, 2023

This is a great course in teaching actual programming skills in Python. It is the most time-consuming course so far in the series but is well deserved.

By ricardo n

May 9, 2024

A challenging course since it incorporates multiple concepts at the same time and it could be demanding, not a great deal if you are organized

By Hitesh K

Apr 19, 2021

Very Challenging and Involving Course Loved It !!!

By Pantelis D

Apr 9, 2024

Great course, videos and hands-on labs. And Flask was a fun tool to learn more about. The only upsetting thing is that someone reviewed my Final Project submission with 0 at everything just to troll. The course staff ignored my discussion forums thread and the coursera representative i spoke to said she couldn't do anything and told me to re-submit which eventually I did. Witnessing such indifference was upsetting after spending 3 hours on the project. I hope the staff in the remaining courses of the IBM professional certificate are more involved.

By Yogev M

Dec 29, 2023

The course was not good - the material was poorly explained, going in and out of various topics. Certain subjects were started and then neglected only to be picked up at a later stage, creating a mess. Finally, the knowledge requirements for the final project far-exceeded the course material.