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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Social Impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs and Innovators by University of Pennsylvania

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About the Course

This course offers an introduction to social impact strategy and social entrepreneurship, including key concepts, an overview of the field, and tools to get started as a changemaker. Students will learn how to innovate and design new ideas and new organizational forms to implement those ideas. Students who take this course will be better prepared to launch social impact organizations of their own invention. By moving through four stages, Define, Design, Pilot, and Scale, students will turn their passion for changing the world into concrete plans for launching a nonprofit or for-profit venture designed to achieve a social goal. This course will allow students to systematically think through problems; develop and test an innovative solution; assess risk, competition, and performance; and spread impact in a way that is financially sustainable. Students who complete the course become eligible to apply for an in-person educational experience, called the Global Social Impact House. GSIH is a seven-day residential program that provides fellows with the tools, community and training they need to advance their ventures. Workshops are customized to the needs of fellows and explore advanced concepts in business models, design thinking and leadership. The program is also designed to help fellows build meaningful, global connections while living together in an inspirational host location. For more information on the Global Social Impact House, please visit:

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Jun 09, 2020

I have no regrets enrolling at this course. My learnings here are truly foundational, makes me more excited to start. I hope I'll be able to apply the teachings here. So useful for a beginner like me.


Mar 31, 2020

I greatly appreciated this kind of educational platform (Coursera in partnership with various Universities) which can reach millions of people who are aspired to learn in a broader perspective.

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By Alexander W

Jun 14, 2017

I think this is a fantastic course for anyone exploring or who is already seriously considering social entrepreneurship. Even for those who are deep into the developmental stage or in the piloting stage, this course can also serve as a fundamental structure and reminder for how to properly design a solution for a pressing societal need. I will absolutely reference my notes and readings from this course in the future. For those briefly exposed to the realm of social entrepreneurship and enterprise, I'd advise you to seriously consider devoting a few hours a week for four weeks to develop and strengthen your understanding of the core of social enterprise.

By María J V P

Jun 01, 2020

I absolutely loved it the teacher was great at explaining through videos, the amount of work was perfect for the time given and the weekly quizzes really reflected and assessed what was learned during the lessons. Although the readings and discussions were optional, I highly recommend them as they were fun to complete and very insightful. Furthermore what I value the most of this course is what was teached which was the importance of social impact through your social enterprise. It was really inspiring and opened my eyes to a whole different and fresh business perspective. Thank you for this enriching experience.

By Sarel v d W

Apr 21, 2018

Was a bit sceptical at first with the limited real life case studies, but the course has grown on me and given me critical tools to get my own social enterprise off the ground. It will help me think my idea through thoroughly, develop the right plans in order to secure the necessary resources to pilot and later scale my enterprise.

By Derick W J O

Sep 20, 2018

The course gives one tools and skills required to start and run social enterprises that are sustainable, scalable and above impactful. The emphasis of the course on the need for learners to practically apply what they have learnt by going on to the actual environment and speaking to stakeholders in order to get their perspective and clearly understand the pain points before coming up with a solution was quite eye opening and empowering. The examples that were given to illustrate the various points were very relevant and also made it easy to understand concepts of social Entrepreneurship. This course inspired me to want to undertake the "Executive Program for Social Impact Strategy".

By Yeabsira M

Oct 11, 2019

Really well done course! It was succinct, gave great examples, flowed from one topic to the next without any confusing transitions. As someone who has been in the social entrepreneurship space for some time, I was glad to take this and remember so much that was laying dormant. Absolutely recommend to others - regardless of whether or not you're new to the space, want to start a business or are already running one, this is a solid force to help you get the ideation brain cells going.

By Ishaan B

Sep 17, 2018

This course is full of meaningful content which is easy to understand and is essentially action oriented learning. I already have my social initiative called SHAPE (Society for Harassment Awareness Prevention and Education) which is operating in Chandigarh, North India. This course equipped me with a very clear insight on how to go about running my initiative in a more efficient manner. I thank Professor Frumpkin and the entire team for thinking of developing this valuable resource.

By Cindy M

Aug 06, 2020

This course will benefit a broad range of entrepreneurs - from those thinking about it to those who have been in business for years. It offers a clear, concise way to think about your idea and/or organization and how to make decisions based on reality. It has given me and my business partners a common language and systematic approach to move forward at every stage. Thank you for not only a class full of up to date relevant content but also an online course that was easy to follow.

By Michael S

Oct 29, 2016

Excellent interface - super accessible and easy to navigate. The content itself was easy to digest and set up in a sequential, progressive manner that made it both enjoyable and simple to follow for either starting entrepreneurs or seasoned veterans in the field! Thanks for the opportunity to learn, grow and for the skills and tools that I'll carry with me to continue to build a social enterprise that will hopefully create the impact I dream of in this world.

By Pranjal

Apr 05, 2020

Amazing, simple and to the point. A must for anyone who is thinking of creating a social impact. By the time you complete this course you will be very clear on the steps you need to take for your venture to take-off. For those who have a social enterprise or are working with one will get to know how you can evaluate and become more effective in creating the social impact. Thank you Dr. Peter Frumkin for creating this course

By Marilynn L

Apr 12, 2020

This course was able to provide a clear understanding of the sector selection of a business and its importance. The modules were easy and to the point. The examples highlighted the key elements to assist on future business ventures. I would highly recommend this class to all entrepreneurs and innovators who have a desire to take their ideas and move forward in their entrepreneurial journey.

By Audra E

Jun 25, 2020

The course started off slow in the first week, covering the basics of social enterprises - but weeks 2-4 were packed full of great tools, frameworks, and guidelines that are practical in helping you define, design, pilot and scale your social impact organization. I'm duly impressed by the course, and will come back to it for reference to help me build my own social impact org. Thank you!

By Tanya K S

Sep 13, 2017

Loved this course so much. If you are in any way thinking about starting any, repeat, any, business that helps society in any way, please consider taking this course. It definitely helps you in your initial stages - informing you of important considerations, questions and about tools you can use. You'll be much better prepared when starting your business.

By Anindita M P

Jul 18, 2019

This is one of the most useful courses I have taken with Coursera. Thank you for this opportunity with financial aid. It's highly recommended for people who sees themselves in the arena of social enterprise. This course will not make you a business plan or give you funds but surely frame your thought process to plan your actions throughout the journey

By Maritza E A R

Nov 28, 2016

I totally recomend this course, the professors are well prepared and is an honor learn from them and from your classmates. All the institutions related to this course expose very accurate cases. I encourage to those who want to make an impact in their community and colaborate to achieve and economic development in the region, to take this course.

By Christina E

Oct 18, 2020

This was a fantastic course for those thinking about starting their own social enterprise with no experience in the field of entrepreneurship. The course walks you through the essential things that need to be done and thought of before launching the pilot of your project and uses great examples that will help you define and design how to start.

By Ana P P H

Mar 23, 2020

Excelente en todos los sentidos, práctico, didáctico, conciso y muy interesante. El profesor es excelente, enseña a través de ejemplos y es muy sencillo al hablar sin perder la profundidad del tema. Lo recomiendo tanto si estás emprendiendo un negocio social como si estás en el medio social y te gustaría aprender más sobre el tema.

By Diego S

Dec 02, 2019

Great content and very good quizzes that sharpen your understanding of the material. Inspiring and thorough overview of social impact strategies and social entrepreneurship as a whole! Could do with more of the history and background of the concepts and field in general, just to round out the knowledge of individuals in the field.

By Jordy L

Apr 03, 2020

I will encourage any person and/or entrepreneurs with social values to take this course, it is a simple guide to understand with more detail the pros and cons of becoming and Social Innovator. it is an enormous challenge to face these days, however, it worth the time and effort to become a better entrepreneur and person.

By Natalia M

Sep 13, 2020

I highly recommend this course for those who are interested in learning about and or establishing their pub Social Enterprise. Prof. Frumkin provides detailed explanations about social enterprises, business modeling and positioning and provides a detailed toolbox of how to think about a concrete social enterprise.

By Nigel A

Jan 04, 2018

It was great studying this course being taught by Uni. of Pennsylvania, it has really helped me realize social challenges and how to develop solutions in solving them. I learned how to develop a mind map, an empathy map and a road map for setting up a social organization in solving social issues in my community.

By Melissa M

Jul 16, 2017

Great opportunity to learn the tools necessary to pre-launch and launch my social enterprise. It was thorough in all aspects to give me the opportunity to utilize the tools given for current for future projects. Truly enjoyed the course and the ability to go at your own pace.


Mar 26, 2018

I found it very useful even after working in the non-profit sector for more than a decade. It's very clearly structured, easy, comprehensive and enlightening. Definitely helpful for anyone that wants to design a social enterprise or to learn/reflect on their impact pathway.

By Andrey C

Jun 22, 2018

It was a fantastic course and I learnt many interesting issues related with entrepeunership and social impact measuring. I did not have any idea about social enterprices, but this course helped me to learn many tools for my research about impact in vulnerable communities

By Kenyatta D B

Apr 23, 2020

This course has given me the foundation I need to decide if I am headed in the right direction with my social entrepreneurship idea. I have learned the critical questions to ask throughout the process and how to partner with others to make my idea a success.

By Jay M J

Apr 17, 2020

Wonderful course on Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Social Impact Strategy! I learned a lot from this course. I just hope they fix the grammar and spelling issues though given that the overall quality of the content is really good. Thank you!